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Walked in on my husbands friend changing. Ended up naked with him on my knees

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My husband and I had some friends over to go swimming and in the hot tub over the summer. Some of the people stayed in the pool & hot tub a little bit longer but me and a few others decided to get out and hangout on the patio. After I ran up to our master bedroom to change I came down and walked into our office to grab something when I walked in on one of my husbands friends standing there completely naked in our office with a huge erection. Initially embarrassed I instinctively closed the door and began to walk away when he stopped me and asked me to come back. He wrapped his arms around me and I could feel his fully erect penis poking me in my stomach. I couldn’t even help myself and started to stroke his dick while he untied my top and took it off. Next thing I knew I was on my knees taking his entire cock all the way down my throat. Without even a slight warning he blew his entire load into my mouth and all over my face. We could hear someone starting to walk in so we hurried up and got all of our clothes back on to rejoin the rest of the party. When I got outside my husband grabbed me and asked what i was doing inside for so long. I couldn’t help but smile over at his friend and say “oh nothing, just freshening up and trying to look sexy for you babe”

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  1. So I’m curious what made you cheat? Is there problems in your sex life with your husband? Was it just a in the moment thing? How would you feel if your husband did the exact same thing in the same situation?

    What I’m getting at is why not communicate with your husband the problems you’re having with your sex life or your desire for a open relationship so you can both fuck other people together. Why hurt your husband like this when you could have an amazing sex life where your both fuck other people and come back to each other or fuck other people together. You just need to communicate with him. If he not into open relationships at all but you are then why are you with him instead of finding someone who wants the same kind of sex life that you want.

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