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The time I (35M) slept with my students (28F) younger sister (19F) at a conference

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I often have to go to conferences with my PhD students. They can happen anywhere in the world, but this one was in Croatia, on the coast. As faculty, I get my own room, but PhD students normally share to save money.

My student Emilie had booked her room with another student (a PhD from another supervisor) but her roommate had to pull out. With the twin room already booked and paid for, she invited her little sister Mia, who had finished school for the year but not started university yet. With a free holiday to the Croatian coast, Mia of course tags along.

Mia looked a lot like her sister, only a bit taller and much more tanned than her sister (probably from not living in the UK). The family was Austrian but tending towards darker, more Italian features – think long thick dark hair, big brown eyes. She basically hung out in the hotel and the swimming pool/sea pool whilst we worked at the conference during the day. She was cute, but I didn’t have much to do with her.

About two nights in, we go out for a lab dinner. It’s a big meal with 12-14 people and a lot of booze (Croatia is cheap and has good wine) and so we sit until late into the evening. Slowly the group thins out and those of us left take a walk along the sea wall. I end up walking with Mia and we start chatting about starting uni, then on how her sister is “always talking about her supervisor” with an eyeroll, etc. Emilie comes up and says she is coming back to the room, not feeling well after all the seafood at dinner. Mia says she’ll stay out and we agree that I will walk her back.

When we get back I go to my room which is two doors down from theirs and start to settle in for the night, changing into shorts. About 5mins later there is a knock on the door. Mia is there in her pjs – which consist of a sheer crop top and soft fabric shorts. Apparently, Emilie was being sick and it was keeping her up. I only have a double bed, but I offer her to stay in and I would find something else. She tells me not to be stupid, climbs into the bed and flicks off her side of the light.

Now, I am not the quickest guy in the world, and I am still honestly confused. I offer to sleep on the sofa (which is insane since I am 6’2 and the sofa is basically a big chair) which she laughs at, and then to sleep ‘head-to-tail’. At this suggestion she gets up out of the covers and reaches down to the bed, bending over in the process. Her ass basically straining against her shorts, stretching them hard she pats the end of the bed and says “hmmm, doesn’t seem comfortable to me” and then pops right back under the covers and rolls over.

I get into the bed, and it’s a pretty close fit, since she is clearly not on her side. I decide to roll over and she snuggles into me, sure enough her ass perched on my crotch. I go for it and start gently kissing her neck and shoulder, and she squirms back into me. I slide a hand up to her chest and her nipples are firmly poking out from the crop top. I gently alternate squeezing and rubbing them, and her breath starts to quicken. By now I am rock hard myself and basically resting between her ass cheeks, with only a thin layer of clothes between us. Every time she squirms forward her ass clenches me and it takes a lot of self-control not to whip her shorts off. Slowly I work my hand down between her legs and she is absolutely roasting hot. With one hand on her chest, still kissing her back, I slide my hand up and under her shorts. She was completely shaven smooth and opening her legs up to give easier access. I worked a finger up and down her clit and over her lips, slowly building speed and some pressure. She started to move more, rubbing against my hand. She had a hand back on my thigh as she pushed in to me and as I felt her grip tighten, I knew she was starting to cum. I clamped a hand over her mouth (I didn’t know who was staying in the adjoining rooms, but probably other conference folk) and she squirmed and came on my hand. She lay a moment then got unsteadily to her feet, saying she should go check on Emilie. She got around the bed to leave, then came back in and gave me a huge kiss, then I watched her silhouette as she left the room into the lit corridor, back down to her sisters room. It was the start of a fun conference week.


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