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Why are females crazy

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Why are girls crazy

So I just had a hook up about an hour and a half ago. She is 18 and I am 19. It was bad sex. On both parties really. I parked at a power plant, ran to her house, ran past her barking dogs and jumped through her window. Her trailer house was very noisy and I had to hide for a little bit. Once we finally got to getting at it, I couldn’t get hard because how nervous I was. She neglected to mention her parents were up, her door has no lock, and her house is loud. She did however decline me picking her up to take her somewhere or meeting me somewhere. She wanted to be in her bed. She began to get frustrated I couldn’t get all the way hard. I was enough for her to ride me, but not much else. So I tell her to lay down so I can be in control and get there. So she does. I finally produce wood, and when I go to thrust, she freaks out and hops off saying it hurt and was pissed at me for it. Mind you she was texting me before all this talking about how she wants to try a big dick. So she’s all talk. She was so pissed, it was off putting to me so I lost all wood and couldn’t get it up again so I left. Back out the window, hauling ass down her driveway and running the good half mile to my truck. Wtf people

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  1. theitsybitchywitch Reply

    Generalizing all women based on this singular story is super demeaning and condescending my dude.

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