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Valentine’s Day hot tub [39M/35F]

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For Valentine’s Day, my husband (39M) and I (35F) went to a Japanese day spa and booked a private hot tub room. I like to come here on my days off occasionally because it’s so relaxing and beautiful. The rooms are simple; just a hot tub, open shower, and a sliding tatami door that overlooks a garden with a little waterfall, koi, and beautifully shaped cloud trees. Relaxing spa music plays softly. Best of all, the jets are perfectly situated to pleasure me while I look out into the garden.

Being that it’s a private room, and the garden is fully enclosed so no one can see in, we don’t wear bathing suits. We slowly walked into the tub, getting used to the hot water. I dipped down to get the water over my shoulders, allowing the sights, sounds, and water to wash away the stresses of life.

I closed my eyes and let my body float, the slow jets gently rocking me. Without a sound, my husband (I’ll call him Ben) came over and wrapped an arm under my body, cradling my waist. His other hand gently ran up and down my legs, getting closer each time to my sweet spot. I felt a tingle there, my body getting excited by his teasing touch.

I moved closer to the window, grabbed his hand, and pulled Ben over. I sat on the hot tub seat and spread my legs, wrapping them around Ben, drawing him closer to me. He gave me a knowing smile while his hand reached up to my face, stroking my cheek with a thumb before he used it to pull my lower lip down and slightly open. He kissed me softly at first, then deeply. I felt his member raise with excitement, grazing my opening as it hardened. He stopped kissing me but didn’t pull away, his breath hot on my lips, as if he was questioning whether I was ready for him. In response, my legs tightened around him and let his cock head press against my pussy.

I’ve never had a need for lube, my body always happy to help me in that area. He pushed in so his head was just inside me and looked at me, us sharing such an intimate moment of his body becoming part of mine. Ben pushed another inch into me and found my sweet juices waiting for him. He slid in completely, and I sighed in happiness. I held him there with my legs, reveling in the feeling of him being fully inside me. In that moment, I was happy just to have him there, but I soon felt the itch for his thrusts.

Ben kissed me again, giving me shallow thrusts. I raised my hips in the water, my body weightless, so that he would hit my g-spot. Nothing but the gentle laps of water splashing the edge of the hot tub escaped our room.

The thought of someone in the room next door hearing Ben‘s thrusts give me pleasure made me want more. Ben seemed to get turned on by this, too, and after a while, he leaned forward to lick and nibble my neck, delving his hard cock deeper into me. He slowed, the look in his eye telling me he was close.

Lifting myself off the seat with my arms, I kept my legs wrapped around Ben and pushed him back to the seat opposite us. My feet planted firmly on the seat allowed me to raise and lower myself onto his cock at my own pace.

I didn’t feel the need to reach orgasm, simply satisfied with the intimacy of being one with him. But as I leaned forward into him, my clit rubbed against his pubes and gave me the urge to cum. Ben’s hands were massaging my wet breasts, the water droplets making them glisten in the soft afternoon light. He circled and pinched a nipple with one hand while his mouth covered the other. He moaned into my breast, signaling he was close to cumming.

The water splashed over the edge harder and louder the faster and deeper I took his cock. I was sure our love making could be heard by the room next door. I wondered if they were getting off to us.

“Let’s lay up there,” Ben suggested as he nodded towards the wooden floor, elevated off the ground to be closer to the edge of the hot tub. I reluctantly raised myself off him, instantly missing his member being inside me. He laid on the floor, held his cock up for me, and I mounted. Ben’s hands found my hips and helped them rock and grind on him. My hands were on his chest, providing leverage for my riding. I leaned forward completely, and thrust myself down quickly, almost a twerking motion, so that I could maintain stimulation on my clit. The sounds of water splashing were now replaced by my soaking pussy taking his cock.

My head close to Ben’s, I moaned and ahh’d softly into his ear. Ben moved his legs to power thrust from below. He groaned, and I felt the vibrations from his chest into mine.

The feeling and sound drove me wild, I couldn’t hold my orgasm back. I came hard on him, moaning and whimpering in his ear. He felt my pussy clench him rhythmically, allowing him to cum.

We both melted into the floor, drained with love. I propped myself up when we gained composure. We shared a gentle kiss. He patted my butt twice so I would dismount, and we showered together before submerging again into relaxation.

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