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traffic light [FM]

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Back from a long day, you are driving with the sunset light coming into the car and making us orange and ethereal. I have a hand on your thigh, absentmindedly drawing circles or squiggles, singing the songs that follow one after another from the playlist.
You are so beautiful and I want you so much.

I sit better on the seat, my skirt reveal my thighs more, I spread my legs a little, the tank top that I wear shows the light lace bra and an abundant neckline, you look at me, raising an eyebrow.

My caresses become more insistent and come closer to the crotch of your pants, you smile as you look at the road in front of you.
By continuing to touch you, I put my hand in my skirt and panties and start touching myself, moaning slowly; as soon as you notice it your cock gets rock hard, now it pushes and stretches your pants and I can almost completely grab it.
“You are such a little slut!”, I laugh as I suck a finger wet from my moods.
“And you’ll make my boxers wet” you add.
“Oh no! It would be a shame!” I exclaim innocently as I unbutton your jeans and free you. Pulling the fabric of your underwear away from your penis, a precum string remains suspended until it breaks.

I grab the boner and I masturbate you; I make sure your foreskin picks up the precum so that it can distribute and lubricate you.
You take a deep breath, I know you feel a mix of excitement, disappointment and impatience.
After a few minutes of slow agony, we stop at a red light in the middle of the countryside; you turn to look at me and I lean towards you, you think I want to kiss you but my head goes down, right between your legs.

You are surprised and tense when you feel the tip of your glans rub my soft lips. I pick myself up shortly after, you look confused, you don’t understand well but I smile at you.
“Maybe at the next dinner with our friends, I can wear this lip gloss, would you like it, babe?”.
You focus on my mouth, it’s shiny, a lot.
Your precum is my personal lipstick and the light is still red.

Your eyes are black, deep and hungry. You grab the back of my neck and pull my face close to yours, “Take off your panties. At the next lay-by, I’ll stop, get off and fuck you. After your orgasm, you’ll take my cock in your mouth and you will let your throat fuck and drink my cum. Do you understand, darling?”.
I nod.
Fast breathing, hard nipples, wet pussy.
You bite my lip – I moan – and stick your tongue in my mouth, I suck it immediately.
You stop kissing and look at me smiling.
“The traffic light is green”.

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