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You ever have a brownie shoved in your mouth mid orgasm?

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So I was having my pre-shower wank with the shower still running cause the sound of running water is soothing.
So I’m up there with a video that I’m not even watching cause I was thinking about my girlfriend and I’s last erotic encounter. Just as I hit my crescendo the bathroom door flys open and in comes my loving girlfriend with freshly made brownies. She looks down at my dick that is .05 seconds from erupting, Gives an evil grin, and shoves the browny in my mouth just as I nut. Then laughs and closes the door before yelling “stop running the hot water!” I love my girlfriend.


  1. SmartAssBlaine Reply

    Probably the cutest thing I’ve seen all month, oddly enough!

  2. jake15throw Reply

    hahaha wtf I can’t say I have but I love jerking off and I love brownies so sounds like a good time

  3. ColoradoJimbo Reply

    I like brownies, sounds like a good time. Bring my own towel?

  4. SweetPotatoDream Reply

    I did this exact thing with my bf except I shoved some bojangles mac n cheese in his mouth. In the shower. While he was jacking off. Talk about an experience!

  5. ??I’m more likely to do the brownie shoving – with store bought brownies.

  6. aphrodiziacc Reply

    Next time you see a brownie just try not to get a boner LOL

  7. fuckadoodledoo21 Reply

    That sounds equally sexual and wholesome at the same time and I wish I had that, because that’s adorable :p

  8. Now this is the kind of relationship I hope I get from a partner, just having fun with them. Hope there’s more stories

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