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Work/Life Balace by lyndseygurl Chapter 4 Pt1: Not a Choice At All… (Actually getting to the naughty bits)

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Andy’s feet felt like blocks of lead as he trudged into the building. The big building, taken up by the sprawling departments of the company, was mostly empty at this time of night and his floor was gloomy with little light as he crossed the emptiness from the lifts to his desk. A few minutes early, he sat in the dark a moment, trying to finally decide what to do. How to play this. Whether he should follow his insane fantasy and go in there in his dress, or go in as he was and hope for the best. His phone chimed to let him know it was time for the meeting and he rose, shuffling towards the door to the director’s office like a dead man walking. Half way there, he paused, realising he was still wearing his suit. He almost went back to his desk to take it off, but decided his subconscious had made perhaps a sane decision and kept moving. A hesitation before the quiet knock, the soft reply, “Come in.”, committing him to his future.

He opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind him. He was briefly taken aback by Mrs. Reddin’s appearance. It wasn’t that she was dressed markedly different from how she usually did. She still wore her hair back and a sheer blouse with the top button undone. Under the desk she was sitting behind, presumably she was still wearing the long pencil skirt and red-soled heels she was wont to wear. It was just… more this evening. Her hair was severely pulled back into a tight bun, that seemed to emphasise her fine-featured face – or maybe she’d done something subtle with her makeup, because she looked at once more severe and more inviting than he had ever seen her. The blouse, too, seemed just a little more sheer and fitted than usual; certainly Andy had never before been so conscious of her seemingly voluptuous breasts pressing against it. The neck seemed just a little more open too, showing a hint of the cleavage beneath – or perhaps that was just the blood-red teardrop gem nestling in the hollow of her throat above it that called attention to it. The blood-red matched exactly the blood red of the perfectly-manicured, long fingernails resting on her desk and the lipstick on the full lips that he suddenly couldn’t take his eyes off as they spoke; “Thank you for coming Mr. Maddox. Please take a seat.”

He staggered into the room, even more off-balance than he had been before and already utterly confused and feeling out of control. As he sat, Mrs. Reddin shared a look with Jenny Aulker, who was sitting in the same place at the side of the room taking notes and, oddly, dressed in a very similar manner to Mrs. Reddin. It was brief, but it looked like disappointment and resignation to Andy. In a flash it was gone and Mrs. Reddin turned back to him, her face tight, severe and not at all welcoming, “You are aware, Mr. Maddox, that I called this meeting to discuss your misconduct and your future with this company as a result of it.”

Andy didn’t know what he’d expected; even though he’d accepted that his fantasy scenarios he’d been trying to convince himself were real for the last day were all but impossible, he certainly hadn’t expected the cold, almost accusatory tone Mrs. Reddin adopted, so different to the confrontation the previous day. He responded the only way he could; he nodded shakily, “Uh… yes…”

A sharp nod from Mrs. Reddin, “And you accept Miss Aulker’s presence as a neutral HR representative to oversee compliance with policy in this meeting, and to whom you may turn if you have any policy or legal questions regarding issues raised in this meeting?”

This was sounding scarier by the moment and Andy was rapidly descending into terror, but managed another nodding, “Uh… yes?”, after a gulp.

“Good. You have been made aware of the details of the alleged misconduct, have you not?”

“Uh… you mean everything yesterday… yeah.. uh… yes I got it.”

“Do you deny the misconduct? Or wish to amend any details?”

Andy desperately wanted to, but they literally had the evidence. He could see a huge mountain of humiliation and destitution in his future, “…I… can’t…”

Mrs. Reddin paused looking at Andy long and hard. Andy stared disconsolately back, almost on the verge of tears. Eventually, she sighed – showing the most humanity since he’d entered the room – and her voice took on a tiny undertone of sadness, “Then, Mr. Maddox, it appears I am left with no choice but to proceed with your termination on the ground of gross misconduct. I am sorry.”

The words hit Andy like a wave crashing over him and he felt like he was drowning. He barely heard Mrs. Reddin addressing Jenny, “This decision is supported by HR, Miss Aulker?” and her response, with a heavier note of sadness in it, “It is, Mrs. Reddin; in compliance with company policy, you have proved the standard and necessity for immediate dismissal.”

Jenny stood and placed a document in front of Andy along with a pen. “Please read and sign this document acknowledging the details of your misconduct and that you have had HR representation at your hearing. I will call security to escort you from the building and your desk will be cleared and personal items delivered to your home at a later date along with copies of relevant documents. I’m sorry Mr. Maddox.”

Numbly, Andy picked up the pen and signed without reading or thinking about it, frantically trying to work out if there was any chance of hiding this from his wife. Maybe it would be kept confidential between HR and Mrs. Reddin? Maybe he could just say he’d been let go. The documents would be confidential, right? At least they hadn’t mentioned the police again; if he could just avoid being arrested, it might all be OK…

Except it wouldn’t. Such juicy gossip was bound to leak. Worse, his bag was at his desk with high heels, a sex toy and intimate lubricant in it. His desk drawers contained spare lingerie and a DVD of favourite porn and who kew what else he’d left in there? Security were notorious gossips and everyone would know. He had few friends and no close ones at work, but some had met his wife. Someone would tell Claire eventually and his life would be over. Suddenly desperation kicked in and removed caution and sanity from his thoughts, “Wait!”, he blurted, making Jenny jump just as she was reaching for the phone having whisked the signed document away.

Both stared at him as he looked at them wildly, “What about this other job? Yesterday it sounded like you had something you wanted me for… something you wanted me to do? What happened to that?”

The two of them exchanged a long look. Jenny’s mouth twitched slightly while Mrs. Reddin remained impassive, though he sensed a change in her attitude that did not show on the outside as she turned back to Andy, “It is true that I had considered you for a new position as we discussed yesterday and I had hoped that you might be suitable despite the infractions of company rules. However, it *appears*”, she put a subtle stress on the word, “that on reflection I was mistaken; you do not have the correct qualifications for the position I had in mind and you misconduct cannot be overlooked. I’m sorry, you have left me no choice.”

Andy grasped at the feeling of her attitude change and leant towards her, practically begging, “Please! Tell me what the position was.. is? You have to! Please? I can do it, whatever it is! I’ll work really hard and do anything! I promise!”

He looked between them wildly searching their faces for a hint of a reprieve. Again they shared a look. Oddly, Mrs. Reddin’s look was questioning and Jenny returned a tiny shake of her head looking faintly disappointed though hiding it well.

It was Jenny who responded to his question, “I’m sorry. It wouldn’t be appropriate to share any further details of company business with you at this time. I’m afraid your *appearance* before us today has been deemed the end of your involvement with the company.”

Andy was confused by the stress on the word, but blundered blindly on, “But… but you said the… stuff… could be handled internally.. that you didn’t *have* to fire me.. that I could.. that I could…”

Jenny sighed, “I told you it was directorial discretion. I have done everything within my power to help you meet her expectations, but it *appears* that you have not convinced Mrs. Reddin to exercise that discretion. There is nothing further *I* can do for you.”

Her hand reached once more for the phone as Andy’s mind raced, clutching at the straws of the exchange; the stress on “*appears*”, the “*everything within my power to help you*”. Did that refer to her email this morning, the “*dress for the job you want*”? Andy’s mind, unshackled from reality and his fear of his future so great that the terror of exposing himself all but vanished into it, seized on it and pulled him to his feet, “Wait! Please! Wait!”

Jenny’s hand stopped once again at his outburst and they both watched him curiously as he ripped off his suit jacket, letting it fall and yanked at his tie, practically strangling himself in his desperation to remove it, “Please! Look! It’s not too late!”

They looked impassively as Andy began to unbutton his shirt, popping buttons in his haste and trembling fingers. Finally, he just ripped it open, revealing the halter-neck of his dress and the hot-pink edges of his bra underneath, “I want another chance! Please! Don’t fire me!”

Mrs. Reddin’s eyebrow raised just a fraction on her otherwise impassive face. The tiniest of smirks seemed to haunt the corners of Jenny Aulker’s mouth as Andy ripped off his shoes and socks, hopping wildly to maintain his balance, “I can be right for the job, I promise! I’ll do anything!”

He practically ripped down his trousers, stamping his way out of them to stand panting in his female clothes before the two impassive women, “Look! Please! ‘Dress for the job you want’ you said! Look!”

The two women shared another look, this one shaded with… triumph? Mrs. Reddin’s face, however, was still impassive as she spoke calmly, “What is the meaning of this, Andy? What do you think you are doing?”

Andy’s fevered mind jumped on the softer use of his first name for the first time tonight and forged ahead, though he almost faltered when he looked down and saw his dress was still rucked up, showing off his sexy panties. He tugged it down and stammered, “I… Je… Miss Aulker told me to dress for the job I want. That’s what you wanted, isn’t it? Why I wasn’t right for the job? You *want* me dressed like this, don’t you?”

Her face remained impassive, “I told you yesterday, Andie, our diversity policy means you can dress in any way you choose and clearly you choose to dress like this – underneath at least. Why would I try to *force* you to do such a thing?”

That almost set Andy back, but his careering desperation wouldn’t let him stop now, “Because you know I don’t want to tell anyone! Because you know I’ll do anything to keep my job, to not let it out… to not have my wife find out! You want to use it to… make me… do things for you… like…”, even his unhinged desperation petered out at that point and he concluded by mumbling lamely, “…like… a.. slave…”

Andy stood there in women’s clothes in front of the two women who stared at him impassively. It was the longest few seconds of his entire life until they once again shared a look that very definitely looked satisfied with themselves. Mrs. Reddin’s voice was still level, though with a tiny undercurrent of glee when she finally spoke to him, “Let me see if I have this clear, Andie: You are suggesting that Miss Aulker and I have invented this whole thing in order to somehow force you into a situation straight out of one of the Female Domination fantasies you are clearly so addicted to that you are unable to refrain from indulging them at work? And you imagine that asking – in fact begging – us to fulfil what is clearly *your* wish will change your fate? Is that it?”

Put like that, Andy saw how deep he’d dug himself but still he couldn’t stop. He hung his head in shame, his face almost as red as Mrs. Reddin’s lips with embarrassment, fiddling with his fingers in front of his crotch. Slowly, he nodded.

Mrs. Reddin actually let out a bark of laughter, “Do you have any idea how insane you sound right now, Andie? Anyone listening would imagine you had become so addicted to your pornographic fantasies that you could no longer distinguish reality!”

Andy saw she was entirely correct; though a tiny hope was flickering deep within him that exactly that was happening, he knew they had him. No matter what happened here or afterwards, now, if he tried to tell anyone what he thought, what they’d said or done, it would be dismissed as delusional fantasy of porn addiction. He collapsed inward, defeated, his shoulders slumped, waiting for security guards to come and drag him out shamefully attired into the street.

The moment lasted and stretched, then Mrs. Reddin stood behind her desk. His head hung, Andy saw the tight pencil skirt he expected, but nipped in tight at the waist by a wide, leather belt, above it, under the blouse, tight, corset-like underwear in what appeared to be a light grey, just showing through the sheer blouse, slimming her figure and making her supported breasts look so much bigger under her blouse. Even in his misery, he gasped as she leaned forward, placing blood-nailed hands onto the desk and pushign her face closer to where he stood on the other side, the move allowing him to see down the open neck of her blouse to her ample cleavage, shaped and decorated by delicate grey lace cups, gravity making her nipples press obviously downwards through both pieces of thin, sheer fabric.

“Let us put reality aside for just a moment and peek inside this unbelievable fantasy of yours, shall, we, Andie? In your fantasy, what do you offer in exchange for this reprieve?”

The words fanned the glimmer of hope and Andy’s head raised to look at her earnestly, “Anything, Mrs. Reddin! I’d do *anything* not to be fired and exposed! Please?”

Mrs. Reddin’s eyes narrowed, “…And by ‘anything’, of course, you mean those things from your pornographic videos? The unusual sexual indulgences that make up Female Domination fantasies on film?”

A slight eagerness entered Andy’s voice, “Yes! Yes! Anything you want! Please don’t fire me! Please don’t tell Claire!”

Mrs. Reddin’s face formed into a frown of mock sadness and she straightened, speaking as she walked slowly around her desk, “..But it’s just not possible, Andie!”, his hopes crashed again and he let out a tiny sob, but she continued, “Even a fantasy life is more than just sex, Andie; don’t even your pornographic snippets often start with domestic situations? Or in work? Or ending with a return to the slave’s ‘normal’ tasks when the toying is done?”

As she approached him round the desk, moving like a stealthy cat in the remembered red-soled high heels, and spoke beside his head, the thought flitted across Andy’s mind that she knew an awful lot about it for someone supposedly revolted his choice of pornography, “I’m sure even fantasy Andie would balk at turning over his whole life to that kind of control just to save his job; his work life, his home life, his body, his sex-life, even perhaps his mind; all under the control of this imaginary blackmailer just to save his job and his marriage? I don’t think so, do you?”, her voice was practically purring now and he shuddered as a red finger nail trailed lightly over his smooth, bare shoulder from the halter neck of his dress to the top of his arm.

He panted, feeling his cock involuntarily stir in his panties. She was right, it was a horrible thought. But here and now, with the even more horrible, terrifying future looming over him, there was only one possible answer; “Yes! Yes I do… yes he would… I would! Anything if I don’t get fired and end up divorced! It *is* worth it! Please?”

She moved behind him, barely making a noise on the thick carpet. He dared not turn his head to track her, nor to look at Jenny Aulker, still sitting observing to the side. He stared at the desk top where her hands had rested, barely daring to breath. In a voice barely above a whisper, Mrs. Reddin spoke from behind him, close to his ear, her breath on the back of his neck making him shiver and his cock harden further in his panties, “Tell me, Andie; in your fantasy, did you come to this meeting dressed exactly as you are now?”

He felt breathless and his answer came like a gasp, “Yes! …uh… No… I… my bag… it has…”

A hand reach from behind, the tip of a single blood-red nail touching his lips and stopping his voice instantly, the voice a low purr still behind his ear, “Miss Aulker, would you be so kind as to fetch Andie’s bag from his desk for me, please?”

“It would be my pleasure, Mrs. Reddin!”, Andy didn’t dare turn his head to look, but she certainly sounded pleasured and he thought he caught a glimpse of a grin on her face as she sashayed past him and out of the office door, leaving it open by the sound of it.

Andy waited, only the faint, rhythmic warmth tickling his bare back and neck, forcing his cock to grow ever harder in his panties, let him know that Mrs. Reddin was still close behind him. He swallowed. After what seemed hours, but was probably less than a minute, there was a hint of movement; Mrs. Reddin moved almost silently in front of him, her back to him, holding his bag in her hands. As she tipped it out onto the desk and negligently tossed the empty bag into the corner of the room, he couldn’t help staring at the tight roundness of her bottom, emphasised by the cinched waist and tight stretchiness of the long black skirt across it. His cock was painfully caught up in his panties, straining to get out, but he didn’t dare move a muscle, especially since, even with Mrs. Reddin’s back to him, he didn’t know if Miss Aulker was behind him watching him now.

Mrs. Reddin stepped aside and turned, leaning her blood-nailed hands and magnificent bottom on the edge of the desk and crossing her feet in front of her, leaving Andy staring at his shoes, his anal toy and tube of lubricant jumbled on the desk. Mrs. Reddin glanced down at them and spoke, her suddenly casual tone, throwing Andy into confusion once more, “Nice shoes, Andie. A little low to truly go with your outfit, but pretty nonetheless. So fantasy Andie came to the meeting wearing them, did he?”

Andy managed a noise of strangled agreement and a brief nod, “Do you think it would help you to be fully dressed in your preferred clothing right now, Andie?”

Another nod. She gestured, “By all means…”

Andy, his head spinning with no idea if this was really happening, or if she was simply toying with him before his ejection from the building, reached for his shoes and turned to sit in the chair to put them on. It was gone; all he saw was Jenny Aulker standing with her back to the closed office door regarding him with her arms folded under her breasts, which appeared to have hard nipples pressing through the fabric of her own blouse and bra. He floundered for a moment, then put a shoe down, bracing one hand on the edge of the desk to lift his leg and slip the shoe on. Swapping feet, he wobbled awkwardly, unused to standing single-legged on the small heel and needing three attempts to get the other shoe on. He felt hot with both shame and exertion by the time he’d finished and was once again standing before the desk, both women watching him impassively throughout.

Mrs. Reddin waited until Andy had stood back exactly where he had been in front of her desk, now swaying slightly in his heels, before speaking again, “Is the other thing part of your fantasy outfit too, Andie? Would you like to tell us what it is for?”

Andy would rather have done almost anything than do so, but he was committed to this path now. Whether the light was indeed at the end of the tunnel and an exit to the dubious safety of his domination fantasy, or the oncoming train of extra humiliation before the demise of his life, he had no choice but to see it through. In this new fantasy/reality he’d found himself catapulted into, whether it was truly what she meant or not, the words weren’t a request, but an order to humiliate himself for the amusement of these women.

“It’s a toy… a… um… sex toy… an… er… anal toy… I…”, he faltered, swallowed several times and continued, “I… um… use it..… well.. when I… sometimes when I… er… watch porn.. I… use it… to… um… to… er… ‘help’…”, his voice faded away to silence.

“Well, Andie, that sounds very interesting. I can’t imagine quite how that would work but it sounds fascinating!”, she looked over his shoulder, “Don’t you think so, Jenny?”

The bright chirpiness of the reply from behind Andy carried a definite note of gloating, “Oh yes, Ma’am! Fascinating! I can’t help wondering how that would look. It’s not exactly obvious to look at, is it?”

Mrs. Reddin smiled past Andy’s shoulder, “Indeed not! But surely you’re not suggesting Andie show us are you? After all, this is reality, isn’t it?”

“Oh, of *course* not, Ma’am! Just curiosity since we *were* talking about what ‘*fantasy* Andie’ might do.”

The stilted conversation fooled Andy not one bit, especially with the blatant note of sarcasm underlying Jenny’s voice. He closed his eyes against the pressure of the silence of the two women, drumming into him what they expected him to do now. He shuddered, tears rolling down his cheeks from his closed eyes and he whispered, “I…”, even the whisper came out like a croak so he swallowed and tried again, “I… could… show you if you want…? I… don’t mind… really…”

Mrs. Reddin put on a face of surprise, “We couldn’t ask that! Well, unless you really *want* to show us, of course? Then it would be rude not to let you, wouldn’t it?”

She smiled at him and to Andy it looked like the smile of a shark, “I must admit, I can’t help wondering after all you’ve told us what ‘fantasy Andie’ would say right now…”

The only Andy that existed was standing right in front of her staring at his anal toy on the desk and the only “fantasy” he had at that exact moment was to get through the day without being fired and through tomorrow without having to have an awkward conversation with his wife that would almost certainly end in divorce or being punched. Literally all his choices were gone, there was only the veiled order and how to respond to it. He closed his eyes once more, tears running down his cheeks and sorted through his fantasies to find words to say. They came to him. He swallowed and croaked, “Please Ma’am, may I show you both how my toy works?”

“Why, what a lovely idea, Andie! I think we’d both be fascinated! Are you *sure* you want to do something so… intimate… in front of us?”

The only thing Andy was sure he wanted to do less than pull down his panties and push his toy up his arse in front of these women was to explain to his wife that he liked to pull down his panties and push his toy up his arse, so he swallowed a half sob and forced out, “Please may I Ma’am? I would really like you to watch me play with my toy.”

Mrs. Reddin beamed, “Well, if you insist, Andie! Go right ahead!”

Shuddering with the effort of repressing his tears, Andy reached out to pick up his toy with a shaking hand. Mrs. Reddin stepped back away from the desk and Jenny stepped forward to the other side. Andy looked around trying to work out how to do this horrifying thing and Mrs. Reddin said cheerfully, “You’re more than welcome to use my desk, Andie! Kneel on it, lie on it, bend over it, whatever makes you happiest.”

Andy looked at the desk mournfully, then turned and sat on the edge, sliding his bottom back. He reached for the lubricant tube and lay back facing the ceiling and closing his eyes against the mortification he felt. He squeezed a little lubricant onto his fingers and reached with his other hand to pull his panties aside, reasoning that at least this way, he wouldn’t have to expose his hardon to the women, even though it was probably obvious now his dress had ridden up near his waist anyway. No such luck!

“Oh! You don’t want to stain those pretty panties with lubricant, surely, Andie?”, chirped Jenny’s overly-cheerful voice, “Look, you’ve already got it all over your hand. Would you like me to give you a hand to get them off so you don’t mess them up?”

Andy sighed internally; full exposure it was, then, “Yes… please… Miss Aulker…”, he croaked.

His eyes screwed tight shut, he felt warm hands brush lightly over the fronts of his thighs, tracing the thin band of his panties from either side of his still-stiff, awkwardly-trapped cock to the tops of his hips, pushing his dress up out of the way as they moved. He shuddered involuntarily and his cock strained more, becoming quite painful. He felt the fingers curl into the waistband, nails grazing skin and sending sensations like electric shocks through his body. It had been decades since any woman other than his wife had touched him so intimately and many years since even she had done so with such deliberate and slow sensuousness. Andy gasped as his panties slowly crept down his thighs, dragging his caught cock down with it, making it more painful still. Then his hips twitched and he moaned as warm fingers dipped stretched the waistband, dipped into his panties and scooped out his trapped cock all in less than half a second. Still, the feel of the warm fingers and touch of sharp nails on his rock-hard shaft felt like brands, burning long after the fingers had left. Andy groaned, in both passion and shame, feeling his now free and exposed cock twitching, leaking pre-cum, on the verge of ejaculation just from a single touch of a strange woman’s fingers as satin anf gentle nails slid sensually down his legs.

There was almost a giggle in Jenny’s voice as she exclaimed, “I think Andie *really* wants to show us how his toy works, don’t you?”

Andy, eyes still screwed shut as if he could deny the situation, felt Jenny slip his panties over one shoe. Then she left them dangling from his other ankle and the touch of her was gone, “I’ll just leave them there so you don’t lose them, Andie, dear! Besides, they look so cute like that!”

He tried to shut out the teasing humiliation and tried to pretend he was doing this on his own for himself as he usually did. The hard desk against his back did nothing to help; he was usually far more comfortable. Still, he reached his lubed fingers down round his thigh and probed gently at the pucker of his hole. Screwing his eyes tighter, feeling tears squezed from them down his cheeks, he slowly pushed a slippery finger in. Mercifully, the women said nothing, though he had no doubt they were watching closely. Slowly he probed deeper, gently and slowly fucking his finger in and out of his tight hole, feeling it relax a little.

Doing everything by touch, not wanting to see the room around him or his cruel watchers, he squeezed more lube onto his fingers and slowly pushed two fingers in, gently turning and parting them to loosen up his hole. He took the toy, again by feel, and spread more lube over the firm, but rubbery surface. Reaching both hands now, he probed for his arse hole with his slippery fingers and with the other, brought the teardrop-shaped lump of the end of the toy to his probing fingers, substituting one for the other and easing the teardrop into is hole. As always there was the arousing little moment where the bobble was sucked into place by his arse and his cock gave a little twitch, leaking more. Just as slowly, he eased the second bobble in, a little wider than the first, letting out an involuntary little moan as his arse sucked it in. Trying hard to ignore his audience, but completely aware that the two women were watching everything, Andy slowly pulled the toy out again and pushed it in, one bobble then the next, butting his pucker up to the third and final bobble before pulling it out once more.

Still by feel, not wanting to look at the faces of his tormentors watching him display himself shamefully for them, he spread more lube over the toy and re-aligned it with his loosened pucker. This time the two beads slid in easily and he felt his tight pucker stretch against the third. He couldn’t help moaning again the delicious sensations that always accompanied this part irresistable. The third bobble wasn’t that thick – barely an inch across – but it always gave him a sensation of stretching that felt wonderful. Probably because he didn’t play with his toy all the time, feeling a little odd about pushing things into his arse despite how good it felt. He popped the second bobble back out and slid it back in, pushing until his arse was stretched on almost the widest point, then relaxing. Again, pushing and holding his pucker stretched on the toy for a long moment before easing it until it snapped the full almost five inches into his arse, the T-shaped base pressing his flesh creating its own interesting sensation especially where the end pressed just behind his balls.

His cock was rock hard and still leaking precum over his belly as he reached for the button on the bottom that made it begin to hum, creating delicious waves that spread out inside his body making him moan again.

Mrs. Reddin’s voice brought him crashing back to reality, “Well I must say it looked like you enjoyed putting that in a lot, Andie… and I imagine it’s still feeling good, now!”

Andy thought it felt less good now he couldn’t help but be aware that he’d just shown off a very private thing, but wisely said nothing, “So you imagined fantasy Andie wearing that for his interview, did you?”

Shame-faced, he nodded and thought he heard or imagined gloating in her voice as she continued, “Then you’re almost completely dressed like “fantasy Andie”, aren’t you, Andie? Let’s finish it off, shall we? Jenny?”

“Yes, Ma’am?”

“Help Andie finish getting dressed please.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Before Andy could process it or even think to object, he felt hands around his groin and heard Jenny’s faux-chirpy voice, “Well, looks like someone’s made a bit of a mess of themselves. Let’s clean that up a bit so you don’t mess up those pretty, pink panties.”

Andie gasped and his eyes flew open as he felt coldness around the toy still humming away in his arse. He saw Jenny, a sly smile on her face, wiping a baby wipe around his groin and arse, “We must get rid of all that extra lube, so we can get your panties on, mustn’t we?”

Andy couldn’t help whimpering slightly with embarrassment. It rapidly got worse as Jenny’s warm fingers curled gently around Andy’s hard shaft, lifting it gently to wipe the cool towel underneath.

Andy’s cock twitched and he felt it leak more precum. What made it humiliating was that Jenny’s hand didn’t feel at all sexual, it was entirely business-like, like a nurse or something. That the non-sexual touch of a strange woman’s hand that wasn’t his wife in such an an already embarrassing situation made him so close to orgasm was utterly humiliating. He tensed, trying to fight off the sensation and trying to stop himself whimpering more. He felt utterly mortified when Jenny’s brittle-bright voice sang out, “Well, it looked like we made quite a mess of ourselves, didn’t we, Andie?”

He groaned, trying hard not to cry openly, though tears were leaking from his eyes and running down his cheeks. He failed; Jenny’s hand ran a cold, wet towel over his tight balls then wrapped it around his shaft and ran it up to the head. He yelped and his pelvis spasmed, cum shooting from his cock, covering his belly, spraying up his dress and actually hitting him in the face, so hard did he ejaculate. The shock hit him first, but the tears started when Jenny actually laughed delightedly, even though Mrs. Reddin chided her, “Jenny!”

“Sorry Ma’am!”, but her voice still had glee in it.

She wiped the cum from Andy’s belly as he cried, , then gently pulled up his panties, tucking his cock into them. It was horriby humiliating, but nothing compared to the sticky feeling of his own cum creeping down his face.

It really didn’t help the sick feeling of complete humiliation and despair in his stomach when Jenny stopped without wiping the cum from his face and Mrs. Reddin spoke as if nothing had happened, “Would you like to stand up, Andie? It’ll be more comfortable to talk when you’re not on your back, don’t you think?”

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