Erotic Stories

Wife’s Nudist Beach Awakening (Size does matter after all) Part (ii)

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And so, filled with trepidation, I trailed along with her to the nudist beach close to our apartment. I noticed a spring in her step, a quickness of pace that was markedly different to her usual casual holiday stroll. Her tits jiggled in her skimpy vest top as she hurried along, and I began to wonder what I had let myself in for. As my anxiety grew, so I became further unmanned. I could feel my dick shrinking up in my shorts, just at the worst possible time.

Soon, we arrived to the crowded beach. She gasped audibly as the sea of naked people came into view. Naked flesh, shining under the beating sun, as far as the eye could see. Men and women, strolling along the seafront, sunbathing, playing frisbee, swimming. Tits. Asses. Pussies. Dicks. All on proud display.

My heart sank as I took a furtive glance around me. Just as I had suspected, every guy I could see had a bigger dick than me. My wife’s expression changed. Her eyes brightened, she licked her lips and straightened her hair as she too glanced around. She marched over to a clear space, laid down her towel and undressed. Completely. She quickly pulled off her top allowing her big firm tits to bounce free. Then, oh god, pulled off her shorts and panties, bending over slightly to show off her peachy ass as she did so. She was loving it! My wife was acting like a whore!

As she laid down naked on her towel, I too disrobed, blushing profusely. As I pulled down my shorts and exposed my small dick, I noticed my wife’s eyes had been drawn to a guy about ten feet away. A well built man in his early 30s. With the biggest cock I have ever seen. Huge. Long, thick and bulbous. At least 6 or 7 inches soft. My heart felt like a knife had pierced it as I saw my wife stare, her eyes glued to his huge dick, her lips slightly apart. Mesmerised. Entranced by the superior man.


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