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What Would Steven Do? Part 2 by throatHER

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Author’s Note: Hello readers, it has come to my attention while re-reading my stories that I need to work on my structure to make it more reader friendly. I haven’t changed the story at all but just making it easier on the eyes. Also, please note that I use italics as inner thoughts of the main character and since my favorite genre of movies are musicals I use the the italics for musical breaks as well. For those of you who are not aware of my work, I try to make my stories as illustrative as possible so you, as the reader, will have a clear visual of the characters and the environment. Please enjoy and like always constructive criticism is welcomed!

Part 2

Dropping Liz back to Brooklyn Saturday morning was almost as incredible as the previous day and night we had together.

Driving to get morning coffee, somehow, the conversation turned to how good she was at giving head and how I wouldn’t be able to last to the first stop light. Don’t get me wrong; Liz is incredible at giving a blowjob and after what happened yesterday in the shower she might have won if that bet took place yesterday. But just like the Notorious B.I.G says:

I been in this game for years, it made me an animal

It’s rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual…

I would have never thought Liz was an exhibitionist.

I suggest coffee and she agreed. As I pulled up to the Dunkin Donuts drive- thru Liz starts to pull down my sweatpants and one motion takes my semi- hard dick out and starts sucking on it. I didn’t realize I pulled up to the menu window.

Welcome to Dunkin Donuts how may I take your order?

I’m in a trance looking down at Liz just slobbing and slurping on my dick I barely hear what the employee was saying through the prompter.

Hello! Is anyone there!

“Oh, ahem, sorry… I was looking at the menu” I responded.

It’s ok… How may I help you?

“Can I get a medium Mocha Coffee Coolatta.”

Would you like whip cream with that?

I put my hand on top of Liz’s head and slowly fuck her mouth as I was hardly paying attention to the employee. “Excuse me, sorry again. Would you repeat that?”

Would you like whip cream with that?

“Yes ma’am. Thank you.”

Would you like anything else?

I look down at Liz and whisper, “Liz do you want anything?” Liz rises her head off my dick with a big slurp sound, a trail of saliva hanging from her bottom lip, takes a deep breath and says “Can I get a…medium salted…caramel…hot chocolate” She goes back down to my lap and swallows my entire dick in her mouth and face fucks herself. To tell you I’m in awe at this moment is the biggest fucking understatement.

Will that complete your order, sir?

“OOOH…GOD YESSS” I blurt out.

O.K. Your total is $7.85, first window please.

I slowly ease down on the gas pedal as I’m watching Liz just suck my dick as if it was her last meal before being executed.

“Liz…I’m pulling up to the window.” I whispered.

She was not paying me any mind and proceeded to increase the noise she was making! I put my hand to my forehead and tried to stay as composed as I could as I pulled up to the window.

The window opens and a young Spanish girl appears “Hello, that will be… Oh my!” she says as she looks at me and the top of Liz’s head going up and down on my lap.

“How much will that be again?” I ask snapping the young employee back out of her trance.

She still does not look at me but at the top of Liz’s head and mumbles “Umm…that will be… $7.85, sir.”

“OK” I replied.

Fuck… my wallet is in my back pocket which is by my ankles right now!

“Give me one second please?” I requested.

“Sure! No problem sir. Take your time. No rush” the young girl replies then giggles.

Looking at my lap I say “Liz, I need you to get up for a sec so I can get my wallet.”

As I say this Liz takes my dick in her throat and starts making humming noises and I cum almost immediately and scream “FUUUCK!” as Liz swallows my entire load down her throat. I lean back and hit the headrest breathing heavily.

She did not fight fair at all.

Looking to the side of me I see the young Spanish girl grinning from ear to ear and winks at me. Liz gets her head up off my lap, goes into her purse and hands the Spanish girl $10. “Keep the change honey” Liz said then looked at me with a straight face and continued ”I win.”

“Thank you, guys, and have great day!” the young employee laughed as she handed me our order.

“You don’t fight fair” I snickered.

“Nope, but that was totally hot! That young girl totally wanted to join in on the action!” Liz boasted. We both looked at each other and bawled out laughing.

“She definitely did” I admitted.

Liz is a definite keeper for sure!


I return home to get ready to see my psychiatrist Dr. Malek.

Yes, I do see a psychiatrist. I have seen Dr. Malek for the past 6 months now. Why am I seeing a psychiatrist? Because even I need to get my shit together! She gives me insight on things I may not have thought of and a perspective of objectivity I cannot get from family and friends. Plus, she is hot as fuck!

Dr. Nin Malek is a Board-Certified Psychiatrist who has been practicing for the past 15 years. She is originally from Morocco, 45 years old, standing at 5’7” with caramel skin tone, chestnut brown eyes and she is smoking hot. The best feature on Dr. Malek is her breasts. I’m usually an ass man but when I saw her for the first time it was her breasts that hypnotized me. I had to apologize multiple times that first day because she would talk to me and I would just literally talk back to her breasts! Besides the physical features, she is an excellent doctor and has really gotten me to open up about a lot of underlying issues I never knew existed with me. But we’ll get to that later.

After my shower, I walk into my second bedroom, which I converted into a walk-in closet, to decide what to wear.

I’m a guy who likes to look good all the time and have been like this since I was a teenager.

When I was younger Michael Jordan had an interview one time on how he always dressed immaculately because he may encounter someone for the first time or someone may see him from afar and that may be their only time seeing him so he wanted to always make a good first impression. I took that to heart.

You only have one time to make a first impression.

What to wear? What to wear? I think to myself.

I’m a guy who starts his outfit from my feet up and always believed the shoes you wear is the star of the outfit. You can have a fantastic outfit but if the shoes are off the outfit fails. On the other hand, if you have a sub-par outfit, great shoes can ALWAYS elevate it!

Now, for people who know me, they know that whatever I’m wearing I have either 3 things on my feet when I go out. 1- Custom Nike Air Force Ones: if I’m going to formal or informal gatherings (I buy a new pair every month and that is the main reason why I have a second room in my apartment… I know, kind of ridiculous but like I’ve said previously: A nigga likes what a nigga likes) 2- Jordan slides: for lounging around or running errands. 3- Nike Air Max 90s: for work at the hospital or going to the gym.

I got it! Haven’t worn these in a while. I take out my Air Force Ones Mids (for those who don’t understand; Mids stands for Mid- High…above the ankle) all white with the exception that the Nike Swoosh is half black and white and the soles are sprinkled with black in it. I go back into my bedroom to get the rest of the outfit. I pick my slim grey stretch jeans, a white fitted-button down shirt and a black- tailored blazer. I check myself in my full-length mirror for a final look. Fresh to Death. I get my sunglasses and head out the door to go see the good doctor.

Have you ever seen the movie I’m Gonna Get You Sucka? Well, if you haven’t you should. Very funny movie starring Keenan Ivory Wayans. The reason I bring this up is there is a part at the end of the movie where Keenan’s character, Jack Spade, is telling John Slade every hero needs to have theme music. That line has always resonated with me. Not saying I’m a hero but I always carry myself with a Hero Swag! My theme music is not a particular song but music in general. Anything from Taylor Swift (yes, Taylor Swift people!) to Jay-Z; music puts me in a good mind frame of I can do anything and nothing can stand in my way. And let’s face it…Confidence is all it takes to do most things and what better way to boost that confidence than with a good song!

As I start my jeep I think of what music I’m in the mood today? What feeling do I have? I scroll through my phone to see what channel I will put it on as the Bluetooth syncs to the dashboard. Aha! The Weeknd.

YEAH BUDDY. Starboy enters my mind.

I hit the Weeknd playlist on the dashboard and a way I go! As I’m listening to The Weeknd’s Acquainted, I drive past the Dunkin Donuts from earlier this morning and think about that young Spanish girl from the drive-thru. Thinking I should go back and see if she is still there because she was cute but I look at clock. No time for that right now. I’ll deal with that at a later date.

Yes, yes people. Pussy is always on my mind! Even when not really intended to be. I see a cute girl/ woman, I’m on the hunt. Like I said before… you know what I’m about say… Niggas and pussy!

Dr. Malek’s office is in Harlem, NY.

Harlem use to be a rough area in the 80s/ 90s but since has gotten a major facelift these days with businesses and real estate sky-rocketing.

Entering the brownstone I see no other patient in the waiting area. Usually there is not because Dr. Malek is very strict with her time. If you show up 15 minutes late you lose your appointment and have to reschedule. She is in high demand and does not like her patients’ overlapping other patient’s time. I learned that the hard way; I tried my best one time when I came late to an appointment. Smiling, flirting and joking was fruitless. I actually respected Dr. Malek more for that. She is a no nonsense woman who has strict guidelines for her patient’s. I look up and see Dr. Malek’s receptionist Brittany.

Brittany is a young, gorgeous Colombian woman, probably no older than 25, who has been with Dr. Malek for the past 3 years. To have a mental image of her, look up Anllela Sagra. She looks exactly like her.

Brittany sees me, smiles and says, “Hola James. Como estas?”

I reply, “I am good. How are you today, Brittany?”

She looks at me sternly, wags her finger and snapped, “No, No, No James… en espanol.”

I grin and respond “Lo siento…Soy bueno. ¿Como estas hoy, Brittany?”

She looked at me with pride “Muy bien James, muy bien.” Brittany was about to say something else in Spanish and this time I wagged my finger in front of her and interjected, “If you want to continue to teach me Spanish, in which I enjoy immensely, we are going out to eat. Si, senora?”

She smiles back at me as she blushes and stated, “I would love to have dinner.” I hand her my phone and she puts her number in.

“Now that we got that out the way; is the good doctor ready for me?” I asked as I smiled.

Brittany got up from her desk in a beautiful striped- pleat sleeve sheath dress that just hugged her body perfectly. She walked in front of me, stared up at me and said in a sultry Spanish tone, “Dr. Malek IS ready for you. Follow me.”

As I follow Brittany I am just transfixed watching her ass move from side to side. She looks fucking incredible! She glanced back at me staring at her ass and just grinned.

I blushed “Lo siento Brittany, lo siento”

As Brittany walked up to the door to open it she paused turned around and whispered in my ear “No te preocupes. Tienes hambre y yo entiendo.”

My dick got hard instantaneously! She giggles as she sees me trying to adjust my dick in my pants as she opened the door.

I have to remember what she said so I can translate it.

As Brittany opens the door I see Dr. Malek sitting behind her desk writing something on a notepad. I walk by Brittany still adjusting myself, smile then whisper “I will get you back for that.”

She grins and replies “Mmhmm, I bet” Dr. Malek seems transfixed on what she is writing and does not see the exchange between Brittany and I. “Dr. Malek, Mr. Bridgewater is here for his 10 o’ clock appointment” Brittany declares which makes Dr. Malek look up.

“James, good morning and nice to see you again. I’m sorry I was just finishing up some thoughts I had from a previous client today. How are you?” Dr. Malek gets up from around her desk and comes to shake my hand.

“I’m doing great Doc. I have no complaints.”

“Well, we’ll see about that. Won’t we?” she jokes.

I smirk “Yeah, I guess so.”

Brittany interrupted “Will that be all Dr. Malek? Do you need anything else?”

Dr. Malek looked at her and responded “No, no Brittany; that will be all. We will be ok. Thank you.”

I also look back at her and say, “Thank you Brittany.” With a wink and a smile, she replies, “No problemo”

I tell Dr. Malek about everything that is going on in my life. She is the only person I hide nothing from. I figured a while back that I shouldn’t hide anything if I’m going to get the best results out of this treatment. I talked with her about the latest events with Liz and Angela, what’s going on professionally, family life and just plain old thoughts I have during the week.

“I’ve looked up this Steven St. Croix person you told me about James and I must say he is quite the character.” Dr. Malek remarked. “You did? And what do you think Doc?” I asked. She finished writing something down in her notepad looked up at me and sighed. “Let me ask you a question and I want you to be honest with me and more importantly I want you to be honest with yourself James” she continued “When you are having sex with these women are you enjoying the moment that you are in or are you thinking about yourself in a scene of a porn movie?”

I stared at her trying to find the words to answer because honestly, I was taken aback by that question.

Dr. Malek seemed to sense me struggling to find an answer to her question so she explained “James, listening to you over the past few months coinciding with me watching your muse, Mr. Steven St. Croix, it seems when you are engaging with women that you meet it is hard to tell if you are genuinely yourself or playing the character Steven St. Croix.” I stared at her without a reaction but was soaking what she said in.

I think she may be on to something.

Dr. Malek smiled because she could see a lightbulb went off in my head, but I remained quiet. “Remember how you told me how early on in your life you were very nervous around girls, James?” I shook my head yes. “I believe you have created a character, a persona that you have PERFECTED to such a degree that it has consumed who YOU really are. I think you don’t know how to turn Steven off and let the REAL James come through.”

I interjected, “I was with you up until then Doc. I know who I am.” Dr. Malek took her glasses off and took a deep breath “Do you James? It seems as if you are ALWAYS onto the next scene.” Dr. Malek got up from her chair and walked over to me and extended her hand. “Can you please get up James and walk over with me to the mirror?” I took her hand and rose up and I immediately started looking at the cleavage she was showing from her button-down shirt.

Titty fucking her would be exquisite!

My dick started to twitch so I looked away immediately. Standing in front of the mirror with Dr. Malek beside me she started, “Look at yourself James and tell me what you see.” I looked at myself then turned to Dr. Malek, smiled and joked, “Doc, do we really have to…” she cut me off “Be serious James and tell me what you see.” I sighed and look back at myself. “I see me. A very handsome man, well put together and has a very good sense of style.” She nodded her head in agreement and commented, “That is my point.” I looked at her with that What the Fuck are you talking about face. She giggled but understood what my expression was saying. I told you she was a great doctor. “James, my point is this. You are ALWAYS immaculate in your dress, you get a haircut every 3 to 4 days. Your outward appearance is your NUMBER 1 priority. I think you are ONLY yourself when you are alone at home but once you leave your doors it is LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION”

We went back to sitting and as I sat there just taking it all in and I tell you I was in shock. This was a complete revelation because I knew everything she was saying was right. In our conversation, she mentioned which made me chuckle that I was in Steven St. Croix mode when I left my apartment. Dr. Malek would ask me further questions, I would answer then she would scribble down in her notepad. This was a great session. It had me really thinking.

I am always looking for the next girl to get. Sometimes I just play games when I see a woman if I could get her number just to see if I can get it or how far a woman would let me go when I initially meet them. Would she let me kiss her? Let me caress her ass? Would she suck my dick in the first few hours of us meeting? I have gotten good at doing this.

She was correct in her assertions of me. I AM ALWAYS ON.

Dr. Malek was looking at me and she could tell she sparked a light in me. “James, I want you to complete a homework assignment for me the next time we meet. We are going to take baby-steps because this is 20 years of stuff to unravel” she continued “I want you to go 3 days without trying to seduce a woman and just talk to them in a friendly conversation. Do you think you can do that?” I pondered for a moment before answering, “I don’t think that will be an issue, Doc.” She nodded and smiled, “Ok. See you next week.”

I looked down at my watch and saw the hour was complete. I got up and shook Dr. Malek’s hand and proceeded to the door. “James” Dr. Malek called out as I opened the door. “Wassup Doc?” I asked as I turned around.

“Don’t hurt Brittany” she said without looking at me as she was typing on her computer.

“What do you mean, Doc?”

“That’s all James, have a good day and I will see you next week”

I chuckled to myself as I closed the door to her office. How could she know about Brittany and me? Did she notice the bulge in my pants when I walked into her office? Did she hear us at Brittany’s desk? Oh well. As I walked down the hall thinking about today’s session I noticed Brittany staring at me with a warm smile, standing by her desk. Oh my God she is sexy as fuck! I don’t know if I’m going to be able to not fuck her. Maybe the next girl I meet… Yes, I know people but like I have always said… Niggas and pussy!

“Hola James, how was your session?” Brittany asked.

I walked up to her very closely, held her hand and replied, “It was ok. Just a little difficult because I had you on my mind a lot throughout the session.”

She blushed, put her head down then looked up at me biting her lower lip.

My dick is twitching right now. If we were not in this office right now I would just bend her over and dive my face right in her pussy!

I could sense Brittany was about to say something, but I whispered in her ear, “You are making my dick hard right now and if we keep this up I don’t think I would be able to control what I will do to you next.” I added, “We can continue our conversation over dinner on Monday if that is ok with you?”

Brittany, in a not so subtle way looked down at the forming bulge in my jeans, let out a sigh, looked back at me, smiled then whispered in my ear, “Estoy deseando verte los lunes para poder solucionar ese problema tuyo.”

Oh my God she is not fighting fair. My dick is trying to rip through my jeans right now!

Just then another patient walks through the door. FUCK! I gave Brittany a kiss on the cheek and tell her I will call her later while I adjust my bulge in my pants as I walk through the front door.

As I get to my Jeep I just think about my day so far with Dr. Malek and Brittany.

How am I to do this assignment that Dr. Malek wants me to do? Beautiful women are everywhere! I’ll do my best.

I head back to my place to get ready for the gym for a quick work out and then get things ready for tonight with Amanda.


Alright, it’s 7pm and I am looking over my apartment making sure everything is in order. I went to one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood for some Italian food. I bought some baked clams, eggplant rollatini, stuffed mushrooms, mussels, stuffed peppers, and shrimp. I also purchased Veal Francese which is Veal Scallopini lightly dipped in egg and sautéed in lemon, white wine, and butter. Needless to say, this is DELICIOUS.

Why am I acting like this is a first date?

I learned this about myself through my therapy sessions with Dr. Malek. I am not just about fucking multiple women. Sure, it is fun having sex with different woman but according to the good doctor, it seems I get satisfaction from women falling for me and I get off on the beginning aspects of relationships. It’s the later parts where I fuck up and have a self-destruct tendency that blows it up. Never a bad breakup but a breakup nonetheless.

I check my cellphone to check the time, 7:15pm, and I see a message from Brittany with her address and smiling emoji… Ding Dong! Just like the Usher song title: There goes my baby I walk over to my door, open it and there she is, Amanda. I know I described Amanda to you guys before, but I want to give you a visual comparison. Think of Gemma Arterton.

“Good evening James” she says in a sultry voice as she unbuttons her short trench coat. I just stand there looking her up and down not knowing what to say.

What is she wearing? Let me describe. She has on a black, sheer Victoria Secret lingerie with garters and crotch-less panties, accented with Manolo Blahnik “Pacha” crystal-toe pumps, bright red lip stick with her flowing shoulder length hair. Utterly delicious is thy name!

Without saying a word, I grab her and push her against my door kissing her deeply. She grabs at me and slides her hand down, reaching for my dick which makes me moan.

She gasps, “Someone has missed me.”

I turn her around and take off her trench coat and slap her ass in which she yelps while I bend her over a little bit. “Shouldn’t we close the door James? One of your neighbors may come out and catch us” Amanda muttered as I was kissing my way down her body.

All I uttered was, “No.” I didn’t care.

Let them catch us. I was hungry, and you can’t deny a hungry man a meal. Am I right? Of course, I am!

She looked back at me, puts her fingers to her lips and as always she used her schoolgirl voice, “What do you want to do to me daddy?”

I loved this little slut.

I was about to insert my tongue in her ass as I spread her cheeks apart is when I noticed a shiny emerald object in her anus. I look up at her with a sinister grin as she stares at me “My, my, my what do we have here? You’re a naughty little girl? Does my baby have a butt plug?”

Angela giggles like a schoolgirl and nods her head and replies, “Mhmm, I wore it all the way here like a good little girl. I want your big fat dick inside my little tight hole. Do you want to stretch my little hole daddy?”

Looking back at at the shiny object and proceeded to take it out slowly while rubbing her pussy, just savoring how it stretched her anus making it gape. As I was taking it out I could hear Angela inhaling and moaning ever so slightly. When it was completely removed I looked at it. It was a chrome plated jeweled emerald butt plug. Amanda had style; she never did anything half-assed.

(Pun intended… lol).

I gave her the butt plug, “Suck on it and make it nice and wet because it is going back in.” She didn’t respond but just did as she was told as I started to tongue fuck her beautifully gaping asshole.

Angela while sucking on the butt plug was moaning quite loudly as my assault on her ass and finger fucking her pussy was taking her over the edge for her first orgasm of the night. This prompted one of my neighbors, a 70-year-old Haitian male Mr. White to open his apartment door to see what was going on. I didn’t notice him open his door as I was so enthralled in making her cum.

“Ahem, James”

No response.

Mr. White clears his throat again and calls out to me. I turn to the left of me while I still have my tongue in Angela’s ass then I notice him looking down at me. I jump up off the floor. Angela amid her orgasm turns and sees Mr. White and hides behind me squirming and cooing as to not make anymore noise than she already did.

“James, please keep it down. My wife almost came out here. I kind of wish she did because I haven’t got any ass in about 4 weeks and this may inspire her, but you know what I mean?”

“Yes sir, Mr. White. Sorry sir, my apologies.”

Mr. White could see Amanda still squirming behind me as her orgasm did not cease.

“It’s ok James but I think you need to attend to your lady friend behind you. She needs some assistance and by the looks of things so do you.” We both glance down and my cock is at full mass poking through my pants.

“Yes, sir. We’ll take it from here. I am sorry once again for the commotion.”

We said our goodbyes and I closed the door and turned to look at Amanda who was beet red, grinning from ear-to-ear then busted out laughing. As she was about to turn to walk into the living room I grabbed her and asked, “Where are you going?”

She responded, “I am going to…”

I cut her off “Put the butt plug back in your ass, get on your knees and suck my dick.”

Amanda knew the role-playing was back on and went back into her school-girl role and replied, “Yes daddy.”

As she squatted in front of me and slowly put the butt plug back in her ass, she opened her mouth with that “ahh” sound escaping her lips. That is when I inserted my dick in her mouth which caused her to moan even more.

“That’s a good little girl. This mouth belongs to me and this mouth was made for sucking cock” I continued, “get this dick nice and wet because I am going to replace that plug with this dick.”

Like I’ve said before Amanda was great at giving head and I face-fucked her right in my hallway. I had both of my hands with a fist full of her hair controlling how much of my dick she would get as she would rub on her clit. Sometimes I would give her all my cock which would make her gag and almost vomit, or I would give her a little at a time or I would give her none and just slap either side of her face. She loved being controlled like that. Treating her like a slut was what got her off. With her red lip stick smeared and mascara tears running down her face she looked properly skull fucked so I stood her up and tongue kissed her deeply.

We broke the kiss and I looked her in eyes and said, “I fucking love you baby.” Amanda looked back at me with tears in her eyes, which I didn’t know if it was from the face-fucking or from an emotional standpoint and she broke character and replied, “I love you too James.”

I think I am falling for her. I might be in love with Amanda. Holy-shit!!!

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