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Train journey use

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She had been planning this for months. Ever since she found her Daddy, the first time was always going to make her nervous. She had gone over it again and again in her head and always found different fantasies to bring her off. She was dressed as instructed as she boarded the train. Short flirty summer dress, heels and nothing else except her plug. It is now difficult to remember the time before she had her plug to allow her to feel stimulated all day long. She missed it so much when it wasn’t inserted. In her bag she had her wand and vibrator. He had told her he would message her at some stage in the journey with instructions for those. As the train pulled away she got out her prescribed reading. The Story of O. She felt she wouldn’t need the wand with the passage she was in as she was worried she would come in her seat if it got any more exciting.

It was only then that she heard the commotion in the carriage at the other end. It sounded like singing and cheering and there was definitely alcohol being drunk. She settled back and thought in a couple of hours she would be inspected for the first time. She started giggling like a schoolgirl. Two men passed her looking for the toilets. They turned and said Hi Darlin. She tried to ignore her but they came and sat beside her. They explained that their friend Dave was on his stag do and how great it would be if she came and gave him a kiss to start it off in the right frame of mind. She tried to be polite but they were persistent. She told them to fuck off and leave her alone. They disappeared and came back with two more men. They sat and crowded her in. Come on baby. Give Dave a treat. One of them saw what she was reading. He shouted back up the carriage that the cunt down here is reading The Story of O but is still refusing to give Dave a kiss. Voices at the other end said The Story of O, she is a slag. Just drag the stuck up bitch down here to meet Dave.

Suddenly you find yourself being scooped from your seat. Strong arms locked on your ankles and wrists as you are carried down the corridor of the carriage. You can see 8 more men waiting at the other end of the carriage with Dave being stood up by them to get his kiss. The boys carrying you said this ones a slut Dave reading pornography on the train, I think you need a special kiss. Dave smiled and opened his flies. You see him pull his cock out that was already hard. Before you knew what is happening the boys who had your ankles lifted you up by them turning you upside down allowing your dress to fall away exposing your nakedness and your plug to great cheers. The bitch is sodden Dave look at the state of her cunt. Her clit is practically throbbing.

You found your head being pushed on to Dave’s cock and as he found the target felt him grab hold of your ears and start to skull fuck you. Your legs were being separated and your plug was removed and you felt what could only be two beer bottles enter your open gaping holes.They were twisted and thrust and Dave quickened his pace. You tried to stop yourself but had no control. As you felt Dave spurt into the back of your throat you twisted and bucked and squirted a fountain on a bottle for the boys to huge cheering

You are held over the table and find a lad sliding under you so you are lowered onto his cock. They push you forward opening up your arse and you are amazed as a cock thrusts straight in to your gaping open hole. The boys find a rhythm as your are raped hard. As one cock cums it is replaced by another. After 1 hour of use you feel Dave slump on you and cum up your arse. You have lost count of the cum inside you but they reinsert your plug for you to keep it all in. You are redressed although covered in cum and carried back to your seat. The man who had talked to you originally grabbed your head, turned your face and said all you had to do was give Dave a kiss originally and none of this excitement would have happened. You nod finding yourself being hugely grateful that you hadn’t said yes to the original kiss

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