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Using One Addiction to Conquer Another

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So as a community case worker, I occasionally work with people struggling with addictions of various kinds. I got a referral for a 42-year-old female struggling with a drug addiction but honestly wanting to get clean and put it behind her. Normally management tries to pair males with males and females with females but recently we’ve been extremely short-handed and I ended up being assigned to this lady. I called the day before to set up the appointment for 10AM and arrived at her apartment parking lot at 9:50. I double checked the apartment number and identified which door was hers while sitting in my car. Just before I got out of the car, I saw her door open and out stepped a scantily clad lady with an empty laundry basket in her hand. She was fairly attractive but she was wearing a crop-top shirt and white spandex shorts with visible holes. She disappeared from view and returned a minute later with a full basket of clothes. Along the way, a sock fell to the floor and as she bent over to pick it up, her crop top slid up and revealed large breasts with no bra. I exited my car and locked it.

She responded quickly to my knock on her door. I smiled and introduced myself, trying not to glance at her protruding nipples. She showed no self-consciousness about her clothing, or lack thereof, and smiled in return as she invited me in. Her name was Nicole and she jumped right in to her story. She had a sweet and friendly demeanor but I could tell there was pain behind her eyes from some hard years and hard lessons. The more she talked, the more I sensed she was uninhibited about a lot of things. For example, she would be talking and would stretch her arms up and yawn. The movement would almost fully expose her nipples to me each time but she didn’t seem to notice or maybe didn’t care. At one point, she got up and went to her refrigerator. It was a small place so the fridge was only about 6 feet away. Asking if I wanted a drink, she bent over with her ass toward me and again, I could she her tits hanging freely and fully exposed. I also got a better look at her ass which looked more firm than I expected. But what made my jaw drop was a large rip in her spandex which exposed almost all of her pussy which I could see was smoothly shaved. I felt my cock start getting hard.

When I didn’t answer, she looked back at me and I’m sure she noticed me staring at her pussy and ass. But when she looked back, her body turned slightly, and it gave me a better view of her fully exposed left breast. Again she didn’t seem to care. I stuttered out an affirmative answer and she returned with a bottled water. She handed it to me and her crop top had not fully dropped back to its normal position. It got stuck on her nipple that I could now see was pointing at me like a large eraser. I wanted badly to reach out and pinch it gently and suck it until her moans filled the room. My cock was almost fully hard now and I feared would be obvious to anyone that dared to glance downward. She did, and she smirked when she saw it. But her downward glance also alerted her to her own uncovered breast. She chuckled and said a simple “oops” and covered it back up.

“I’m sorry about that, my tits tend to do their own thing.” she chuckled.

“But they seem to have had an effect on you”, she said as she stared at my tented pants.

Without warning, she pulled her shirt off and came close to me. Her tits were probably 38DDs with very little sagging. I was pretty sure they were enhanced but I happen to love enhanced tits. But it was her nipples that I couldn’t stop staring at. They were perfect and hard and begging to be sucked.

“My god your nipples are perfect” I said without thinking. I was like a teenage boy in a trance.

“Would you like to touch them?” she asked.

I didn’t verbally answer, I just pulled her to me and put one in my mouth as she giggled. Her giggling quickly turned into moans as I started to nibble on them.

“Oh god yes, my nipples are so sensitive. Oh fuck you are making me so wet. Oh yeah keep doing that, keep sucking them…….OH fuck I want your cock!

She pulled away and peeled off her spandex leaving her completely naked in front of me. I took her cue and stripped as well. My cock sprang out and she started devouring it. She cupped my balls and tried to deep-throat me.

“Oh fuck your cock is so thick! I want you inside of me! I want to feel that thick cock in my pussy!”

I sat back on her couch and she mounted me. Slowly she lowered herself on my shaft and with each inch she let out a moan or a gasp. She was very tight and I barely fit inside her but eventually she had fully impaled herself and started rocking back and forth, grinding her pussy against the base of my cock. Soon her huge tits were bouncing in my face with each thrust.

“I’M CUMMING!” she almost screamed as her legs tightened and shook uncontrollably. Her pussy was clamped on my cock like vice as the waves of ecstasy rolled through her. I wasn’t ready to cum yet so as her body relaxed I turned her over and entered her from behind.

“Oh fuck yes, pound my pussy with that huge cock of yours!”

I obliged her wholeheartedly. Anyone nearby would be able to hear the rhythmic slapping of my balls against her pussy with each thrust. I let her know I was about to cum.

“Cum on my tits! I want to watch you cum.”

I pulled out and straddled her tits as ropes of cum covered her massive chest and nipples. She sucked the last few drops out of me and rubbed my cum into her skin.

“I didn’t mention before that I kind of used sex to help me get over my other addictions. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Not at all”, I said.

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