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Walked naked on the street

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Spoiler: Dark and cold night on an empty street

So, it was a while back when my bf and I were a bit drunk and started a photo session. I always wanted to have a picture of me naked with heels and standing/walking in the middle of the street with no one in frame with street lights in the background. I know the location as well just a block away from where we stay. My bf wanted to make this wild thought a reality so we waited till 2-3 in the morning and he asked me to get naked at home itself as it will be quick there. So, I got naked and wore a long winter jacket covering me till my knees with my best high heels.

Luckily, when we reached there, there was no one on the street as expected so he asked me to remove my jacket and pose in the middle of the street. Though I prepared myself to do it from home I was a bit shy to do it but still I was removed with confidence and passed it over to him and stood in the middle of the street with street lamps in the background. We took almost 5-10 mins before the cold hit me hard and ran to cover myself.

Being naked on the street and walking naked (just with a jacket) made me and my bf very horny. It was very kinky and fun. Ofcourse we had sex afterwards 🙂

It was the first one and it was followed by a few (next time)

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