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What Are Friends For [F/F] [F/M]

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“I’m going out to see my friend now babe,” Clara called as she checked her lipstick in the hallway mirror.

Her husband walked in from the living room as she finished putting on her heels. His eyes widened as he saw her body-hugging dress. He ran his eyes down her body approvingly, lingering on her ass.

“Now that I like,” he said, grinning wolfishly.

“I can tell,” she said, amused, eyes flicking straight to where his cock strained against his trousers.

He groaned and bit his lip.

“Not now. You’re going to have to wait.” She said meaningfully.

She left him wanting in the hallway.

Half an hour later she was relaxing on her friend’s couch, a glass of wine in hand. Her heels were kicked off to the side and her dress rumpled. Sometimes it was far more fun to just tease that she was going to see someone… it always worked him into such a state.

Footsteps padded across the floor, and the sofa shifted as her friend, Emily, sat next to her. As always, Emily was ridiculously pretty, despite her relaxed clothing and her obvious lack of sleep over the last week. God she wished she could have her body. Those curves… She tried to squash down the odd feeling she always felt when she looked at her friend.

Emily gave a theatrical sigh. “You know, divorce isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.”

Clara nearly choked on a mouthful of wine. “Don’t tell me you’re regretting it!”

“God! No! I just miss good sex. I swear that the men I dated couldn’t find my clit if it was neon green.”

“From what you’ve told me, it’s not like your ex-husband could either.”

“Ok, well maybe it wasn’t *good* sex…”

Clara snorted a laugh and settled further back into the couch. She was halfway into her third glass of wine, and starting to feel pleasantly tipsy… and a little horny.

“I have.” She said suddenly, sitting up slightly to look at Emily.

“Have what?” She seemed bemused.

“Had good sex.”

“Oh, well good for you!”

Clara laughed again. “No, that came out wrong. I meant, I could, you know… hook you up with someone. If you wanted.”

“I’m ok,” Emily said softly. She looked over to see her friend looking at her strangely, in a way she couldn’t quite identify.They made eye contact. For some reason, it made her face heat, and lasted just a second too long.

“It’s… I mean… all of your ‘someones’ will be guys, right?”

“Yeah,” Clara replied uncertainly, looking away. She suddenly felt very aware of her surroundings. The coldness of the glass against her hand as she clasped it in her hands. The rustle of fabric against the sofa as Emily shifted in place.

She looked up to see Emily staring at her boldly. “I prefer women, Clara. Oh and before you ask-” she blushed slightly before continuing. “Yes, I find you attractive.”

Clara swallowed, blushing just as hard as Emily was now. “I’ve never been with a woman before. You know me and Jacob have an open thing, but it’s never occurred to me… what’s it like?”

“I could show you, if you want,” Emily offered.

Clara looked at Emily again, and when she did, something had shifted. She realised that she didn’t want to have Emily’s body, she wanted *her*. And that the strange feeling she always felt, that she’d always been ashamed of, wasn’t jealousy… it was lust.

She nodded mutely. Then found the words to whisper, “I’d like that.”

Emily stood and held out her hand. She took it, and stood herself, setting her glass on the side.

“Are you sure?” Emily asked her gently.

Clara kissed her in response. She felt Emily stiffen in surprise, then relax quickly. Her lips were soft, and tasted of the wine they’d been drinking. She let herself be guided to a wall, pressed up against it as their kissing intensified. She slipped her hand under Emily’s t-shirt, revelling in the warm, smooth skin she found there, and she felt her groan and press closer.

She had just made her way to her bra when Emily pulled away.

“Come on,” Emily said, tugging her towards the stairs with a mischievous gleam in her eye, “Or we’ll end up on the sofa if you carry on.”

Clara let herself be led.

She pulled off Emily’s t-shirt as soon as they were in the bedroom, and took her chance to press her up against the wall, kissing her, even as she slid her hands between them so she could hold those gorgeous tits. She felt the lace of the bra, and paused from her kissing so she could get a good look at her. God she looked good in it. It was black and lacy, and plunged in such a way as to make her cleavage look incredible.

Emily groaned softly with a mix of impatience and arousal and told her just to take it off already.

She did.

Emily chuckled as she continued to stare, and pulled her into another kiss. She kissed her back with far more urgency, pulling away only to remove her dress. She found herself on the bed, Emily sucking on her neck hard enough to leave hickeys. She gently pulled her away, rolling her over so that she could straddle her, and then trailed kisses down her neck, between her tits… then she felt Emily’s hand in her hair, and she began to suck on Emily’s nipples. She felt the other woman writhe beneath her, moaning softly, begging for more as she sucked and licked and drove her gradually mad, switching from one to the other as she pleased.

Then Emily did the same to her and she was the one begging for mercy. Only Emily went further, kissing and licking her way down until she reached her panties, which were removed without ceremony. She looked at her dripping wet pussy with satisfaction… and proceeded to tease her some more. She kissed her thighs, licked the creases where her thighs meet her body, sucked on her labia… and waited until Clara was begging for her to *please lick me, just touch my pussy, please…*

Then dragged her tongue down the centre of her, reducing Clara to a whimpering mess.

From there, it was like some animal hunger had released itself within her, and Emily licked and sucked and used her with her tongue. She’d never felt anything like this before, and she came so hard and fast she surprised herself with the intensity. Emily’s tongue guided her through the aftershocks… and then it was Clara’s turn.

They made each other cum over and over that night, until they were both exhausted.

As they lay in the afterglow, Emily said sleepily. “I have some friends I think might like to meet you. I think they’d all like to share in your enthusiasm.”

And despite Clara’s exhaustion, she felt her core tighten in response.

Though it was in the early hours of the morning when she arrived home, Jacob was still up waiting for her. His eyes lingered on her hickeys and he grinned, shifting up on the sofa to make room for her.

“I see you had a good night baby,” he teased. “Want to tell me about it?”

“You know my friend Emily? The one who just got divorced?”

“Yeah. You two…?” He gestured, his eyes wide and his cock hardening. She could see his imagination ticking over already.

“Uh huh. And she said I should meet her friends sometime. Share my *enthusiasm*.”

He chuckled. “Did she really? Well I for one think you should take her up on that. Now why don’t you tell me all about you and Emily?” He shifted closer.

And that was how she got her second fuck of the night.

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