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Trapped and Overwhelmed (25f) by a Tentacle Monster

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There is something thrilling and terrifying about the risk of the unknown. The call to go “Where no man has before” has permeated human society, from Magellan’s circumnavigation to the NASA Lunar missions. Similarly hentai has given birth to the genre of tentacle porn.

While main stream society scoffs at the idea or is disgusted, we forget that humanity’s fascination with the unknown is what makes this category so uniquely interesting.

A sick fascination of man vs beast is a staple of humanity. The ancient romans were obsessed with gladiatorial games, where warriors were pit against beasts for entertainment. To prove feats of heroism, or to function as a display of macarbre entertainment, seeing the beast over power man, a reflection of our own mortality in a medium we can “oooh” and “ahhh” at safely from our observatory seats.

The concept of a woman being seduced, ravished, pleasured, or even attacked by a tentacle monster stirs the same desires and fascination felt by out historical ancestors.

We find twisted delight in seeing her pinned by something monstrous. She is unable to escape as it writhes and slithers around her. Our hearts pound with excitement at the uncertainty of the situation. Will she succumb to unknown pleasures that no human lover can provide her? Will the beasts overpowering strength lead to her accidental death? Either strangled or fucked until her mind or body breaks? Will the erotic stimulation lull her into limp submission and make her an easy meal for her beastly lover to swallow whole and alive? Or will her womb become a new host for this unearthly creature, and she becomes mother to a new species? An other worldly Eve in a slimey Garden Of Eden?

If you enjoy the messy, slimey, slithering delights of tentacle scenarios drop me a private message and we can discuss it over kik.

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