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Trailer Trash Treats by cibaz24

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A couple years ago I had an accident that left me semi disabled and prime to receive a check for the rest of my life, just not one that would allow me to live comfortably. The looming threat of residence loss fueled my searching frenzy for affordable housing. In time, I found a place on a street named after me, Dallas, but sadly it was a seedy trailer park.

At first, I just sat in the singlewide combing through ads in search of work, but soon I felt restless and pinned in behind these thin compressed walls. I begun to hang out on my new covered porch, enjoy the bustling community in the park from afar. that’s when I met Janice.

She was struggling to get her baby carrier into her house while carrying a heavy load. I offered to help her since Janice’s husband never seems to be around. She worked hard, two jobs, but never seemed to afford be able to just relax. One day she caught me high on my porch swing and asked if I could help her feel numb for a while, so I sold her a few hydros which helped me immensely.

Though unbeknownst to me she had a way with gossip, and I quickly got a handful of needy female buyers all around the lot. I didn’t mind much because I was more desperate for money more than pain relief. The cash flow alleviated a lot of that burden that was wrapped around my neck.

I was about to find the heft of life was about to improve yet again. Janice turned up on my doorstep broke, and famished for more than my hydros. She sought drugs and yet another escape from the labors of being a new parent. She told me she was willing to offer something much sweeter than green pigmented presidential cotton. That’s when I found a new drug to add the daily cocktail, its name… pussy. The taste exquisite, the refreshingness insurmountable, and the circumstance riveting.

Janice still firmly holding onto her baby fat from her pregnancy, pulled out her milky white tits and begged me for my long lozenge by dangling her legs in the air. Needless to say, her tits began smacking her chin shortly thereafter, as I pounded into her spoken for cunt. It didn’t take long before she was aspirating my name while her cat squeezed out an orgasm. I wasn’t far behind her either. Her sharp lustful words mixed with the angry way her newborn cried, almost as though knowing what their whore mama was doing, caused me to come hard in that fat bitch.

Soon after her mouth began to flap again and the money that was once gushing in began to wean as I became addicted to “alternative payment” for my product. I’ve come to think my moving here might not be that bad. Since I have access to all the word pasta drugs I could, in theory, exploit all these drugged up trailer trash whores.

This Lot is my oyster so why not seize it.

Months later I’m backed up against my counter enjoying the sound of suction. The coffee maker is gurgling as It makes me a morning brew and I can’t help but look out the window at such a beautiful morning.

Mr. O’neill’s daughter and her cousin are just now leaving his double wide not wearing much of anything. It simply amazes me how this trashy place could be thriving with so much wet pussy it could drown a man. Teens, milfs, and gilfs coming in all manners of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Even now as I sip my coffee, I’m being sucked off by my neighbor for twelve large tablets valium. I watch her lips compress and contract on my shaft. I sigh and think how nice it is to have such a well spring of sluts living next door.

“Your daughter just left the house with Anna’s kid, so you might want to hurry up before Matt Anna’s husband gets home.” I say causing her to look up at me with her freckled face and hazel eyes which dazzle me everytime I see how much lust she hold behind them.

“Don’t… rush me,” Mary sputters between breaths.

“I don’t want to, but you know he comes home soon,” I say sitting my coffee down, so I can grab handfuls of her hair and force my way into her throat at a faster pace.

She gags at first but quickly becomes acclimated to my length and curves. she grabs my knees for support and uses her upper body to impale her own throat. As she swallows me whole, I hit my peak, and begin to come. She backs up and strokes my creamer out onto her cinnamon sprinkled breasts. She smiles with pride while biting her bottom lip. I tear off a paper towel and hold it out before her.

“When are you gonna fuck me again?”Mary asks taking the paper towel out of my clutches to wipe off the ejaculate that begins to make its way down her huge “E” cup tits.

“You know when,” I say remembering Mrs. O’neil’s deal she had made for the last batch of drugs I had given her.

“Am I not enough?” She asks squeezing her plump tits back into her bra.

“That’s not the point, you made the deal, you need to follow through with it,” I say firmly, making her pout.

“I was high when I made that deal, and we were fucking,” she whines.

“Do I need to cut both of you off?”I say shaking the ziplock bag.

She sighs, “Fine, I’ll figure something out.”

“Hope so,” I say handing her the bag.

“There’s four missing,” She says sounding a little annoyed.

“And they’ll be eight missing next time, and so on until you do as I ask,” I reply with a smirk, my cock already rehardening at the thought of getting even with Anna, whom has been secretly buying extra pills from Mary. Even before I began taking sex as partial payment, since I wouldn’t sell to her because of her attitude, but things are about to change.

“You just want a swing at Anna because of Matt’s attitude, ” Mary says knowingly.

“Maybe,” I say taking up my cup and drinking from it again.

She climbs into her shirt. “You’re just wasting time.”

She presses her body into mine and grabs my dick. “I want your dick, so why not just fuck me instead?”

“It’s a matter of principle,” I say escaping her grasp.

“Most women would get jealous to have to share a cock, but I’m curious to were this venture of yours will end up,” she says with a laugh, and heads out of the front door.

An hour later I see Mary and Anna’s daughters return to Matt’s place, seemingly coming back from the local Jimmy Stop gas station slash grocery store. Milly the short squirrely looking girl is in the lead carrying a 24 pack of beer, and Janet who resembles her mother due to her two bounding monoliths, scurries up the rear. I can tell from their items they’re aiming on keeping Matt to drunk too bother them. God I hate that piece of shit.

I step outside onto my patio and sit down on my swinging bench. I shouldn’t have to wait long for Anna to arrive home. I pick up the book I left out here and begin to read, aiming to use its literary jargon to pass the time.

Not long into my easy swinging and light reading do I hear arguing coming from the O’neil’s trailer.

I look up to see the petite hellraiser stomp down their front porch and make her way up to mine, red faced and fuming.

“Better calm the fuck down,” I say casually, as she reaches the foot of my steps.

“You bastard!” Anna shouts swooping towards me, her hands outstretched like talons on a falcon.

“What the do you want Anna?” I ask trying to hide my amusement, taking a step back.

She paces back and forth feverishly as if contemplating attacking me.”You have no right to deny me what I paid for.”

“What are you talking about?” I ask.

“I paid her, paid you, thirty dollars for ten of them pills and you only gave me six.” she spits.

“You know I don’t sell to you,” I reply, making a mental note to correct Mary for the two extra missing pills that she must have stolen.

“Cut the bull shit, you know I’ve been paying Mary for a share of those meds you have.” She says anger leaving her eyes and panic slowly creeping into them. “Common Dallas, you and I haven’t had a good history, but I’ve always paid you what your do.”

“Mary paid me twenty dollars for six tablets nothing more.” I say truthfully pulling out the twenty to show her.

“I know she paid you,” she says not sounding so confident now.

“Your mistaken,” I say pulling myself up from the bench making myself look more in pain than I really am. “I have more to sell but it will cost more since I don’t get a refill til next thursday.”

I reach for the door and can sense the urgency in Anna’s face, she more desperate than I originally thought, she grabs my elbow and holds strong. “Just gimme the pills Dallas, its for my old man, you know he….”

“Is an abusive dickhead?” I finish her sentence. I know this because he has threatened me more than a few times in the past, but as I look at her desperation and long lanky legs sticking out of her shorts, I think it’s about time to pay the piper.

“Fifty for four.” I say retching her fingers free of my arm.

“Fifty of four?!” she shouts. “Are you fucking nuts?”

“Take it or leave it,” I say, opening my front door and proceed inside, she follows.

“I can’t go home without them.” She says with a tone of acceptance. “I have fifteen in cash now, can… I owe you?”

I turn away to hide my smile. “I can’t do that, but I can cut you a deal, and give you four extra.”

She narrowed her eyes as I took a seat on the couch and turned on the tv.

“What kind of deal?” she asked sitting on the coffee table opposite of me.

“I tell ya Anna, I sure do get lonely over here,” I say pulling out a golden condom wrapper from my pocket. “You make me feel… not so alone and I’ll give you the tablets for free.

“For your sake you shouldn’t lose anymore of your old man’s money right?” I say tossing the packet onto her lap.

She looks appalled at firsts, but her expression turned to acceptance after hearing the last part. She takes up the condom and fiddles with the wrapper. “He will kill me.” she says under her breath.

“Or his dumbass will beat you just like he does now.” I say dripping with venom, deciding not to sheath the anger I have towards him. The looming prospect of impaling his woman over and over, inflates my desire.

She stares at the package and looks to have zoned out. “Decide sometime today,” I say, kicking my feet up on my kickety coffee table.

It seems to wake her up. “You’ll give me eight free of charge?”

I nod and fold my arms, waiting on her to make a move.

“Ten, make it ten and I’ll do it,” She attempts to haggle.

“Ten?” I repeat questioningly, before my cock jumps with excitement of my next words. “Only If you let me hit it raw,”

Her heart is visibly pounding in her chest as she struggles with the decision. “fourteen,” she offers, causing her voice cracking with frustration, while changing the deal again.

“Eight,” I counter offer in a warning tone.

“Ten then.” she growls laying the condom on the table and turning towards me with an angry look.

I unfold my limbs and stand up before her, lavishing the shock on her blue eyed freckled face, as I shamelessly drop my pants in front of her. Her mouth hangs open, and her eyes widen as my spear stabs out towards her.

“You just gonna stare at all day, or are you gonna take off your shorts?” I ask giving my rod a long slow stroke while pointing it at her.

She looks back at the raging meat, before crawling backwards burying herself in the cushions of the couch. I chase after her with my rod, and catch her as she corners herself in its pillowy clutches. I reach down and grab the edges of her shorts and begin to wriggle them down her.

“I can take off my own shorts you asshole,” she says pushing me back, before surrendering her cotton shield, and laying a deliciously bald slab of meat before my hungry cleaver.

I smile at the unexpected pleasure of seeing Anna’s smooth cat, my fingers gravitate towards her moistening maw. “What a nice surprise.”

“Don’t touch me, just stick it in and get it over with,” she says with an air of bravado, but parts her legs with less resilience. I grip her under her knees and pull her to the couches edge. I kneel down to kiss her pussy’s lips with the head of my penis. She shifts nervously as I tease her opening. I smile with satisfaction, noticing her blue eyes dilate with excitement.

“Hurry up I want those pills Dallas,” she says angling her hips forward. “Your dick doesn’t interest me.”

“We’ll see.” I retort angrily pressing myself into her shallow opening, her hands squeeze my arms painfully in retaliation to the swift plunge.

She groans as I plunge my blade into her guts. “Don’t like it huh?”

She shakes her head and closes her eyes while trying to hold back a moan in defiance. I grab ahold of her hips, using them to facilitate in the skewering of her tender pink flesh. In time her fortifications seem to crumble as she lets out a shaky moan.

“Sounds like your enjoying it,” I say pistoning myself into her succulent flesh.

“You come yet?,” she grunts while rubbing clit.

“I’m not gonna come fast like this?” I reply attempting to free myself from her gloriously gripping cunt. She groans in aggravation, leaving me unsure if it was because I pulled out or what I said.

“Get on your knees,” I say, rubbing her love liquid across the surface of my cock. So I can preemptively lubricate myself for the quick pounding I’m about to dish out.

She rolls over onto her knees and arches her ass up towards me. I spread her plump asscheeks and guide my head roughly to her slit. “Be gentle, fucking dick.”

“Shut up, your mine right now,” I growl and smack her ass. She he grips the top of the couch after I cut deeper into her. I crash into her at a sporadic rate at first testing her for weaknesses. Her back remains rigid as if to just bare my meats abuse to her snatch, but as I find a nice tempo, her legs betray her. Anna’s ass begins to bounce up and down my cock, all the while her whimpers become wails.

“Come..come already,” she sobs, I can feel her lips becoming dry around my dick, tightly hugging my shaft. “It’s getting raw.”

I grab a handful of hair, and speed up as an answer to her cries. She begins to shriek in a delicious mixture of pleasure and pain. “Dallas!” she shouts tipping me over the edge and releasing my vengeance into her womb.

I release her golden mane and step back to observe my semen dripping from her reddening hairless beaver. I initiate the second half of my plan and she remains locked there shaking off the brutality of what she had just endured.

She clutches her sore pussy and rolls over and collapses onto the couch. I head into the kitchen to get her the pills.

“Next time, I’ll use lube, ” I say counting out the pills.

“There won’t be a next time,” she replies threading her legs into her shorts.

I return and drop the baggy onto the table before grabbing the remote and turning the channel, revealing my cctv I had set up at my old apartment and rewind it several minutes, to display her as she first started taking my pipe from behind. Her face turns white as a ghost before I say. “Be here tomorrow, or I’ll show Matt this… better yet send over your daughter.”

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