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Time when I [M18]ade the best worst mistake in my li[F19].

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This is my first sex story and is completely nonfiction, except the names changed for privacy.

The summer after graduating college was a crazy time for me (stories for another time), and I had just moved into my new dorm for college. I decided to live with my best friend from highschool, we will call him Sam, who was a lot crazier than I ever was. The first weekend we moved in, we decided to have a party with the few friends left from our home town, and the new friends we had just made in the first couple days of moving in. Let’s just say Sam and I went all out in supplying beverages for this “house warming” party.

Into the night, quite a few people were invited through proxy, who I did not know very well. At the time, I was going through a break up, and the only thing on my mind was finding a girl to stay with for the night. So, I was taking up every girl I could find. I am six feet tall, semi muscular build, with brown hair and green eyes, but I never would like to make the first move on girls.

After a few drinks, and chatting up some girls I did not know, a petite blonde girl, who we will call Emily, was clearly coming on to me. She would find any excuse to talk to me and would make physical contact as frequently as possible. As the night progressed her advances became more clear. All of her friends had left and she said she’d get an Uber and meet up with them later.

At this point it was 2 am and most everyone had left already. She came up to me with a beautiful flirtatious smile and asked if she could spend the night. Innocent me suggested that she spend the night on the couch and I would bring her blankets and a pillow from my bed. She accepted and said she would get them herself.

Roughly 15 minutes passed while I was saying good bye to the rest of the guests and Sam, and I returned to my room to find her laying in my bed only wearing a bright pink thong. At this point I was completely taken aback my the boldness of this girl I had never met.

Shocked and a bit nervous I said hi.

She giggled and said hi, do you want to join me?

I agreed and tried to make small talk with her pretending I didn’t notice she was practically naked in my bed. It became clear she was completely uninterested in what I had to say, and wanted to cut to the chase when she said “so, are you going to fuck me?”

At this point, my heat was beating out of my chest and my dick was practically busting out of my shorts. I quickly pulled her body towards mine and began to make out with her. This may have been the best kiss I have ever had in my life. After what felt like an eternity, she pulled away and said I want you inside of me. She began to pull down my shorts and take of my shirt, after which I pulled her panties down and glided my dick into her incredibly wet pussy, which I was yet to touch.

Let me know if I should post a part 2, or any suggestions to make my stories better as this is my first shot at this!!

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