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Train Station Bathroom Hookup

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I hurried downstairs onto the train platform at NY Penn Station. Glistening with sweat, made my way to one of the car entrances. I was relieved as it meant I wouldn’t miss my flight to Newark. I’d never taken the New Jersey transit before nor been to Penn Station in downtown Manhatten. As soon as I entered one of the train cars there she was. I was immediately mesmerized in a way I’d never quite been before. She was tall and lean, probably around 5’8”. She looked Asian although I wouldn’t dare guess her precise ethnicity. She was wearing blue jeans and a pinkish top with no bra. Her beautiful nipples were staring right at me and I immediately had a massive boner in my grey sweatpants. I had just thrown my clothes on that morning and rushed to catch my train and didn’t even bother to put on any underwear. I didn’t think it would be a problem but as soon as I saw her standing there at the entrance to the train car I knew I was in for an interesting experience.
Her eyes glanced down at the massive bulge that was developing from me staring at her perfect nipples poking through her top. “Am I in the right car? Or are they all like this?” she asked. “I think so, I’ve never rode one of these before” I explained. She makes her way to one of the seats that consisted of 4 chairs with 2 on one side facing 2 on the other. I followed behind her like a puppy dog without even a second thought, completely mesmerized by how fucking hot she was. “Mind if I sit here ?” I nervously asked. “Sure!” she reassured me as I sat across from her across the aisle so that I would have the perfect view of her gorgeous nipples.

The train leaves as she makes small talk with me. I try really hard to no avail to not stare but within minutes I had lost all control. My dick was harder than a flag pole, and there was enough to precum leaking from it to make visible puddles in my grey sweatpants. I try really hard to not make it obvious but my erect size of 7.5 inches does me no favors. The more she peaks at it the wetter the precum stain becomes as I’m squirming, thinking about all the cum I could spray all over her pink top. That’s when she asked the conductor where the bathroom was. My heart was racing as I asked her to confirm the location. She locked eyes with me enthusiastically and pointed. It was only several minutes before I ventured my way to the train bathroom.

I stood in there, heart racing hoping that she would be right behind me. After 2 or 3 minutes I figured that maybe I had misread the situation and scurried back to my seat across from her, with my carry on bag proped infront of me to hide my crotch. It only took her a minute or 2 before she got up and went to the bathroom. My heart was about to beat out of my chest at this point as I played every possible scenario in my head. After a few minutes I finally worked up the courage to head back to the bathroom as I knew my stop was less than 5 minutes away. I get to the bathroom and knocked on the door and then waited. 30 seconds later she opens the door and comes out. We lock eyes again and I have no idea what to say. “You want to come in?” she asked seductively. I nodded my head in eager anticipation and we step inside the bathroom and close the door. “I’ve never done this before” she says. “Me neither” I nervously explained. It took a few more seconds of awkward staring before I couldn’t take it anymore. I lunged at her thick luscious lips and locked then with mine. She sucked on them passionately before she started rubbing her hand over my massive sticky bulge. She popped her beautiful nipples out and I couldn’t help but suck on them. She undid the knot to my sweat pants and began to stroke my extremely hard cock while she lightly exclaimed “Oh my God..” that’s went I started stroking my dick while moaning extremely loudly, not caring who else could here. “You can’t cum on my top” she explained while I got closer and closer to explosive completion. She then grabs my face and sticks her tounge down my throat and that was when I exploded. I blew thick white ropes of warm cum all over the door of the bathroom and the floor, but unfortunately none on her ties, per her request. As I panted and tried desperately to catch my breath she kisses me once more. “We don’t have enough time to do more. This is your stop.” She exits and I follow close behind her a minute later. I get back to my seat, grab my bags lock eyes with her one more time as she sat there, this time with her legs up on the chair. She looked like she could really use a cigarette. “It was nice meeting you” I said as I left the train car. I never did get her name.

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