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The safeword is velvet. [Domination] [erotica] [feedback welcomed]

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Info: This is my first time I have ever written a fiction, not sure why I chose erotica as my first genre, but here it goes.

~The safeword is velvet~

It’s a little after 9pm, the warm autumn breeze plays gently with your hair as you walk briskly down the side street leaving behind you the sound of traffic fading into a muted buzz. Glancing up at the sky you notice that twilight is fast approaching making the shadows from the surrounding buildings deepen into an inky blackness.

There it is, the last house on the left — number 96. You laugh as you remember thinking how it would have been more appropriate if the house number was a 69 instead. It’s a twin-storried redbricked stand-alone house, looking up you notice that all the shutters are closed giving the impression that no one is home. The front door however is slightly ajar and on the step to the right you notice a small black box with a note.

The note reads, “Welcome! My house, my rules! Put the blindfold on, enter and enjoy. The safeword is velvet!”.

Inside of the box you find the required article of clothing in a crimson so dark it looks more black than red and silky to the touch. You hesitate for a brief second, but after a quick glance down the deserted street you put the blindfold on and step through the door.

You don’t remember if you closed the door or if the door closed on itself but you hear it click shut. All you can hear is the sound of your own breathing, you tell yourself to relax, trying to control your racing heart but the adrenaline is starting to kick in. In the total darkness your other senses are in overdrive trying to compensate for the loss of your ocular abilities.

To the left of you a door opens and you hear the tread of footsteps rapidly coming towards you, turning quickly with your hands outstretched you whisper, “Hello, is that you?”. Silence is your only immediate response, suddenly you smell him, his scent is in the air all around you — you recognize that fragrance as Aramis that manly, musky, woody aromatic scent that somehow calms and relaxes you a fraction.

“Relax!” he says in his peculiar deep voice, and you feel his breath on the nape of your neck, his sudden closeness shocks you and sends shivers down your spine. His hand presses against your lower back firmly pushing you forwards. You take two steps then freeze, “Trust me!”, he commands and like in a dance you follow his direction from the pressure of his hand. You push slightly back against it, drawing comfort from it’s solidity and direction as you take step after step into this disorienting miasma of darkness.

Suddenly, the hand disappears and you stumble as you try to catch your balance, strong hands grasp your wrists fastening something around them, your arms are being lifted and suspended above your head. You feel his hands deftly undoing your shoes and again a fabric being fastened around both your ankles. You panic and try to pull away, but you hear his voice calmly saying, “The safeword is velvet.”. Breathing shakily you realize resistance is futile, your hands are already shackled and plus you want, no! — you need this so badly. Both of your legs are pulled apart at what feels like a 70 degree angle, a smile comes to your face as you think inwardly that perhaps it’s a 69 degree angle after all. You hear him say, “You are right, it is!”. You gasp wondering if you said that out loud but somehow you know that he is in your head already and he is reading your signal loud and clear.

A metallic click is the next sound you hear and then you hear fabric being expertly cut, he is cutting every last garment of clothing off of you, the cool metal briefly comes in contact with your bare skin making your skin break out into goosebumps and setting your heart racing. All that is left to clothe you is what nature bestowed upon you and the soft blindfold that blinds and binds your sight.

Then utter silence once more. You imagine that he is standing in front of you feasting his eyes upon your lithe and petite body, drinking in the sight of you and commiting to memory every curve and contour of your nude form. “What perfection!” you hear him mutter. You hear him walking and circling you as like a man who is admiring a statue of Venus Incarnate, “Perfection” he says once more this time from behind you. You turn your head to try to see him but realize that the gesture is futile, you see only darkness. As an involuntary reflex you suddenly flex and tense your ass to try to make it look more posed, you always felt that was your weakest feature, you hear him chuckle and you break out into a flush of crimson.

You think to yourself when does the domination begin, but then you realize that the domination commenced the moment you stepped through that front door, that is when you surrendered yourself to him and his whims. Your knees suddenly buckle but you don’t fall as the harness attached to your wrists catches you, you steady yourself and stand upright once more, daring him to do his worst.

You feel the impact and hear the sound before your body recognizes the pain and in quick succession comes two more slaps. The pain is exquisite, a hot burning sensation that radiates and pulses, your left ass check has come into contact with his hand. Finally, physical contact and oh what a first contact. You can almost feel the imprint of his hand rising up in ridges of agony, and then a new sensation, he is kissing your inflamed skin, soothing that heat away with his lips. You feel the heat of his breath mingling with the fire of your pain.

“And now the other one” he says, and your body involuntarily jerks away from the perceived direction in anticipation of incoming pain. “The safe word is velvet”, he intones once more. You seize on that phrase and repeat it in your head like a mantra, over and over you repeat, “the safe word is velvet, the safe word is…” Like an unexpected lightening strike, three strikes strike home followed by an unexpected fourth. The last one makes you scream out more from shock than in pain, you did not expect the last one, a tear slowly traces it’s way down your face falling silently to the cold bare concrete floor unnoticed. The pain explodes now once more, the burning heat is akin to being whipped with stinging nettles, you long for his kisses to soothe the burn away. Only moments have passed but the anticipation has clouded your sense of time making it feel like an eternity has transpired, “please” you gasp, “kiss it better!”

You feel his hands grasp your thighs from behind and that familiar feeling of him taking charge of your body sends your blood racing. His lips tease along the welts that are rising from your inflamed and tender skin, you are reminded of the old phrase “The agony in the ecstasy” and you wonder if the inverse is more apt, finding ecstasy in the agony.

And then the ecstasy explodes, his tongue is inside of you sending you into a paroxysm of unexpected pleasure. You were unaware of how aroused you were, your wet sleekness is begging to be tasted and absorbed by the one who is working his brand of magic on you. His right hand comes around and starts it’s own deft exploration of your most erogenous zone, your tiny pink clitoris is pulsing and begging to be not left out of this most intimate tête-à-tête. His fingers start to stroke your little pearl in firm circular motions, firm and constant never breaking contact just the way you like it, his hand is pushing you back deeper onto his warm tongue. Your breath becomes more labored and small moans are echoing and ringing out in the room like an Acapellan solo where the melody of Mars is unheard and only Venus sings her harmony. The darkness hightens your other senses especially your sense of touch, everything is magnified and more alive. You feel as if you will lose all control in a moment and once more your knees buckle, all contact is instantly broken. He is gone. “No, no, no!” you whimper, “I didn’t say velvet!”. But silence is your only companion.

You hear a match being struck and you can smell that sulfuric smoke yet you see no light only the constant darkness that is ever present. And then you feel it, a hot flash of heat falling on your breasts alternatively dripping on one and then the other, closer and closer to your harden nipples, “Not on the nipples” you think, “that is too sensitive!”. But the drops of hot wax progressively advance closer and closer, the trepidation of what is to come is sending you into an apoplexy of terror. You are just about the scream out “Velvet!” yet your words turn to a shriek as contact is finally made and an icy cold shiver literally sends you into shivers from head to toes. It’s ice! He is holding ice cubes to your nipples, the sensations of heat and cold merge together into a crescendo of sweet delectation.

His hands are at your neck, you tense thinking that he will begin choking you, you enjoy to be choked whilst in the act but this doesn’t seem to be the case, instead he is gathering your hair and putting it into pony tail in the back. Around your neck he fastens what feels to be a collar of some sort, you hear a click as it is joined to the harness above you. Another click and this time your hands are released from their overhead position although they are still cuffed together. The blood rushing back into your arms has an exquisite feel to it, never have you felt so in tune with your body before than at this moment. He pushes you down into a kneeling position in front of him, you realize that he is sitting on a stool, nude. Has he been naked this whole time you wonder? You reach out to continue your exploration of his body, letting your fingers relay to your mind the shape and feel of him. His legs are astride and in between them you grasp ahold of his erect and throbbing manhood. You grip it by it’s shaft and feel it pulsing in your hands as if it had a heart of it’s own beating to the rhythm of your heart. The word generous springs to mind as you try to calculate what you are dealing with in size relation. You hear his breathing quickening too, he takes ahold of your pony tail and you know exactly what he wants. You open your mouth and let it all in, you gag once as his head hits the back of your throat hard, but you hear him moan and you love the feeling of knowing that once again a part of him is inside you. You want to taste him, all of him, every last drop of him.

He pulls your hair roughly back and tells you to stand up, you try to continue sucking his cock but he yanks you up to your feet. He is undoing the cuffs on your feet and wrists, the collar comes off too, the sensation of now finally be free is more terrifying to you as those restraints became also your source of security, without them you feel lost. His hand is once more on your lower back directing you once more a few steps to the right; suddenly his right hand is on your neck slamming you up against the rough surface of a wall, the breath nearly gets knocked out of you. He grabs your hands and leads them to two iron rings that are fastened into the wall. “You are gonna need these” he says. You grab onto them tightly as if they were the only thing holding you up from falling to the floor. He kicks your legs apart with his feet and once again you feel him licking you from behind, you arch your back out towards him as if to invite him to take more of you. His tongue is once more playing riot with your pussy driving you to the verge of delicious delirium, you feel his right hand grasping your ass whilst his left is rubbing your clit, his right thumb moves almost of it’s own volition and slides right into your ass. This Ménage à trois combination sends you instantly in a twilight zone of euphoria. You are clutching at the rings above you as your body continues to convulse from the orgasm that it so desperately needed.

You want more, once won’t sate your appetite. You haven’t had all of him and you know he needs you just as much as your body craves his. “Again!” you say. You feel both his hands grasp your hips and you can feel him right outside of you, “Do it!” you beg but before you finish your request he is deep and fully inside of you. “At long last” you think, your body quivers with each thrust of him ramming home as if with each stroke he is writing his name and signing the ownership papers that make you forever his. His left hand grasps your hair pulling you back towards him while his right hand seizes you by the throat, he can feel the pressure in your veins building as the blood and oxygen is being slightly yet deftly constricted. You hear him rasp out the command “Come!” You feel that you are just on the verge of cumming but can’t as you need oxygen — desperately! You are starting to feel faint, suddenly he releases your throat, oxygen rushes back into your lungs triggering a massive orgasm which leaves you gasping and intoxicated on that sweet scented air that is sex.

He turns you around to face him, you reach out to put your arms around him but he puts your hands back on the iron rings, lifting you up with ease you then wrap your legs tightly around his hips as he enters you. Your bodies are both slick with sweat and to his eyes your skin glistens and reflects the candle light which casts a bronzen shade of amber to your skin. Your head is tilted back with your lips parted slightly lost in a world where the difference between agony and ecstasy are forever blended as one. You feel him thrusting harder and with more urgency you grasp him tighter with your legs as he rams up into you. You know he is close, you are shocked that he actually lasted this long. Both his hands grasp your throat and you seize onto his throat as well, he doesn’t resist your hold, locked in a death grip where pain and pleasure dance their immortal dance. His grip loosens on you and your hear him trying to say something, his body spasms and you feel his life force shoot up inside, you ride the wild wave of pleasure once more and climax releasing his neck.

You are both gasping for air, your bodies trembling from both the exertion and the release, you hear him softly laughing as he then reaches over and takes your blindfold off, you look up into his eyes and he says, “Velvet was MY safeword”.

And so it was that Venus conquered Mars

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