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tied in knots

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Once I tied up san (at her request), and spread eagle on the bed. I licked her until she almost came and then left the room for about 5 minutes. I then came back and did it again, but put a vibrator in her ass at the same time. Normally she needed to get very worked up (or drunk) to take anything anally. So I left her hanging again and returned. You could hear her moaning through the entire room no doubt the neighbours heard it. I then came back and ate her cunt with a vengeance, and tickled her g-spot when I thought she was ready to explode. She damn near broke my finger clamping down on it with her pussy muscles, then squeezed it so hard my finger shot out of her pussy, followed by a 1-foot stream of girl cum. She squirted 4 or 5 more times, making a real mess of me and the bed.
Afterwards, I untied her and kissed her hard — she went nuts again when she realized that she was tasting the cum that had shot out of her pussy. We stroked and cuddled each other for a bit, and then she took my cock in her mouth. She usually didn’t give me a head because of my size anyway, she stopped after a while and tells me “turnabout is fair play.” So she has me get on my knees and ties me to the bed posts. I should have known something was up, but by that time all the blood had left my brain to fill my cock. She then gets under me and starts to give me a world-class blowjob.
As I start to writhe, she stops and leaves the room. OK, I did it to her, and now she is getting me back. After about 5 minutes, I hear her come into the room from the other door. I’ve deflated a bit, but she soon starts stroking me with her hand. She starts talking dirty to me, telling me how I’m gonna cum buckets when she gets done with me. I feel her finger enter my ass — she’d done that before — and feel a pleasant sensation start from my butt through my entire body.
She stops stroking my cock and starts pumping my ass with her hand harder — and then suddenly stops. I think that she was going to leave me, as I did her, but the next thing I feel something cold dripping down my ass and balls. She sticks her finger back inside my butt for a second, and then I feel her thighs touching my thighs and
something hard pressing against my asshole. She had put on a strap-on dick and was trying to enter me! I protested but it did no good — she popped in past my sphincter and just let it sit there for a minute.
It was uncomfortable, to begin with, but soon a warm sensation started to grow from my butt. It felt nice — a little uncomfortable, but that seemed to enhance the sensation.
She then started to slowly pump in and out of my ass, going faster and faster. About halfway through she reached around and started stroking my cock, which was harder than it had ever been before, all the while telling me how good it was to fuck me and how did I like it. To be honest, I liked it a great deal. She started to go berserk while in my ass (turns out her strap-on had a vibrator on her end) and all of the sensations in my ass and my cock made me explode, covering my belly and the bed in more cum than I had ever shot before.
She then untied me, but not before scooping up some of the cum and feeding it to me. It was kind of gross, eating my cum, but it didn’t make me puke. Since then I have eaten my cum out of a pussy — tasty when combined with girlcum — but the thought of eating my cum (or anyone else’s) “straight from the source
is not appealing. After she untied me and we relaxed,
I developed a taste for having my ass penetrated by dildos and vibrators since, and have had a couple of her girlfriends who loved to do my ass often.

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