Erotic Stories


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Hubby and I have had an open marriage for the last few years, it’s worked well as we keep it mostly discreet, now and then we might share a story or two.

Recently I was anything but discreet with an encounter I had. I have a few friends I hang out with separate from my husband, he knows them but they are my equivalent to his drinking buddies. Every once in a while they have a drinking session which I go to, and it’s not unusual for me to have a casual hookup afterwards.

On one such occasion, it was about 2 am and only the die-hards were left, 3 girls and 4 guys. We were a little drunk and the talk got dirty as it usually did. Somewhere the conversation got onto anal sex and I admitted I loved it, one of the other girls hadn’t tried it and the last had and didn’t like it. Of course, the guys were all into it.Jenny was the girl who hadn’t tried it and didn’t like the idea. Her husband tom started stirring her up saying that good girls do dirty things and she should lighten up.

Jenny responded, “Well if san will let you fuck her ass then go for it you prick!”
“Oh sweetie, don’t be like that,” Tom said.
“No seriously, if she wants to then go for it. She’s always said she thought you were cute.”

It was true but I would never touch a friend or another, partner unless I had permission. Tom was feeling brave and said, “Alright, I will.” Over the next few minutes, everyone tried to convince me to go for it. I took Jenny aside and she said she was fine with it, she wasn’t pissed off with him. But it had to be then before she changed her mind.It seemed like a good idea at the time, so I asked Tom to join me in the bedroom. Of course, everyone insisted they had to watch. I was hesitant but even Jenny said that was fair, and tom was up for it. Two of the guys stripped me naked while tom got undressed. I hadn’t been naked in front of any of these guys before, or this many people, so it was both exciting and scary.

Tom came over to me and he played with my tits while I stroked him hard. He asked me to suck his cock first, and everyone agreed. Jenny gave me the ok so I knelt and sucked him off. It was a big turn on being watched.

After a few minutes, tom put me into a kneeling position and started fucking my pussy. I didn’t think it was part of the deal but I dint object. He asked for some lube, and a moment later some appeared.Oh yeah fuck my ass tom I moaned as he slid in and out, getting faster and faster until he was slapping into me hard. I moaned with pleasure, enjoying the attention. Tom moved into a couple of different positions so the others could get a good view of his cock going into my ass. I lost all inhibitions as the others had a close-up view of my pussy and ass.

I let out a huge moan as I came, and tom followed closely and came right up my ass. There was a chorus of approval as he did, and I loved it. When he slid out all the guys had a close look at his cum dripping out.

“Anyone else?” I asked, but the other guys were married and declined, much to my disappointment. I have never been gang banged before but right then I could have taken on the other three men.I cleaned myself up and got dressed, and started to feel a little self-conscious. I couldn’t believe my friends had just watched me fuck. A few days later I spoke to Jenny again, she was all good with it still, with no regrets. She said if I was up for it may be she would let it happen again on Toms birthday. I am up for it.

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