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Weed + Wife = Pornstar

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My wife Scarlett is a Elementary school librarian who grew up in a small town. She’s 5’5 blonde with perky B cups. (Think a shorter January Jones) She had a very basic sex life before I introduced her to Weed. It started a couple years ago on a road trip to Seattle. She got high for the first time in our hotel room. She fucked like nympho every night on that trip all I had to do was get her high. Weed turned her into a cock slave! Her hesitations in trying new things faded away with every hit of the bong. Doggy-style was something she hated before thinking it was degrading.

NOW she loves me finishing with me cumming from behind either in her warm pussy or on her newly curved ass. Scarlett’s body was rather thin and lacked curves till her 30’s when her body developed a rockin’ curvy body from working out and adding about 20 pounds. She loves showing off for the camera after getting high. She now has a full wardrobe of the sexist lingerie I could find. My fav is a red teddy that makes her body look like it was made to fuck and not check out books. She told me the other day she wants a closet just for lingerie, I’m so glad we don’t have kids!

A dream of mine to cum on my wife’s face. She always shots it down before I can even finish asking. The last time we had sex I was going to cum on her tits till I aimed higher, playing it off like it was an accident. She laughed it off and even tasted a little. Next time she the same thing happen but now she yells just fucking cum on my face already! Sometimes when she’s not high she denys acting that way and said she is thinking about not using anymore. But the next time she takes a puff she turns into a pornstar. Weed is like horny potion for my wife!

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