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Watched my best friend fuck his wife

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One night we were just all hanging at his house, my best friend and his wife. We were drinking of course, but how we got to the point we got to will always be a mystery… All of a sudden my friend was starting to have sex with his wife in the living room, and being the horny fuck I am, I started to beat my dick while I watched. They eventually got up from the couch and moved to their bed, I followed and stayed in the doorway. My friend continued to fuck his wife in bed while I continued to beat my dick In the door way of their room. This went on for a few minutes all the time I stood there watching, one of the most erotic things of this whole experience was the entire time, my friends wife and I had our eyes locked never looking away. As she orgasmed I blew a huge load and she saw it all. Still to this day, we have a weird tension, I wish I could be the one fucking her, because on that day I feel like we connected on a sexual level.

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