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Wine drunk!

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Wine drunk!

This story describes one of the hottest sex sessions my gf and I had recently. As of recent, my gf and I have been making it a habit to get drunk on wine and have sex. On this occasion, we went over the limit and was pretty drunk. Naturally, this lead to us heading into the room and immediately holding on to each other. We locked eyes and before we knew it, we were all over each other, sloppy kissing and sucking tongues. It was so hot. Our hands were all over each other. I played with her breasts as she stroked my cock through my shorts, all while our tongues were twisted together. The feeling was indescribable, pure bliss.

Next we took it to the bed, stripping each others clothes off. Still kissing, in a matter of no time, we were both naked. I then made my way down to her beautiful, tasty pussy and began tasting her. Her pussy was so good, I wish you all could know! This lead to me licking her ass, and her grinding her ass into my tongue. I licked her ass like it was the last meal I would have, bending her over into doggy position, where I continued to lick her ass for over 5 minutes. Her reaction was priceless. I could not describe how I felt licking her as she enjoyed every second of it. After this, she was craving my cock. I put a condom on and entered her wet pussy in missionary, fucking her hard until I came in her pussy. I came within minutes because it was so good: Her tight pussy gave me so much pleasure, to finish her off, I licked and played with her clit, bringing our night to an end

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