Erotic Stories

To settle a debt, I [F] fucked a friend in a park with my partner and pet. After that, he left us exposed for an hour. [23F]

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He had previously borrowed money from his friend, but was unable to repay it. As a result, he proposed that we return the debt by participating in a “game,” which we accepted.

He knows that I regularly cheat on him and that I have a long-term boyfriend with a freakishly huge cock that I trained.

He drove by our house in his automobile and then brought us to the park of a tiny village nearby.

When he got there, he told us to take off our clothes and put them in the trunk. As soon as he saw the cage I have my lover wear, he started violently bullying him. I made him kneel beside the car and wait.

He made me lie down in a little park that was well-lit by a street lamp, then started ferociously fucking me outside.

I told my pet to go over and suck our friend’s balls since this strange phenomenon made me want to do that.

After he had his pleasure, he poured cum in my face, took a marker, wrote “free for all” on the backs of me and my pet, commanded us to comply, and then left. He came back an hour later, brought us home, and held our clothing up so that our neighbors could see us get out of the car nude.

It was a combination of empowering my partner and debasing our friend.

He suggested that I post this.

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