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You and me frolicking in a hot tub

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They were gone for the week, off to who knows where this time. And of course, left you in charge of that big fancy house. We were newly dating and it seemed like the perfect chance to “get away” without actually having to get away. The second night there was a perfectly light summer evening, the garden full of bright, blooming flowers, the air just starting to cool off. The perfect night for the hot tub. So I slipped into my string bikini…the one with the white, black, and pink stripes and met you down on the patio. The suit perfectly accentuated my hourglass curves and I couldn’t help but watch your eyes go up and down as I climbed into the warm water. I scooted over to you as you handed me my glass of wine. A few sips in and the summer evening is already boring compared to what you have playing in your mind. I feel your hand move to my knee. I move closer to you. Your hand starts to gently massage my inner thigh, inching higher end higher. At the same time, your other hand moves across my back, fiddling with the black ties to my swim suit. One try. Two tries. And there, the triangle too falls into water, the frothy bubbles of the hot tub moving around my now exposed breasts. My skin is beginning to flush, having more to do with the yearning to have more of you. You hands are now hard at work, having slipped inside my suit bottoms, stroking around my sweet pussy lips. You kiss me hard, pushing your hips between my legs. You bite my lower lip as you pull you tongue out of my mouth. Your dick is hard, rubbing against me as you kiss. I return the favor and untie your suit, pulling your hard penis out from under the fabric. The water makes everything glide easier, and within seconds you are inside me. You push your body against mine, my back hitting the hard edges of the hot tub. You thrust. My body is hot, inside and out. With every push of your dick, deeper and deeper into my pussy, the water squelches in the opposite direction, and the froth from the bubbles pops up from the surface. As you give your final blow, I feel your cum shoot at the back of my vagina, all liquids too hot to tell them apart. Your body quivers as you release your seed inside. Once finished, you pull out and I stand up, your cum dripping down my legs, into the water. We let it mix with the bubble froth, and leave the hot tub, filled with our combined juices. We never clean it out, even though we know that the owners are neat freaks about their tub water. It’s okay…it’s our little secret.

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