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What Would Steven Do? Part 4 by throatHER

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Author’s Note: Hello readers, it has come to my attention while re-reading my stories that I need to work on my structure to make it more reader friendly. I haven’t changed the story at all but just making it easier on the eyes. Also, please note that I use italics as inner thoughts of the main character and since my favorite genre of movies are musicals I use the the italics for musical breaks as well. For those of you who are not aware of my work, I try to make my stories as illustrative as possible so you, as the reader, will have a clear visual of the characters and the environment. Please enjoy and like always constructive criticism is welcomed!

Chapter 4

During my train ride back home on the Metro North I am listening to Pray for Me by Kendrick Lamar and The Weeknd I chuckle to myself thinking about what a crazy day it has been. Starting with Wendy then Kelly and tonight I will end the night with Brittany. I am a lucky man indeed! As I close my eyes humming to song I get a notification ping on my phone. It’s a message from Liz.

Liz: Hey baby. How you doing?

Me: Hey sexy. I was just thinking about you. I’m good. Just heading back home from work.

Liz: Aww. You were thinking of me? How was work?

Me: It was cool. Had some good clients today. I did some shopping as well.

Liz: Shopping? Let me guess… you bought some sneakers…lol

Me: Lol…you know me already…it is my time of the month and I found some nice ones at this boutique shop.

Liz: LMAO, crazy ass. What sneakers did you buy?


Picture of Dark Galaxy Custom Air Force Ones

Liz: Wow!! They look good. You wearing those to my mother’s birthday party?

Me: You already know boo!

We texted for a few more minutes and I asked her if I could bring my two of my friends with me and she thought that would be a great idea because she had some single friends that would be at the party as well. She also asked if I was free tonight, so she could come over, but I made an excuse of going to see my mother and she didn’t press the issue. I told her Thursday would be a good day to hangout and she agreed because she would be off from work that day as well.

That is one of the things I like about Liz, she was just and easy-going person. But I do have to tell her about Amanda.

We said our goodbyes and I started to close my eyes humming to the song, Grass Ain’t Greener by Chris Brown, when I get another alert and this time it was Wendy.

Wendy: Hey you!

Me: Hey, right back. I was just thinking about you. I am on the train heading home.

As you can tell I always tell a woman that I am thinking about her. It has never failed. Niggas and pussy! LOL

Wendy: Hmmm… I bet you tell that to all the ladies.

Me: After that kiss today, you got a nigga all hot and bothered!

Wendy: lol… I was thinking about that kiss all day today. You are dangerous.

Me: why?

Wendy: A guy has never done that to me before. You are very confident.

Me: Guys nowadays are cornballs. They rather text, tweet or take a selfie. They don’t know how to approach and talk to a beautiful woman any longer.

Wendy: I agree

Me: You ready for our date tomorrow after work?

Wendy: Yes, I am. What do you have in mind?

Me: Besides kissing you there are a lot of things to do in the city. We will find something to do and have fun.

Wendy: lol… you’re too much. I’m sure we will get into something good.

Me: You know it

Wendy: See you tomorrow James. Have a good night

Me: You too Wendy. See you tomorrow

I was exhausted, and I needed to rest before driving to pick up Brittany later. So, I slept the rest of the train ride and didn’t respond to anymore texts until I got home.


Date Night

A power-nap does wonders for the body! It was only 3 hours, but it felt like I got 8.

As I got out the shower and started getting ready my mind drifted to Dr. Malek and our discussion about me losing myself as soon as I walk out my apartment to become Steven St. Croix.

Do you remember the movie Meet Joe Black? The movie starred Brad Pitt as Death/ Joe and Sir Anthony Hopkins as William Parrish. Well, there is a part in the movie where William asks Joe on how Joe can be on vacation with him but still conduct his duties of being the angel of death? Joe explains that it is almost like when William is shaving. Even though you may be physically shaving, you are thinking of other things such as meetings you may have during the day or errands you must make. What I find amusing is the quote when Joe says, “So you understand the concept, Bill. Now multiply that by infinity, take that to the depths of forever, and you still barely have a glimpse of what I’m talking about.”

I bring this up because when I finally stopped thinking about Dr. Malek I was already dressed. I was in auto-pilot mode. But I did look good!

I had on an Autumn Winter Plus Fleece Thicker Fur Collar Cowboy Skinny Jacket, Olive long sleeve shirt, Kanye West Camo Camouflage Joggers Men Cargo Pants, and a pair of custom all-white Air Force Ones with a camouflage pattern on the swoosh and the toe box. Fresh to Death!!

I take a good look in the mirror to make sure everything is perfect, I spray on my Dolce and Gabbana cologne and I am out the door. It is 7:30p as I send a quick text to Brittany to tell her I am on my way and she replies with a thumb up and smile emoji. As I enter Brittany’s address into the navigation system I smile to myself because of the area she lives in.

Like I have said before Brittany is Colombian and she lives in a part of the city which has the largest Colombian population in the United States, Jackson Heights, Queens or as the people call it Little Colombia. Some of the most beautiful women on the planet live in this area and Brittany is no exception.

As I pulled up to her apartment complex I was very impressed. She lived in a newly renovated building called The Birchwood House. The only downside to the area as in all New York City life is the dreaded parking. I luckily found a spot right around her block then proceeded to her building. Arriving to the front of her complex I notice a doorman, and elderly gentleman, who gives me a pleasant smile and says, “Welcome to The Birchwood sir.”

I smile and shake his hand.

“Your name and what apartment are you going to sir?” he asks.

I answered, “My name is James Kevin Bridgewater and I am going to apartment 2C, Ms. Brittany Rojas.”

He gives grin, a nod and says, “She is expecting you. I’ll call on up. You may head on in.”

After I thank the doorman I look at the lobby area and think to myself this is a very nice place. I haven’t been in Queens in a while, but I do remember buildings did not look like this. This is a type building you would find regularly in Manhattan, but it seems the rest of the boroughs in the city are catching up.

As I reach Brittany’s door and ring the bell I hear a voice yell, “I am coming, give me one sec!”

As the door opens I notice this beauty standing before me but it is not Brittany.

“I am sorry. I think I may have the wrong apartment” I declared as I looked at the letter on the apartment door and then at the young lady in front of me. She smiles and says, “Oh no, you have the right apartment. Brittany is finishing up getting ready. Come on in.”

As I walk in I shake her hand and introduce myself.

“I know who you are James. You are all Brittany has talked about the last few months and I see why” she revealed as she raised an eyebrow and smiled.

As she finished her statement I hear Brittany shout from the back of the apartment, “No I have not! Don’t listen to her!”

I laugh and yell back, “My mother always told me not to talk to strangers Brittany! I won’t listen to this one!”

Mystery lady gives me a light shove on the shoulder and whined, “Hey, be careful there mister I could just as easily throw you out as I let you in.”

I put both of my hands up as to surrender and replied, “You are right madam. My mother also said that a beautiful woman can be trusted anytime as long as she gives you her name.”

We both stare at each other and laugh. She puts out her hand and says, “My name is Carmella. I am Brittany’s big sister and welcome to our apartment.”

Carmella Rojas, I must tell you is a 5’5” stunner. If both her and Brittany were in a room together it would be a difficult decision with who to talk to first. If I were to give you an illustration of what she looked like I would say look up Johanna Fadul. This situation can lead a nigga into a lot of trouble. Sorry Doc but damn pussy is everywhere, fuck my life!

After shaking hands and looking at each other for a bit too long I cleared my throat, “Ahem, you guys have a beautiful apartment.”

She thanked me and explained that they have lived in Jackson Heights their entire lives. They recently rented this apartment 8 months ago when she got hired as a Senior Signal Circuit Designer.

You have no clue what kind of job that is…neither did I.

Carmella could tell by the look on my face that I had no fucking clue what kind of job that was in which she giggled and just told me she was an engineer for New York Port Authority.

“Smart and beautiful, just like your baby sister” I commented.

She blushed and was about to say something when I hear, “She is ONLY 2 years older than me and I am NOT a baby.”

I turn around and I see Brittany. My mouth almost drops to the floor because GOD DAMN SHE IS FINE.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin on what she is wearing but I will try! She has on a beige, printed long sleeve shirt tied up just above her belly button showing off her cute stomach. She has on a pair of black super high heel ankle boots with fur flaps. But what is the crème de la crème is the white stretch pants that seem as if they are spray painted on. It hugs her curves so well that it seemed my dick was pulling me towards her. She did a spin and her butt looked so good; it was just perfection.

“No one in their right mind would ever confuse you for a baby, Brittany” I proclaimed as I walked over to give her a hug and a kiss on her cheek.

I kissed her cheek very near her mouth as to make her aware of my intentions but still be respectful at the same time.

As we released our embrace we hear Carmella joke, “A baby, no. A slut, the jury is still out on that.”

They both laugh and start speaking to each other in Spanish. Brittany looks at me and says, “Lo siento James. My sister is crazy!”

I tell her it’s ok then Carmella asks, “You don’t speak Spanish James?” I shake my head and she continues, “I could have sworn you were Spanish. You look Dominican.”

I explain to her that my father is Cuban, and my mother is Jamaican, but my father was not around when I was growing up, so I never learned any Spanish. Carmella and Brittany looked at one another then they both came up and hugged me.

I didn’t mind that AT ALL…LOL

We all talked a little more before I asked, “Carmella, what are you doing tonight?”

She explained that all she had planned was to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy episodes after we left.

I insisted, “Go get ready. You are coming with us.” She looked at me then at Brittany. I caressed Brittany’s hand and said, “Babe, let’s bring her with us. We’re having so much fun now I can only imagine what fun we will have if all three of us go out!” Brittany smiled and told Carmella to get ready.

Just as Carmella left the room I wrapped my arms around Brittany’s waist and pulled her closer to me and said, “I have been waiting for this moment since Saturday.”

She teased, “¿qué momento estás esperando?”

I had no clue what she said but it was sexy as fuck as she said it, so I just kissed her.

When we parted lips, she looks at me and says, “You have soft lips. I like that.”

I gave her a grin and replied, “You taste good. Does all of you taste as good as your lips?”

She gave a small chuckle and whispered, “Oh, you have no idea.”

I wanted to fuck immediately and by the twitch of my dick, Brittany knew that as well.

Sitting on the couch while we waited for Carmella I told Brittany my plans for the evening. I was going to take them to City Island for some food and then we would go to a bar/ lounge in Manhattan that I wanted to try called 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar. Brittany seemed delighted and revealed that in all her years living in New York she has never been to City Island.

Now this may be surprising to some, but a lot of New Yorkers do not travel to other boroughs. Manhattan is the common denominator to all but outside of that we stay in where we live. I am a little different because I do like to venture out, but I can say I never stepped into Staten Island one time in my entire life! Sad, but true.

“Do you dance James?” Brittany questioned.

I stood up from the couch and extended my hand to help her up. With a puzzled look on her face she asked, “What are you doing?”

As she grabbed my hand and stood up I confided, “I was going to save this for later but since we had a change of plans there is no time like the present to do it now.” I reached in my jacket pocket and took my cellphone out and placed it on the coffee table.

Brittany looked at me with the what is this nigga doing face. I pushed play on my phone and as the first few words of the song started her face lit up like a Christmas tree as I told her, “I practiced this for you.” Then I started:

Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote

Tengo que bailar contigo hoy

Vi que tu mirada ya estaba llamándome

Muéstrame el camino que yo voy (Oh)

Tú, tú eres el imán y yo soy el metal

Me voy acercando y voy armando el plan

Solo con pensarlo se acelera el pulso (Oh yeah)

Brittany was beaming with delight as she watched me and started mouthing the words with me as we danced. Just then we hear footsteps approaching and there stood Carmella who just shouted, “Despacito is my song and you guys can’t be in here singing this without me!” Brittany and I laughed as she approached then we all sang in unison:


Quiero respirar tu cuello despacito

Deja que te diga cosas al oído

Para que te acuerdes si no estás conmigo


Quiero desnudarte a besos despacito

Firmo en las paredes de tu laberinto

Y hacer de tu cuerpo todo un manuscrito (sube, sube, sube)

(Sube, sube)

We sang and danced the rest of the song. Brittany was very impressed. “I can’t believe you did that for me” she said as she was holding my hand.

I kissed her, smiled and said, “Your boy has skills, girl.”

I could hear Carmella say under her breath behind me, “Oh yes he does.”

As we were singing and dancing together I really did not get to focus on Carmella but as Brittany asked her if she was ready I looked at her.

OMG is this chick bad as fuck! Brittany is hot, but her sister is just as good. All I know is that I am a lucky bastard! Carmella had on a black, form-fitted, long sleeve botanical embroidered see through shirt. Dark blue ripped jeans with an embroidered red rose on her upper right thigh and the shoes were a black stiletto boot with a gold heel. Walking into any place with these two I will be looked on as a king! Sorry LeBron but I am King James tonight…lol.

Walking out of the elevator and into the lobby there was a group of guys coming into the building and their eyes were glued to the two beauties walking in front of me. They looked at them then looked at me and I just gave them a smirk with a head nod. Walking past them I knew they were staring at both Brittany’s and Carmella’s asses because that is exactly what I was doing.

God is good!

Coming out of the building I said, “Ladies, come with me. Your chariot awaits.” They both smile as they interlocked arms with me as we headed to my jeep. I inform Carmella of what is to come for tonight and she got excited.

“I haven’t been out in a long time” she stated.

Brittany looked over to her with a sad face.

“How come?” I asked.

Carmella sighed and explained that she had just got out of a three-year relationship with some guy ten years older than her who was mentally and emotionally abusive. She has been single for about 4 months now.

As we get to my jeep the girls gasp and ask, “Is this your truck James?” I give them a quick yes and Carmella responds, “Very nice James. Very nice.”

“Thank you Carmella.”

I open the door for Brittany first, give her a quick kiss and help her up in the jeep. As I close her door I walk up to Carmella and quickly tell her, “I got you girl. No man will ever treat you bad again. Not as long as I am around.” The look she gave me was of both lust and thankfulness as she kissed my cheek.

“Thank you, James,” she said. I gave her a smile as I helped her up into the backseat.

Checkmate. Game over. I got this.

Driving to City Island I take notice of how Brittany and Carmella interact with one another. You can tell they are real close and love each other by the way they make fun of one another. I am big into family and I really liked that quality about the two of them.

It doesn’t hurt that they are tremendously attractive.

During the drive I also find out that Brittany had also recently gotten out of a long relationship with a high school sweetheart. They were together for 10 years, but she decided to call it quits because he had no ambition and just wanted to live off her. It was perfect timing because just as Carmella was ending her relationship they decided to get an apartment together. They are the only two children of their parents who didn’t want them to move out, but the girls wanted their freedom.

Carmela embarrassed Brittany by explaining how she first heard about me 6 months ago. Brittany yelled at her to be quiet, but Carmella teased on how Brittany came home and was gushing over the new hot patient her boss was seeing. I looked over at Brittany who was clearly embarrassed, but I grabbed her hand and kissed it to give her reassurance that it was ok.

“Ok James. We have told you about us, but you haven’t told us anything about you” Carmella noted.

Making eye contact through the rear-view mirror in which she stuck out her tongue I grinned and asked, “What would you like to know?”

Brittany turned to her sister and blurted out, “We should have left your ass home!”

Carmella rolled her eyes and chided, “You are just horny Brit. You just want that dick!”

I laughed so hard that if I was drinking something I would have surely spat it out.

Brittany and Carmella started talking in Spanish that I wasn’t sure if they were fighting or joking with one another but I was amused by their interaction. Heading over the City Island Bridge their fighting ceased as they looked out the window. I looked over at both and smiled.

A little less NYC and a little more Cape Cod, City Island is a quaint island in the Bronx full of old Victorian homes, squawking seagulls, fresh salt water, and a marina full of boats. Seafood is one of City Island’s main attractions and that is what we came for.

“Mel, I can’t believe we have never come here” Brittany said as she was looking out the window. “I know. This place looks like a small little town. Reminds me of Dawson’s Creek” Carmella responded. I laughed and exclaimed, “I loved that show!” We all looked at each other and unison sang:

So open up your morning light,

And say a little prayer for I.

you know that if we are to stay alive.

Then see the love in every eye.

I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over,

I want to know right now what will it be.

I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over,

Will it be yes or will it be sorry?

After we did the chorus we all burst into laughter. We all talked about different episodes and which character were our favorites. My guy was Pacey.

And you guys know why! Him sleeping with his sexy ass teacher got me hooked.

Brittany identified with Joey because she was sweet but fearless. Carmella was an Andie girl because she was quirky but loveable. I looked at Carmella in my rearview mirror with a raised eyebrow as she said that as we made eye contact in which she had a sly grin because she knew exactly what was going through my head.

In the show Dawson’s Creek, Andie was Pacey’s girlfriend and she loses her virginity to him.

As I am looking at Carmella, Brittany turns to me and says, “I am having such a good time James, thank you for this” then gives me a kiss on the cheek.

“This is just the beginning babe. The night hasn’t even begun to start” I replied. Just then we reached our destination, Johnny’s Reef.

I have been coming to Johnny’s Reef since I was a little boy with my family. It is the last restaurant, if you want to call it that, on the left-hand side of the island. With both and outdoor and indoor space it is a great location and the sound of the water and the seagulls flying over it is a great atmosphere. They have had the same menu for years, but why change perfection. They serve burgers and fries like everywhere else, but they are known for, just like the rest of the island, SEAFOOD. If you’re from the Bronx it is more than likely you have been to Johnny’s. Not only for the reasonable priced food but also it is a place where people can hangout and have a good time. This was a perfect place to take Brittany and Carmella. For a Monday night it was not too crowded but had just enough people.

I opened the jeep door for my dates in which I got a thank you and kiss on the lips by Brittany and a kiss on the cheek by Carmella. By looking at Brittany and Carmella they seemed giddy and I could not help but to smile. Walking in to the restaurant with both ladies on either side with are arms interlocked I instantly noticed the smell of freshly cooked seafood, but I also noticed something else.

Have you ever watched a movie and they have that montage of either a group of friends or guy and a girl walking into a bar or club? There is some type of slow motion view with some cool music in the background? Well, picture that view of Brittany, Carmella and myself walking into Johnny’s while BlocBoy JB & Drake “Look Alive” is playing. All eyes were on us! They were on the girls for sure because they were sexy as fuck and on me because I was with them. And to be honest, there is nothing more attractive to a girl than seeing him with a bad bitch! And I had TWO!!! Niggas wanted to be me, and girls wanted to be with me!

“It smells great in hear” Brittany beamed with delight. Carmella echoed the same sentiments. I showed them the seafood area where everything is fried from lobster tails, shrimp, scallops, crabs etc. I asked if they want to sit outside or inside and we all agreed on sitting outside in the nice cool air. I knew exactly what I wanted because I usually order the same thing when I come here, fried lobster tails. Brittany decided on the soft-shell crabs and Carmella chose the snow crab legs and shrimp. Brittany looked at her as if she had two heads in which Carmella replied something in Spanish which made Brittany laugh. I looked at both and just smiled.

I loved their banter back and forth with one another.

Brittany turned to me and said, “I am sorry for her James. She has no home training.”

I gave her a kiss and joked as I looked at Carmella, “I like a woman who eats. If she had picked the chicken fingers I would have been disappointed.”

We all laughed. As they waited on the food I got their orders for what they wanted to drink. They both decided on Pina Coladas and I got me a Red Bull with Vodka.

Walking outside to get our seats I could still feel all eyes on us. Walking behind the girls and admiring how their asses looked in their pants all I could think was GOD-DAMN!! As we found a spot to sit we talked about their lives growing up, boyfriends they had, family life and what they wanted for themselves in the future. I still noticed guys and girls stealing quick looks at the two beauties sitting across from me. We were having a great conversation but then Carmella noticed something.

“James?” she asked.

Drinking on my second Red Bull and Vodka she continued, “You don’t talk about yourself too much?”

I grinned and replied, “No, I don’t – I’m not that interesting but what would you like to know?”

Carmella looked at Brittany then back at me and asked, “What are your intentions for my little sister?”

Just then Brittany slapped her across the arm.

“OUCH, you bitch that hurt!” Carmella hissed.

Brittany was about to say something before I caressed her hand and said, “It’s ok babe. She is just looking after you.” She looked at me and smiled then I continued, “I don’t have any ill-conceived intentions, at least not yet.” I gave a wink to Brittany after I said that in which she blushed.

I stared at Carmella and admitted, “I like her, and I don’t know where the future will take us, but I just want to get to know her better. If this night is any indicator of future events, then I know it will be fun.”

Carmella looked at me and nodded with approval.

“Two more questions and that’s it” she blurted out.

“Carmella, por favor” Brittany bawled out loud.

“It is ok babe. Your sister loves you and she should have questions for me. Go ahead Carmella.”

“You are a good-looking guy James, there is no denying that. Do you have a girlfriend/wife? What do you do for a living and how old are you?” I sat there pondering the questions, but I did notice that both ladies were waiting with anticipation for my answer.

“First off, thank you for your compliment but with that being said, you did tell me you were an engineer and I am pretty sure you are supposed to be good at math. That was actually THREE questions” I teased putting up three fingers.

Brittany giggled, and Carmella just tilted her head sideways, rolled her eyes and smiled.

I stuck my tongue at her and proceeded to answer the questions, “I am single. I am 40 years old and I am a Registered Nurse and I will become an Nurse Practitioner in about 3 months.”

Looking at both ladies their eyes lit up and in unison echoed, “Forty!”

I nodded my head. Brittany was first to comment how good I looked for my age and Carmella echoed the same.

Just what everyone wants to hear. How good they look for ‘their age’ LOL.

I thanked them and concluded the Spanish Inquisition by telling the ladies we must head to the next spot in which they agreed. Walking back to the jeep I still noticed all eyes on us as we left with some guys giving me thumbs up, some girls giving Brittany and Carmella nasty looks but they seemed oblivious to it as we were having such a good time.

The girls joked, “Come on old man. Are you sure you can hang with us the rest of the night?”

I smirked and responded, “Both of you get your young asses in the jeep before I spank the both of you!”

Opening the door for Brittany, she kissed me then whispered, “I like being spanked.” My dick instantly got hard as I closed the door behind her which did not go unnoticed by Carmella. As I opened her door she purposefully rubbed up against my dick with the back of her hand and said, “Thank you James.” Walking to the driver’s side door I thought to myself… I’m in trouble!

Driving to Manhattan we continued to have good conversation as a told them a little more about myself such as where I grew up, my family and the oh so important question on why I do not have a girlfriend. I explained the reason why I do not have one is that I just have not found the right woman. I also revealed to the ladies that I once was engaged when I was 25 years old but I broke it off because I knew I was not ready. Both Brittany and Carmella found this very interesting and tried to probe for further information but I changed the subject by just telling them it was a sore subject for me to talk about.

Which is the truth. Not the entire truth but the truth nonetheless. I didn’t let them know the real reason was because I was a cheating bastard that the engagement was called off.

They seemed ok with just letting it go as we arrived at our destination, 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar.

We had to go one block over to go to a parking garage then walk over. Just like at Johnny’s Reef when the girls exited the jeep all eyes were on them, from the parking attendants, people on the street and people in their cars. Entering the lobby area there were a few guys and girls waiting for the elevator and as we walked up next to them I whispered to both Brittany and Carmella, “Do you guys always cause this type of disturbance?”

They both looked and me and smiled with Carmella answering, “It’s a gift and a curse James but by the looks of it you are the envy of every guy here and I bet you like that, huh?”

I gave a nod then gave a quick kiss on the lips to Brittany then kissed Carmella on the cheek and replied, “You know me so-well.” Carmella giggled and shook her head as we entered the elevator.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar is an exquisite place located on the Corner of 27th Street and 5th Ave. Look it up on Google because I couldn’t do it justice by describing it. This vast, greenery-lined rooftop bar is one of New York’s largest rooftop gardens, filled with one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and palm trees. Unobstructed views of the Empire State Building to the north, the Met Life building to the east, and Jersey to the west. It’s also open year-round thanks to heat lamps and inflatable igloos, making the winter rooftop scene just as enticing. One word- PERFECTION.

Walking into the place, I must say, I was impressed by the scenery. Both, Brittany and Carmella seemed equally as impressed if the smile on their faces were any indicator. The first thing that caught my attention was how vibrant the colors looked and the music. All three of us walked over to the penthouse bar as the DJ was playing Pray for Me by The Weeknd & Kendrick Lamar. I asked the girls what they wanted with Brittany requesting a White Peach Martini and Carmella saying she wanted a Bellini. I get what I always get which is some sort of Mojito and in this case, they had two to choose from. I started with a Raspberry Mojito. We got our drinks and started to explore the area. The place was magnificent.

This is a place I will come back to with my boys as well as Amanda and Liz.

As DJ Khaled’s Wild Thoughts started to play I took the hand of Carmella and Brittany and escorted them to the dance floor. We had a great time dancing and drinking throughout the night. I quickly noticed that they both like teasing me a lot. With both of them rubbing their assess against my crotch my dick was in heaven and hell at the same time because it wanted to be let loose on these two but a nigga ain’t gonna complain.

We probably danced to 5 straight songs before I tapped out as I whispered to Brittany, “You guys are making my dick hard. I need to go calm down for a bit.”

She giggled, kissed me and replied apologetically, “I’m sorry baby.” As I was about to walk away she grabbed my crotch and joked, “I will help you with that later.” Walking to the bar I had to adjust my dick in my pants and I ordered a Gin Cucumber Mojito.

Watching two sexy women dancing with one another is hot as hell. But watching Brittany and Carmella dance together was a scorching inferno. As Daddy Yankee’s song ‘Dura’ was playing I could not keep my eyes off them. I was in a trance with how their bodies moved. And like I have said many times before, I was not the only one!

Two guys approached asking to dance but I saw Carmella saying something to them then turned to me and pointed. The guys looked over and I smiled as I raised my glass. The girls continued dancing as the two guys, one Caucasian and the other Hispanic, walked over to me.

The white guy asked, “Bro, are those chicks with you?”

I sipped my drink then declared, “Yes sir, they’re with me.”

The Spanish guy shook my hand, smiled and stated, “You are the man, bro! They’re fine as fuck!”

I put my drink down at the bar and thanked both of the guys as I walked back over to the girls.

“You’re loving every bit of this, aren’t you?” Brittany teased. I just smirked as I spun both Brittany and Carmella around as the Daddy Yankee song was finishing.

Just then the DJ said: Ok guys and gals hold onto that special someone because we are going to slow it down.

Brittany and I looked at Carmella who knew that was her cue to give us some alone time.

Carmella smiled, gave a head nod and said, “My feet are getting tired let me go sit and get those guys to buy me a drink.”

Just then the DJ played Justin Timberlake’s “Not a Bad Thing.”

Now, ladies and gentlemen, when I am courting a woman I give them my undivided attention by looking them straight in the eyes to make it known my intentions of wanting to be with them. This was no exception.

While swaying along with the song with Brittany I stared directly into her eyes. She didn’t take her eyes off me while she smiled and biting her lower lip ever so often.

I find that so extremely sexy when a woman does that!

During the song she leans in close to me and whispers, “Thank you for tonight James. I have not had this much fun in such a long time. Thank you.”

I replied by just giving her a soft kiss on the lips and as the music continued I started to mouth the words to her:

I know people make promises all the time

Then they turn right around and break them

Then someone cuts your heart open with a knife

Now you’re bleeding

Don’t you know that I could be that guy to heal it over time

And I won’t stop until you believe it

Cause baby you’re worth it

So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me

Cause you might fuck around and find your dreams come true with me

Spend all your time and your money just find out my love was free

So don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me, me

It’s not a bad thing to fall in love with me, me

Not such a bad thing to fall in love with me

She instantly hugged me then tongue-kissed me long and deep.

Damn, she tastes amazing!

After we broke the kiss I could see Carmella over Brittany’s shoulders smiling and giving me the thumbs up as she was drinking her beverage. Brittany grabbed my hand and said in a sultry tone, “Take me home James.” With that, all three of us bolted out of there!


As we got back to their apartment Carmella hugged and kissed me on the cheek to thank me for the night. As she walked to her room I just watched her thinking to myself that she is so fine. She turned and winked at me as she entered her room.

She knew I was watching her!

Just as I turned around to Brittany her tongue was down my throat! “Follow me” she ordered. I did as she commanded and walked behind her staring directly at her ass as it swayed back and forth entering in her room.

Just as I closed the door I walked up behind her pressing my hard dick against her ass.

Brittany giggled as she pushed back against my cock and remarked, “I see you are ready for me.”

Not responding I just rubbed my hands all up and down her body as I guided her to her King-Sized bed. She tried to turn to face me but I just muttered, “uh, uh” as I pushed her down on her bed. “Keep your ass up in the air” I commanded and she did as she was told. Getting up behind her and peeling her pants down to her mid-thigh exposing her beautifully shaped bubble butt that I gave a good slap to. “Someone doesn’t like to wear panties” I commented. Looking back at me she replied, “No, I NEVER wear panties.”

That was all it took for me.

I bent down and brought my face right to her ass and spread her cheeks apart taking in her aroma.

She smelled delicious!

Her pussy was glistening. Lightly grazing her pussy with my tongue, teasing her she started panting as I squeezed her ass some more while lapping up her pussy with my tongue. Brittany begged, “James, please… please”.

She yelped as I slapped her ass again and wickedly asked “Please what? What do you want? You want me inside your pussy right now, Brittany?”

All she could mutter was “Yes, yes!” With that, I dove deep into her pussy and tongue fucked her.

OH…MY… GOD, OH…MY GOD was all she could utter as I attacked her cunt relentlessly with my tongue.

My entire face was buried inside of her.

Brittany was pushing her delicious cunt in my face, which tasted like peaches, as if she wanted my entire head in her pussy. I pulled away with my face soaked in her juices.

She was telling the truth about not having sex in a while because her pussy was flooding!

“Please don’t stop baby, PLEASE!” she begged.

I patted her pussy lips with three of my fingers which made her groan then teased, “Has this pussy been waiting for me to come and fuck it?”

Breathing hard she just replied, “Yes baby.”

With that I shoved three of my fingers into her sopping cunt and started to fuck her.

“UGHHH” Brittany groaned as she buried her face in the mattress as my fingers assaulted her pussy. I had all three of my fingers buried in her up to my knuckles fucking her ferociously and within a few minutes I could hear her muffled screams, “I’m cumming James! Oh my GOD I am CUMMING!”

Slapping both of her ass cheeks while fingering her I commanded, “Then, CUM for me now!” I watched her as she started to convulse violently and scream nonsensical words which made me smile.

I have never, ever seen a girl orgasm like this before. I felt kind of proud of myself…LOL

My fingers slipped out of her pussy as Brittany turned to her side with her pants still at her knees. She started to laugh and cry at the same time as she rubbed her clit. “Oh my God, James, oh my God, you don’t know how much I needed that…FUCK” she panted. As she was saying that I was busy taking off my pants releasing my hardened cock,. I laid beside her and entered her dripping pussy.

“FUUCCCKKK” Brittany screamed.

“Yes, that is exactly what I’m doing. Is this what you wanted?” I sneered.

She turned her head to me and answered, “Oh yes, fuck that pussy! FUCK MEEEE!”

I wasn’t certain if she liked dirty-talk during sex but once she reacted to what I said I knew now I could give her the full Steven St. Croix treatment. Damn, Dr. Malek and her psychoanalysis of me!

After a few minutes I finally took off her pants and mounted her taking slow but deep strokes in and out of her pussy.

“Te sientes tan bien dentro de mí” she whimpered.

Staring into her eyes I replied, “You are gonna make me cum if you continue with that.”

Brittany’s eyes lit up and with a devilish grin sucked on my earlobe then whispered, “Fóllame más fuerte.”

Looking at me she could tell I did not know entirely of what she said which made her giggle, but I picked up my pace entering in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me in deeper and deeper.

It was a good thing we were drinking that night because alcohol makes me have tremendous stamina. Her talking Spanish to me would have made me cum instantly.

Taking my cock out of her I stood up on top of the mattress and wagged my finger and ordered, “Come and taste that sweet pussy of yours. Get over here.” She hopped up on her knees and took the tip of my dick in her mouth while she looked me in the eyes. She only could get half of my dick in before she started to gag and tear up.

Needless to say, I was a bit disappointed. I had Amanda and Liz who were cock-sucking pros, but Brittany needed to be trained and that was what I was about to do. Professor Bridgewater is here, and class is in session! LOL

I quickly took my dick out her mouth and scolded her, “I am going to teach you how to suck my cock like a good slut. Are you my good slut?”

She nodded and responded, “Si, senor.”

I smiled and said, “Good girl. I want my cock right here” as I pointed to her throat.

“Taking half of my cock is NOT good enough. Do you understand me Brittany?”

Looking up at me she nodded her head and replied, “I will try.”

Just then I took my dick and slapped her cheek and snapped, “There is no trying Brittany. You WILL do it.” I bent over and tongue kissed her which made her purr like a kitten.

She was ready.

“Open” was all I said and with that Brittany opened her mouth wide as I guided my cock to her throat. As half of my dick entered she started to gag and tear up which made me stop pushing. “Just breath baby. You can do it. Relax and breath” I reassured her. Doing as she was told Brittany took a deep breath with my cock in her mouth and pushed forward past her gag reflex.

I felt like a proud coach…Lol.

Brittany liked a challenge and she pushed and pushed and pushed herself down on my cock. Saliva was spewing everywhere as she took more of it in.

Watching and feeling her mouth around my dick felt sooo good!

Just as she took the last inch of my dick in her mouth she let out a loud gag noise as she withdrew from my cock. Looking up at me with tears running down her face and a wad of spit running out her mouth she had a smile.

“How was that baby? Eres un chico desagradable. Soy una buena puta?” she asked. I bent over and took the saliva that was running out her mouth and smeared it on her face then kissed her hard. Brittany moaned loudly as I did this.

She liked nasty sex!

I laid back on the mattress and commanded, “Sit on my dick. I want to see it sliding in out of your pussy!”

She got on top facing away from me and she took my cock in her hand as she guided it into her cunt.

“Do it slowly slut. I want you to feel every inch of my dick as I enter you.” I ordered as I slapped both of her ass cheeks again.

She moaned, “Si, papi” as she eased down onto my dick. We fucked slow and deep as I just watched my dick both disappear and reappear from her gushy pussy. I sat up in a sitting position and reached up to pinch her nipples as we increased our pace then whispered in her ears, “This pussy was made for me. I’m going to fill you up with this cum baby.”

Brittany looked back at me, shook her head and exclaimed, “No James! I don’t want to get pregnant!”

As I pinched her nipples a little harder while pumping my cock in and out of her I retorted, “I am filling this cunt up with my CUM…”

She wanted to get up from my cock but she was in such a state of bliss and lust she could not bring herself to move. I removed my hands from her nipples and instructed her to turn around and face me while my cock was still buried inside of her.

Ooh that feels good!

Facing me I could tell she feared getting pregnant but she had surrendered herself completely to me and would do what I told her to do even if it meant me cumming inside of her.

Slowly, she started riding me as she stared into my eyes. I caressed her face and softly said, “I will not get you pregnant baby. I got a vasectomy when I turned 26. It’s ok Brittany.”

She perked up and lightly shoved me and whined, “You are mean James.” I smiled and stuck out my tongue in which she instantly sucked on. We started to pick up the pace because I was almost ready to blow!

Brittany released my tongue, looked me in the eyes and taunted, “Do you like how this wet, young pussy feels around your cock? Do you want to fill my tight pussy with your dirty cum? Tell me papi.”

I was filled with lust and that just took me over the edge as I yelled, “Take this cum, take this CUUUMMMM, Argh!”

She wrapped her arms around me tightly and grunted loudly into my shoulder as I unloaded inside of her. Both of us coming down from our orgasms I quickly noticed that my dick was still hard so I slowly started pumping back inside of her.

“Oh my god, James. You are going to make me late for work tomorrow.” Brittany joked.

“Give me your tongue” I ordered as I continued fucking her. She gave me her tongue in which I sucked on as I put her on her back. “This pussy is way too good for me to just have it one time tonight” I said as I kissed her.

Fucking a woman just after being creampied is very sexy because the feel and the sound the pussy makes is one of the best you’ll ever experience.

Seeing the expression of pure joy on Brittany’s face was priceless.

She was hooked.

I got in a squatting position (My finishing move…LOL) as I had her legs in the air and drove my dick in and out of her pussy. With every pump I commanded, “Cum for me!”

After the fifth pump Brittany screamed, “I’m cuuummminnnggg!”

We both orgasmed together again and I was completely spent after that as fell to the side of her. Lying beside one another to catch our breath she turned to me and stated, “You are one NASTY boy.”

I looked over to her, smiled and responded, “That’s how I like it. The nastier the better.”

She nodded her head and replied, “I think I like it too.” Brittany came over and cuddled next to me as we drifted off to sleep.

I woke up and glanced at my phone and it was 5 am. Brittany was lying her head on my chest with her arm wrapped around my abdomen. I could not help but smile while looking at her. She was stunning. The way the moonlight reflected off her made her look even more beautiful than she already is. What woke me up initially was the fact I was thirsty. I had to ease myself out of the bed so I wouldn’t wake her up. I put on my boxer-briefs then headed into the kitchen. Rummaging through the refrigerator I noticed they had a lot of healthy beverage choices. Not the usual stuff you would find. They had kale and pomegranate juices, green tea as well as tons of bottled water. I picked the bottle water and downed it quickly because I was parched.

Just as I closed the refrigerator door I hear, “Hi James.” I look back and see Carmella…

Oh shit!

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