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Work/Life Balace by lyndseygurl Chapter 4 Pt2: Not a Choice At All… (Actually getting to the naughty bits)

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Tears still running down his face, Andy slid off the desk and stood unsteadily on his heels. Jenny, gently smiling, took his hands in hers and led him a few steps from the desk and around until he was facing it. Mrs. Reddin had moved to perch on the edge of the desk herself, one leg over the other. As Jenny moved round behind him out of sight, increasing his feelings of nervousness, Andy found himself staring at the red of the sole of her shoe, the only thing below her waist that was not black, as it swayed slightly with the small rocking motion of her leg crossed over the other. He kept his eyes on it as she spoke rather than meet her eyes with his own cum on his face and a vibrator humming away still in his arse, “Tell me, Andie, if you would; how did fantasy Andie plan to ask?”

That threw him, “Ask?”

Mrs. Reddin laughed, “Come now, Andie! Now is not the time for trying to fool me! You know very well what I mean!”

He had no clue and his jaw flapped, but Mrs. Reddin was quite happy to explain to him what he ‘knew very well’, “As I understand it, in this pornography you are addicted to where men offer their service to beautiful dominant women, it is a privilege they receive is it not, Andie? An honour to submit to these women?”

Andy mumbled something affirmative with a sinking feeling about where this new humiliation was heading. Sure enough, “Well was your fantasy of this meeting not to come in dressed as you are and ask the beautiful, dominant women of your imagination to fulfil your fantasy of submitting to them? You must have imagined some way to convince them to give you such a privilege, such an honour? You must have imagined some way to demonstrate your devotion, to show them how much you wanted a place at their feet? I’m simply asking what kind of begging you had imagined in your fantasy? I know you don’t like to say these things out loud, so if you want, you’re welcome to demonstrate as you did with your interesting toy. Miss Aulker and I are, we must admit, curious about this fantasy of yours. It seems terribly elaborate but quite exciting from a certain point of view.”

Andy’s head swam; nothing of the kind had even occurred to him. He had imagined they would demand his service as the price of their silence, would force him to agree. He had imagined, perhaps hoped was a better word, that his submission was what they wanted not to fulfil a fantasy – despite the amount of porn he consumed, he’d never really thought about taking his fantasies anywhere near his real life – but to avoid the utter collapse of his entire life. It seemed he was correct; it was exactly what they wanted, but they expected him to act as though it was his most heartfelt wish to submit to them and have them humiliate and control him. Either that, or they simply wanted to have their fun humiliating him in this way that no-one would ever believe before ruining his life forever. Still, it was the only choice he had, his only remaining hope of any kind of life and, he told himself, what was a little extra humiliation when he’d already shot his load all over himself in front of them with just the touch of a woman’s hand?

With the vibrator humming away inside him and the anxiety, terror, embarrassment, and perhaps a tiny sliver of hope sloshing around in his mind, Andy was finding it harder and harder to think clearly. He could barely remember at that moment any of the porn he watched that might have such a scene in it though there were undoubtedly hundreds. If suddenly felt like if he didn’t come up with something, his faint hope was over; these women would end this charade and call security. He stood there, feeling alone and exposed in the middle of the floor, desperate and without an idea what to do. He found himself staring at Mrs. Reddin’s still-swaying foot and her words came to him; ‘place at their feet’. His desperate, whirling mind seized the straw and hope burgeoned within him. Without a second thought, he stepped forward and dropped to his knees, lowering his head to kiss Mrs. Reddin’s raised, red-soled shoe and babble between kisses, “Please Ma’am, will you let me serve you? Can I be your slave? Please? I need to… to please you… to serve you… please? I beg you, take me as your slave instead of…”

Her voice cut him off, “Is this truly your desire, Andie? To give yourself to me?”, she moved her foot down to the floor as she spoke, uncrossing her legs, forcing Andy onto all fours to continue kissing her shoe.

He whimpered, “Yes, Ma’am!”, as he bowed his head before her.

“You want to serve me? To obey me? To fulfil my desires, even my whims?”

In his fevered mind, this was it, this was his only hope to convince her here and now that he would take this fate over the one looming, “Yes, Ma’am! Please?”

Andy’s head swam more as he felt hardness between his legs; what felt like a shoe, pressing against his cock, squeezing his balls up against his groin, something pressing the toy in his arse, pushing it in deeper. At the same time, Mrs. Reddin moved her shoe from under his mouth, touching it to his cheek and pushing his head gently with it towards her other shoe, which he quickly began kissing as her shoe continued to caress his cheek.

Her voice was even, measured, calm, almost hypnotic, “Service to a dominant is never half way, is it Andie? You desire to give yourself utterly to service? To have nothing left for yourself?”

Andy was, by now, just saying whatever came into his head, whatever he thought might get her to agree. Between the painful, arousing, but mostly just distracting shoe teasing between his legs and the feet in his face, he was barely half conscious of the words anway, “No Ma’am! I mean.. yes Ma’am! Anything you want! Anything! Please? Just…”

In unison, the feet suddenly moved, the foot he was kissing slipping from under his mouth and moving to press his arm above his wrist inward under him, the foot on his cheek pressing harder, the foot teasing him moving to his arse cheek above his hip and shoving.

Andy collapsed heavily and awkwardly onto his side, dazed and confused. He didn’t fight the probing feet that turned his head, pressed on his shoulder and hooked under his leg to lift it. The combined effect rolled him onto his back. His eyes were filled with tears and out of focus, the only thing he could see was the red sole descending towards his face, feel it pressing his mouth, “Lick, Andie!”

As he obeyed, lapping without thought at the bright redness, he felt the hard shoe below inside his thighs, pushing them apart, making him spread his legs wide.

Mrs. Reddin’s words tumbled over him and he mindlessly agreed to them, told her what she wanted to hear, his attention consumed with the shoe in his face, mashing into his lips and nose, the heel pushing into his mouth for him to kiss and suck, and the soft foot, now shoeless, toying with his sex, pressing hard onto his balls making him yelp, crushing his cock against his belly in his panties, squeezing, manipulating, hurting, arousing all at once. The words came and came, he was dimly aware of agreeing to obey her, to be humiliated, hurt, used, abused, dimly aware of telling her how much he wanted these things, promising everything he had if she would only allow him to serve her. All thought was gone, there was only the torment, the arousal, the words, the agreement, the need and hope that drove him to accept it all, to want it, to need it if only he could set aside the future that was all too clear.

And then it stopped. All at once, he was left panting on the carpet, the women gone, his cock once more rock hard and leaking, poking out of his panties, the toy still humming away inside his super-sensitive body, the taste of leather and defeat and shame in his mouth. His tears flowed again, streaming down his cheeks, blurring his vision. Mrs. Reddin’s voice came from somewhere the other side of the desk above him, “But this is not fantasy, is it, Andie? Reality does not work so simply. In the real world, we do not work with begging and promises; we work within the law.”

As she spoke, Andy struggled to turn over, drag himself to his knees clutching the edge of the desk, looking blurrily at her form sitting the other side across the expanse of wood and leather, empty but for a a phone, a couple of documents and a pen.

“You wish me to exercise my right to directorial discretion, to allow you to continue working for this company and handle discipline for your infractions internally. Very well, in order to do this, I require that you accept a new role. This is well within the company HR policy, is it not, Miss Aulker?”

The voice chimed in from behind Andy, “Absolutely, Mrs. Reddin; employees often accept changes in roles and responsibilities as part of disciplinary measures.”

The blurry figure across the desk nodded and continued, “In front of you is a contract outlining the newly created role of Strategic Assistant to The Sales Director. If you wish to remain at this company, you will sign the contract and accept the role.”, she indicated one of the documents.

“You have also said in front of a witness, that you wish to enter into a Dominant/submissive personal relationship with me. Such things are not widely accepted as legally biding, however, there *are* legal precedents that allow for defining the limits of such BDSM relationships and so protecting the Dominant from charges of abuse in the event the submissive changes their mind. If you wish such a relationship with me, I will require you to enter such an agreement. That is the second document.”, she gestured at it.

“Is this what you want, Andie? This is reality now; it’s time to choose your future.”

Andy stared between her and the documents on the desk, seeing neither properly through his tear-filled eyes. She was wrong; it wasn’t time to choose at all. It was time to accept the only future he had. He couldn’t imagine what that future was, but the alternative – what he had assumed was going to be real – was so horrible it hurt to think about and he simply couldn’t let it happen if it could be avoided, no matter the cost. He reached out a shaking hand and dragged the contact towards him. Suddenly he felt hands on his arms, encouraging and helping him to stand. A chair magically appeared behind him and butted against the back of his knees making him practically fall into it. While he dazedly complied with the urging hands he heard Mrs. Reddin pick up the phone, dial and speak into it, though the words did not fully register, “Ms. Hausemann, would you come to my office, please? It’s time.”

A pen was pushed into Andy’s hands and the contract flicked open to the signature page. One of the signature lines had a little red sticker next to it and Andy signed mechanically, his tears dripping onto the page. Jenny’s hands puled it aside and signed it herself the turned it and pushed it across the desk for Mrs. Reddin to sign. It was about then that Mrs. Reddin’s words on the phone finally registered in Andy’s fuddled mind. Panic rose over the resignation once more as he thought that it had all been a trick and security was coming to throw him out on the street anyway. There was a knock on the door and Andy’s heart leapt into his throat. He would have stood but for the firm hand on his shoulder and instead he spun in his chair to try and see the door as, behind him, Mrs. Reddin called, “Come in!”

Andy couldn’t see the door, but he could, at least blurrily through his tears, see the figure that come through it. It seemed to be a very short woman with a severe bob hairstyle and an even more severe grey skirt suit. She practically marched to the table, nodding to Mrs. Reddin. Andy turned back to follow her movement, staring at her open-mouthed and saw that now there was only one document on the desk, which the woman pulled in front of Andy, “Mr. Maddox, I must ask if you fully understand and accept the terms of this contract?”

Andy looked across the desk at Mrs. Reddin who, even through his tear-blurred vision, was giving him a terrifying stare. He certainly understood that she had him over a barrel and was offering him an alternative to the immediate death of his life that awaited if he didn’t agree to whatever was in this contract. He looked back at the standing woman, up into her face only a few inches above his sitting one, and nodded dumbly croaking, “Yes…”

The woman’s very precise, clipped, slightly accented voice continued, “And you are aware that his forms a legally binding contract in perpetuity between yourself and Mrs. Ciara Reddin?”

Andy felt a horrible sinking feeling like he was in way over his head, but still he saw no way out, no choice.

Another nod, another croaked, “Yes…”, and the severe voice resumed, “You accept the law firm of Hausemann, Billings and Lee as the holders, arbiters and enforcers of this contract, and understand that we will keep this agreement entirely confidential and arbitrate disputes impartially and confidentially unless and until such time as formal legal action may be required?”

By now, Andy’s head was spinning. He didn’t understand what was happening at all, couldn’t even read the document in front of him for the tears in his eyes. Nevertheless, he understood he only had one possible response, “Yes…”

“Very well, Mr. Maddox; please initial each of the red stickers, and sign each of the yellow and date on the final page.”

With no coherent thought in Andy’s head other than to keep moving through this, he picked up the pen and began to sign and initial as the short woman crisply turned pages and pointed a long, French-manicured nail to each sticker in turn. The moment the final page was done, the document was whisked away and Ms. Hausemann moved around the desk to Mrs. Reddin. As she began to sign in her turn, Andy might have protested, or even bolted for the door, but Jenny Aulker’s surprisingly strong hands rested on his bare shoulders and held him still but for his trembling and silent but for the occasional sniff or quiet sob.

When Mrs. Reddin was done, the small woman brought the document back round the table, “Miss Aulker, would you please witness each page and sign the declaration on the final one?”

There was genuine glee in Jenny’s voice, “It would be my pleasure!”

Every turn of the page, every scribbling of the pen felt like a nail in Andy’s coffin. His heart sank and he wondered if he had jumped out of the frying pan into the fire as, with a sharp noise of satisfaction, Ms. Hausemann took the witnessed document, added her own signature in several places and slipped it into a folder.

She straightened to her full, tiny height and looked to Mrs. Reddin as she spoke, “The original will be securely stored and fully notarised copies sent to you both by tomorrow. Thank you for choosing Hausemann, Billings and Lee and I wish you both success in your new relationship. Good day to you.”

Then the tiny woman was gone, the closing of the door feeling like the slamming of a coffin lid to Andy. Even though it seemed he had avoided firing, divorce and arrest, he couldn’t help thinking suddenly that it might simply have proved the swifter end.

Mrs. Reddin stood and Jenny helped Andy stand too, whisking the chair out of the way. As he stood unsteadily on his heels, she spoke, a definite note of gloating in her voice, “Well, it seems you have chosen, Andie. Then the only thing that remains is your punishment.”

Andy was confused, “Punishment?”

A swift nod, “Indeed. Punishment. You have chosen to have your misconduct handled within the department by me rather than be terminated. Tell me, what do you think that punishment should be, Andie?”

His jaw worked. He hadn’t thought this far ahead, “I… don’t know…”

She frowned, “I should punish you more for giving me such a poor, unthinking answer. However, we are just starting out and I’m feeling lenient; tell me how in your pornography, a Dominant might deal with an unsatisfying slave?”

Andy’s eyes widened, a few things springing to mind from his porn choices, most of which were not parts he especially liked in his porn; he tended to prefer porn where the “punishment” involved things like forced orgasm, being pegged, queening and such like and he couldn’t imagine Mrs. Reddin dealing out such a thing as a punishment. His mind was completely blank; he just didn’t know how to name something he knew he would hate, while being almost certain that this woman he had just given a large amount of control over his life to would do it to him.

“Andie, I asked you a question. I expect an answer!”

Mrs. Reddin’s voice was sharp, disappointed and it shocked him into the first answer that came to mind, “Uh… a…. spanking, I guess?”

There was a long pause. Long enough that Andy felt his flesh start to creep. Long enough that the silence in the room seemed to make his heartbeat louder and faster in his ears. Long enough that he was beginning to think about suggesting something else when finally, she spoke, “A spanking is the very least you deserve, considering what a terribly naughty boy you have been. However, I suppose it is as good a place as any to start.”

She took a deep breath, then, “Skirt up, panties to your knees, feet apart until they are taut, hands on desk, bent from the waist.”

He stared at her, his jaw dropping and flapping uselessly until she barked, “*Now,* Andie!”, loudly and sharply enough that he actually jumped and almost fell on his unfamiliar heels. He found himself bending towards the desk before he even though about it and stopped himself.

Mrs. Reddin sounded thoroughly angry when she spoke again, “This simply will not do, Andie. I expect obedience and I will have it. Right now, you have exactly three choices: You may renege on the contract you just signed, for which surely I do not have to spell out the concequenses. You may stand there with that dumb, insolent look on your face for another ten seconds – at which time Miss Aulker will humiliatingly force you into position for me and you will receive twice the punishment I intended to deal out tonight for your failure to obey. Or you may have one final chance to do as I have told you and ask nicely for the punishment you so richly deserve! I am already counting, Andie!”

He panicked, sure she was entirely serious. His head spun to look wildly as Miss Aulker, who was standing right behind him, arms crossed under her breasts again, looking very pleased with herself, a smug smile on her lips, and looking every bit capable of forcing him over the desk; he’d already felt the surprising strength in her hands. Turning his head back, he saw Mrs. Reddin’s hand lift as if she were about to gesture and he found himself dragged his dress up his hips to one again expose his skimpy pink panties, his cock currently a limp, shrivelled thing almost cowering inside them. Just the briefest hesitation and he pushed them down, seeing his cock limp and tiny, his balls tight, almost vanished into his body as if the room had suddenly become freezing cold. In a sense, perhaps it had – freezing cold with exposure – but his cock’s reaction made exposing it to these women like this even more humiliating somehow than it had been exposing his arousal.

The shame made him whimper as he pushed his panties to his knees and put his hands on the desk in front, bending forward. He saw the smile of satisfaction on Mrs. Reddin’s face and felt the strong hands of Miss Aulker re-arranging him, pushing his head down more, pulling his hips back, kicking his feet apart until the panties were stretched taut between his knees and pressing a hand into his back to arch it in and push his bum out more. In this new, head-down position, he saw Mrs. Reddin’s legs move around him. Miss Aulker’s hands moved from his body and he tensed in anticipation.

It was a bad idea; the hands that landed, one on either cheek, stung mightily and he yelped, jumping and almost straightening, but a strong hand in his back pushed him back down. More blows landed, both the women spanking him, one on either cheek. After the initial shock, it wasn’t so bad; the blows were more stinging than actually painful and Andy even felt his cock twitch as if the sensation were somehow pleasurable. That sensation didn’t last long, though; as the relentless hands began to land on skin already hot and stinging, the stinging built. By the time the stinging pounding had covered each inch of skin three or four times, his bottom was a hot, throbbing mass with white-hot points of painful, almost stabbing, stinging where many blows had overlapped. By now, Andy was whimpering and squirming. Each time his squirming became too much, Mrs. Reddin barked, “Hold your position, or else!”, and it was only the nebulous, but terrifying, “or else” that kept Andy from jerking upwards, grabbing is bum to protect or rub it, or perhaps just collapsing fully face down on the desk and sobbing.

Tears were running down Andy’s cheeks and he could only control his sobbing enough to hold his position. His control was about to fail him and thoughts of anything, no matter how stupid, to end this torment were flying through his head. It had to end; nothing could hurt this much! It felt like this skin of his bottom had been shredded from it and salt rubbed in.

It took long moments, the throbbing, stinging pain seeming still to mount, for him to realise it had stopped. Through his tears, Andy could see Jenny in front of him and to the side, seemingly bending to open one of Mrs. Reddin’s desk drawers. He heard the draw close and saw her move, his tears still flowing but his sobbing descending into breathless pants as the burning very slowly began to recede. He hung his head, his body relaxing slightly, panting in relief at the ending of the pain.

He had literally a split-second’s warning, a low “Whoosh!” sound before impact. The first thing to register was the sound, like a branch cracking or a something wet dropped from a great height. Next came the shudder of impact through his body, the ripples through his buttocks, travelling down into his legs and up through his belly, eventually feeling like an explosion in his head. Then came the searing heat, like a round dish, fresh out of the oven rested on his arse. He screamed. He couldn’t help but scream, though it was not a loud scream; he found too little breath in his body to give it full throat and it had almost tailed off to a pathetic whimper by the time his body had jack-knifed itself upright. His hands flew to his burning bottom, finding it red hot but, slightly confusingly considering how bad it felt, not actualy burning his hands.

Through his whimpering, crying and rubbing he head his torturer’s voice faintly but insistently, “You have ten seconds between each stoke to return to position Andie, or we will begin again from the start.”

The threat hit home. Andy had no idea how much of the searing pain he would be required to endure. He had no idea whether she meant from the beginning of this new pain or from the beginning of the spanking. It didn’t matter; he wanted none of it and he *needed* to make this agony stop as soon as he could. He forced himself to let go of his white-hot cheeks and put them back on the desk.

The second searing stroke landed almost instantly and he was upright, almost dancing in his heels and clutching his cheeks that felt like they were melting. His whole bottom felt like it was twice the size and it took every ounce of willpower to let go and put his hands back on the desk top.

Time lost all meaning for Andy. Sometimes it seemed like he took an hour to put his hands back on the desk, other times it felt like the brutal stroke fell while he was still clutching his cheeks. He lost count after three strokes – it could have been four or twenty. Somehow at some point, the pain peaked and didn’t get any more. What did happen, though was that Andy felt like shame was being tattooed into him with each blow.

The heat and pain felt like it lasted forever and again it was quite some time before Andy noticed it had finished. Apparently long finished as it turned out. At some point, he’d lost all self-awareness and came back to himself lying face down over the desk. As his eyes came into focus, he saw Mrs. Reddin sitting, legs crossed, in her chair watching him carefully. The next thing he noticed was that the heat in his bottom had faded. The last was a firm, moving sensation of pressure on his bottom, the heat slightly fading in its wake. He was briefly distracted by the office window and that it was dark outside; somehow it felt like it should be morning. Andy blinked and forced himself to focus on the feelings in his bottom. Slowly, he understood that the sensation was something slippery being smoothed over his super-hot skin by hands. It felt sort of nice and a tiny corner of Andy’s mind joked that it was almost worth the gut-wrenching pain for this aftermath.

He found his mind unfocussed, skipping around the momentous events that had happened in the last… It occurred to him that he had no clue how long it was since he stepped into this office. It also occurred to him that he would never walk out of it again; not as the same person anyway. He’d signed away that person. Twice in fact. He felt filled with horror at the prospect of his life regularly involving this much pain but he couldn’t find the energy to protest, or even to move… Still, the soothing hands on his bum *did* feel nice… “It must be Miss Aulker”, he reasoned, “That’s definitely Mrs. Reddin in front of me, so unless he has *really* long arms…”

The thought struck him as very funny and he managed a brief, weak giggle. Mrs. Reddin leaned a little closer, looking at his face intently, “Are you OK, Andie?”

She looked over his back and nodded. The soothing feeling of the hands on his bottom vanished and he gave a little mew of disappointment.

“Can you stand, Andie?”

He thought about it. There didn’t *seem* anything broken in his body. His bottom felt achy and stinging and hot, but it didn’t seem like it would stop him. Experimentally, he clenched his fists and it worked. He lifted his cheek off the desk and turned his head straighter to look straight at Mrs. Reddin and that worked too. He found his legs bent and tried to straighten them; his burning bottom lifted and his tummy rose dutifully from the desk. Gaining confidence in his body doing what he told it to, he pushed with his hands and rose off the desk, walking them back to the edge in front of his dangling cock. He frowned down at it as he pushed himself completely away from the table and stood swaying slightly in his heels.

“Good. You may pull your panties up if you wish, Andie.”

Andy thought that would be a good idea. His cock hanging there limp and tiny as if they room was freezing was kind of pathetic and embarrassing he decided. He fumbled around his knees and pulle dup the small scrap of bright pink material to cover it. Even though it made him wince when he pulled the thin strip of material between his burning cheeks, he thought it looked much better.

His thoughts gathered and he slowly came completely back to himself, the full shame and embarrassment of what had just happened to him piling on top of him and almost making him stagger. Mrs. Reddin’s voice cut through the building self-loathing, “How do you feel, Andie?”

He blinked and looked down, not able to meet her eyes now but too exhausted even to lie, “Sore… ashamed… stupid… tired…”

It sounded like she was smiling, “Good! That will be all for today, Andie. Go home and tell your wife you are now the ‘Strategic Assistant to The Sales Director’ and have secured a nice raise so you will be contributing more to the household. Miss Aulker will expect you in her office at seven tomorrow morning complete with suitable clothing such as you are currently wearing. You may bring your outer clothes and toy separately if you wish. After she dismisses you, you will go to your desk and work as usual until I send for you. Good night, Andie.”

He just stood there staring at her, open mouthed. Mrs. Reddin looked up at him, “I said good night, Andie. You will find your disguise out at your desk; I suggest you put it on and go home. It is late and I’ve no doubt your *wife* will be wondering where you are.”

The mention of his wife shocked him into action; he’d gone through all this so she didn’t find out his shameful secret and it would be stupid to blow it now. Feeling slightly punch-drunk, as much from the mental shocks as the after effects of the punishment, he turned to the door, limping slightly past the smirking Jenny Aulker and out into the main office where he could see his desk lamp on and his suit draped over his chair.

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