Erotic Stories

The Rub by Kylesanderson1234

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I opened my eyes and squinted at the glowing numbers on the DVR. It was still dark, so I knew it wasn’t time to get up yet. “Don’t grab your glasses,” I thought to myself. If I grabbed my glasses to crystalize those fuzzy blobs then I would definitely be awake, and there would be no hope of getting back to sleep.

It didn’t matter. I was up now. I rolled over and fumbled my hand across the side table to find a glass of water. When I had gone to bed the room felt like a sweltering jungle, but now in the middle of the night the air was a current of ice that caused my throat to crack and rasp with each breath. I found the glass and took a sip deep enough to lubricate my throat, but not so deep as to trigger the urge to empty my bladder. If that happened I would never manage to find my way back to sleep.

“Too late,” a voice groaned inside my head. I immediately became aware of a pressure in my lower abdomen, subtle at first, but rising every moment. Knowing it would not subside; I slid my legs to the side of the bed until they got snagged a warm lump.

“Sorry Diz,” I mumbled as the dog shot his head up and gave me a look. I carefully tucked my legs in to swing the rest of the way off the bed to avoid creating a scene. Diz was hard to muster, but once you did he would decide its playtime. I was in no mood for playtime. In fact, I wasn’t even prepared to leave the room. I grabbed for the empty Gatorade bottle and unscrewed the top. Sandra was fast asleep in the master bedroom; she had come down with a horrible case of the flu three days ago and I was staying as far away from her as possible. I relegated myself to staying in what was originally designed to be a guest bedroom, but in reality had become known as “Diz’s room.”

I reached into the flap of my boxers, and felt for my cock. It felt warm in my icy hands. I snaked it out of my shorts and stuck it into the wide mouth of the bottle. Then, I let out a deep breath as my body began to relax. A wave of cozy relief washed over me as I felt a steady stream of piss pour out of me. A faint smell of ammonia rose up and gave me a dangerous feeling of taboo. Pissing in bottles was a bachelor’s game; a practice I hadn’t exercised in over three years since moving in with Sandra. But she had the bathroom on lockdown, and I didn’t want to disturb her, so I convinced myself that the bottle bathroom was as much a courtesy for her as it was a convenience for me.

The pressure in my belly gave way to a sleepy sense of relief as I finished peeing. I rubbed the tip of my penis around the bottle’s rim to clear out any stray drips of urine before tucking it back into my shorts. A slight sense of arousal made my dick rear up for a moment, but I was too tired to do anything about it now. I laid myself back onto the mattress and felt my back groan with discomfort. Our master bed was soft and oh-so comfortable, especially compared to the hard wobbly mess that was the guest bed. The legs were on wheels that rolled around the hard wood floor whenever Diz or I resettled. The once plush stuffing in the pillows were all clumped together and eroding. The first night hadn’t been too bad, but by night three it had really started to get old sleeping in this room.

As I struggled to find a comfortable position, I made the decision that I would look into getting a massage tomorrow. I needed to find some relief for my back, and I deserved a treat after days of taking care of my sick girlfriend. Then another thought popped into my head as my dick once again stirred in my shorts. “What about a happy ending massage?” I hadn’t had one of those since college, and I was sure that there were places around town that offered that kind of thing. Sandra and I hadn’t had sex in the week leading up to her illness, and I was definitely starting to feel a bit frustrated.

Gradually I drifted off back to sleep, comforted and excited by the relief and release tomorrow’s massage promised.

The next morning I made an extra effort to make Sandra comfortable before going to work. I was already starting to feel a little guilty for indulging myself to a massage while she was stuck at home suffering far worse aches than I did, and of course the thought of some stranger rubbing my cock was not something she would have been thrilled to know about. That guilt quickly evaporated once I got to work. I started researching online for the best massage shops in town. Everyone insisted that the Japanese run parlors were the absolute top spots, using creative language to hint at the services offered without coming right out and saying they were rub and tug joints. I found one that had a solid 5-star rating, as well as a name that I found to be hilarious: “Rub you Long Time.” The other big hint that it was an erotic parlor was that all the reviewers seemed to be men.

The hours dragged by as I read review after review of “satisfied” customers. As I made my way through the list of comments I found there seemed to be a trending theme. All of the most satisfied customers raved about one specific practitioner, a woman named Coco. They encouraged first time visitors who were “Looking for a surprise,” to ask for her by name. Well, I have always seen myself as an adventurous sort, so I made a mental note to ask for Coco when I arrived.

I ended up cutting out of work early after lunch. I told my boss that Sandra had taken a turn for the worse and that I would need to stop off at the store to pick up some butternut squash soup and Theraflu for her, and off I went.

I drove down to the area my town called “Little Tokyo,” and kept my eyes peeled for my destination. I started to get so excited for my massage that I could literally feel my muscles vibrating with anticipation. I slid my hands down my jeans several times, grabbing hold of my already semi-hard penis and squeezing it repeatedly until it got fully erect, then removing my hand and letting it go flaccid again. Finally, I unzipped my pants and pulled my penis through the hole in my boxers to let it breathe in the open. It felt exhilarating looking out the window of my tall SUV down into the cabs of the other, smaller cars around me. I stared at the people’s faces from the stoplight as I clutched my stick shift, knowing they had no idea I was flopping my naked member around in public. I thought about the stranger who would soon be stroking my oiled-up cock, and felt my breath catch in my throat.

I was getting too excited. I didn’t want the fun to be over before it even started, so I forced myself to stash my penis back in my pants, and resolved myself not to touch it again until I was lying on the massage table.

I drove slowly along the street, spotting several stores along the way that I remembered reading in the reviews. “Island day spa” had received some solid reviews, and I remembered reading some pretty enticing things about the table showers at “Massage Heights #4.” But, I had my heart set on discovering the surprises Coco had in store for me, so I kept moving along, scanning across countless signs and billboards as I journeyed deeper into town.

Finally, I saw a marquee sign standing tall over the sidewalk, covered in names. There was a small strip mall inset from the street, and this huge sign was there to let passersby know what shopping opportunities lay hidden off the main road. Sure enough, my hidden gem of “Rub you Long Time,” was there, about 2/3 down the list, right next to “Pho Real,” and oddly enough, “Pizza Hut.”

I pulled into the parking lot and parked my car a few rows down from the shop. I wondered if there might be cameras or something outside, and didn’t want to provide any evidence by parking in front. You know, just in case. I looked at my phone for a second and thought about putting it on airplane mode, but then decided to just stow it in the center console instead. I opened my wallet to see if I had enough cash; I didn’t want this to show up on my credit card statement just in case Sandra caught a glimpse and wondered what I was doing getting a massage in the middle of a workday while she was sick.

I found $200 in 20’s and figured it was plenty. I sat in the car for a moment, suddenly feeling a freezing coldness radiating from inside my chest. It caused my pecs and arms to start shaking uncontrollably. I cranked up the heat in the car, but this cold came seemingly from deep inside. I don’t think I would have found warmth in that moment even if I was wearing a parka. I took a few deep breaths, and made a conscious effort to relax my shoulders. Slowly I felt the shivers subside. It was now or never.

I took a look around the lot and made sure there was nobody walking in or out of the neighboring stores. I didn’t want to be judged for walking into what was most assuredly a seedy place (no pun intended). The coast was clear. I stepped out of the car and walked quickly and confidently to the closed glass door, which had a sign that said “Open,” right under an illustrated chart for foot reflexology.

I pushed the door open, and a string of bells strung from the handle jingled loudly. To the front of me there was a huge mauve curtain running from the floor to the ceiling. To my right there was an empty desk with an ipad on it.

“Hello!” I heard a woman’s voice behind the curtain. A moment later a small round woman emerged from behind the cloth drape. She was older than I expected, and wearing a shirt with a rhinestone-covered panda on it. For a moment I hoped to God that she wasn’t Coco, but then another thought pushed right past it. This woman was a total stranger, who in all likelihood I would never see again. Who cares what she looks like? As long as her hands are soft and her technique is solid, what do I care how she looks?

Then I took it a step further, and actually started to get excited by the prospect. This woman appeared to be in her 40’s at least. I had never had any experiences with anyone older than their mid-20’s. With age probably comes greater skill, perhaps this was the surprise everyone online was mentioning.

“Can I help you?” She asked in a thick Japanese accent.

“Hi,” I said, as calmly and warmly as possible. “I’m looking for a massage please.”

“Ok. You have appointment?”

“No, I hope that’s ok.” I said, trying to sound casual.

“How long, 30 minute, 1 hour?”

“30 minutes.” I said.

“Ok. 60 dollar. You been here before?”

“Yes.” I lied as I pulled out my wallet. I remembered reading online back in college that you ALWAYS say you’ve been there before, or else you may not get the happy ending, or worse, they could think you’re a cop.

“Oh, by the way,” I said, just as she was placing the money in a zippered up wallet. “Are you Coco? I was told by a friend that I should ask for her this time.”

“Ooooh,” she said with a smile. “No, I am Mamasan. I will check on Coco for you. You follow me now.” She winked as she turned and led me past the curtain down a dim hall with doors lining the walls. She opened a door, and ushered me into a small dark room. On the wall opposite the door was a large mirror, which immediately excited me. I thought it might be interesting to be able to watch the fun from a third person perspective. In the center of the room sat the massage table, covered in bed sheets with a small towel neatly folded on top. In the corner there stood a series of shelves covered in oils, Kleenex, and towels.

“Ok, you take off clothes now. I send Coco soon,” Mamasan said as she closed the door. The wave of cold rose up again as I peeled off my shirt and jacket. I took off my pants and underwear in one motion; excited to find myself totally naked in a place I’d never been before. Being naked in a strange place was such an incredible feeling. It was like I was shedding all the expectations that are normally laid out and followed by people in their daily “civilized” lives. I was diving headfirst into strange waters, and the tidal wave of uncertainty felt fantastic. I hung my clothes up on a hook on the wall, making sure that my underwear could easily be seen by Coco when she entered. I climbed face down onto the table, and unfolded the towel. I laid it horizontally across my rear, and then reached down between my legs to position my dick. I pressed it downward along my left leg; tucked in enough that it wasn’t obviously visible if the towel was lifted, but accessible enough so that if her hand massaged my upper thigh she might accidentally find my surprise.

Then I waited. Minutes went by, maybe hours. It felt like days. In reality, it was probably no time at all. I took deep breaths to keep my body from shivering. I didn’t want to provide any reason for Coco to think that I wasn’t ready or deserving of her special talents. I discovered that a space heater resided on the floor near my head, I convinced myself it was doing a great job as I continued to take deep breaths and think warm calming thoughts. Finally, I felt my shoulders relax again just in time for a knock to come at the door.

“Is ok?” I heard a squeaky muffled voice from the other side of the door.

“Yes, come in,” I said, trying and failing to sound casual.

The door opened, and I lifted my head enough to see Coco enter the room. She was youthful, maybe 24 years old with a thin angular face framed by long dark hair. Even in the dim light of the room, her black hair looked soft and silky. She was wearing a white shirt with a deep V-neck that tightly hugged her large breasts. The shirt cut off about an inch above her almost impossibly this waistline. I could see a belly button winking at me in the midst of her milky white body

“I’m Coco,” she said in an even thicker accent than Mamasan.

“Hi, I’m Kyle,” I said as she closed the door behind her.

“You been here before?” She asked.

“Yes.” I lied again.

“Ahh, but no with me!” She said in a playful tone.

I laughed. “No, not with you.”

“You want soff or hard?” She asked.

“Hard.” I didn’t know if this was some sort of test, with “hard” having a double meaning. Either way, my back actually was sore and I felt like a hard massage would be more helpful anyways.

I stifled down an electric current surging through my body as she began to touch me. Her soft warm fingers danced smoothly across my back, sending a tingle through me that almost made my lungs shudder. I felt something twitch between my legs, but told myself to calm down, as this was only the beginning.

Her fingers fluttered around in swirling patterns on my back, slowly skating along my skin until it felt so ticklish that I thought I was about to burst into a fit of giggles. Just at that moment her fingers gave way to nails, which then scratched their way up my back, relieving all the tension that had been built up until that point. She scratched up from my tailbone all the way to my neck, then split her hands across my shoulders and all the way down my arms.

“Is ok?” She asked, pulling out a bottle of oil.

“Yes.” I said. I felt bad giving only one word answers, but I was so taken in the moment that I couldn’t think of any other words to say.

She grabbed my wrists, which were at my side on the table, and pulled them down to hang off the ends of the table. And then her hands disappeared, leaving an empty space on my back that suddenly felt cold and barren. I heard the pumping of plastic next to me, followed by the sound of her hands rubbing together quickly. When her hands touched me again, they glided across my skin covered in oil. I had braced myself for the liquid to be cold, but she had warmed it up so well with her hands that the transfer of heat felt like a personal gift, just for me.

She started to rub my shoulders as she stood over my head. The tension just oozed out of me as the heels of her palms dug into my soft tissue. Then she leaned forward as her oily hands ran all the way down my back. I felt her long hair tickle my shoulders as she leaned, but she didn’t stop there. Next I felt her breasts pressing down into my head as she stretched her arms all the way down to the base of my spine. I felt the gap in her cleavage pull her tits together and hug my ears as the shirt tightened from its pressure against my skull.

She lifted herself back up, running her palms deeply across my back as she rose. Next, she walked around to my side, tracing her hand along my back as she moved. I felt a rush of cold air across my hip and ass as she lifted the towel faintly hiding my dignity. She pumped another load of oil into her hands, and again warmed them up with her friction. I felt her hand squeeze my leg just above the knee, then slowly curled it to the outer side of my leg, inching it up all the way to my hip. She then radiated her hand in small rubbing circles, widening the circumference of her massage until she was covering the whole right cheek of my ass. As she hoisted her hand just under my cheek, I lifted my hips in the air and let out a slight moan to show her that there was no such thing as inappropriate touching.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. It came out louder than I expected.

“Is ok?” She asked, clearly knowing the answer.

“Yes.” I said again, not knowing how to elaborate my feeling. Sandra never erotically rubbed my ass, this was a new sensation owned entirely by Coco. She took her other hand and started circling it on the other side of my ass in the opposite direction. I felt my cheeks repeatedly spreading apart then clashing together, each time feeling the cool sensation of air sweeping into my asshole. I imagined her staring at my hole, and wondered if she knew that no one had ever had such access to this view before. Suddenly, it was as if she had heard my thoughts. I felt her hands venture inwards as she rubbed, getting closer and closer to my puckered pink prostate. I felt a finger gently flick against the hair surrounding my anus, and then one soft wet digit slowly rubbing around the hole itself.

My breathing doubled in speed. My cock railed against my leg with eager fury. Every nerve in my body lit up like a Christmas tree, and suddenly without ever even touching my dick I felt like I was going to cum. This must have been the surprise the guys online had talked about. “No, not yet,” I told myself, and focused on my breathing. The threat of orgasm slowly backed away, with the threat to return if I even thought about how turned on I was. Thankfully, she finally pulled her finger away from my hole, but her hands remained firmly pulling my cheeks apart. I felt her hair once again tickle me, except this time it was my butt that was receiving her silky grace. I heard her take a deep breath, then a burst cool sensation as she blew out her breath directly onto my lubed up asshole. My toes curled, my knees buckled, and my eyelids fluttered involuntarily as she donated a lungful of her breath to my anus.

Finally, she released my bum cheeks and I heard her walk around the table to my left side, where she started massaging my other leg. She again started by the knee, but this time tucked her hand inward between my legs to massage the front of my quad as she went. As her legs moved closer to the table, they came into contact with my hand that was hanging off the side of the table. My heart skipped a beat as I quickly needed to decide whether or not to embrace this touch. I went for it, gently curling my fingers around her exposed calf. Her leg felt soft and smooth, like cocoa butter. “Maybe that’s why they call her Coco,” I wondered as I felt her up.

Her hand inched higher and higher, and all at once I started to worry that maybe my cock had already leaked some precum, and she was about to get a handful of cold goo. But just as quickly as the thought entered my head, it was gone as I felt a finger just barely graze the head of my cock.

“Ooooh, hello big boy,” I heard her giggle. I lifted my hips again to give her a better angle to touch me. She didn’t bite. After a quick slide of her fingers down my shaft, she got back to massaging the rest of my leg. Moments after that, her hand was gone entirely.

“Uh oh,” I thought. I took it too far, was overeager and now I’m not going to get my happy ending. To make matters worse, I felt the towel descend back onto my rear.

“I be back,” She said as she opened the door to the hall. “Oh shit,” I thought. “Shes going to go get the Mamasan, or worse, call the police. Maybe this wasn’t that kind of place after all. My cock immediately went soft. If it wasn’t leaking before, it definitely would now.

Just as I was starting to panic, I heard the door open again. “Hot towel?” Coco said.


Before I knew it the meager towel on my butt had been replaced with a steaming hot wet towel that ran all the way from my knees to my neck. As it sat there, steaming into my skin, I felt her elbows dig into my upper back, giving me a huge sense of relaxation, especially after my recent surge of tightening up. After about a minute of the hot towel, she pulled it off and replaced the small towel over my butt.

Once again she started gently sliding her fingers all across my back, this time with her hair sweeping along in concert. After such hard pressure, the light touch felt amazing.

“Ok. Turn over.” I heard her say as she backed off. I rolled over, making sure the small towel fell off the table as I did. I wanted her to see my cock. No, I NEEDED her to see it. The voyeur in me shattered to the surface as I proudly displayed my hardness for this total stranger. Much like when I first got naked in the room, there was some immense sense of taboo satisfaction in knowing that this person who I have never even seen before is now audience to my most private and exposed parts. No one except Sandra has seen me naked in years, and now here I am on full display for this beautiful woman in a dark room.

She smiled as she brought a pillow over to my head. I lifted my head up and she tucked it under my neck. She did another round of light touching across the front of my body. I felt her soft fingers tickle my chest, then down to my belly button, then further down to my hips, consciously avoiding my penis as she meticulously caressed every part of my body. She went all the way down to my knees before starting to double back up the legs, this time with an intense focus on my inner thighs. Finally she reached the place where my legs come together, and I felt a hair raising tingle on my balls. Coco spent a solid 45 seconds tickling just my sack before moving up to the base of my dick.

“Is ok?” She asked as she lightly ran a finger up my shaft.

“Yes!” I said, this time unable to contain my eagerness.

Coco lingered on the head of my penis with one finger, swirling it around for a few moments. Her smile was pure mischief. She turned and went back to the pump bottle of oil, and just as she was about to pump, she turned and walked up to me, leaning her face right up to my ear. “Close eyes.” She whispered.

I did. I heard a rustling sound for a few seconds, then heard the pump bottle finally donate its lubricating joy into her hand. Gently, her wet hand glistened across my cock. I let in a huge breath, unable to contain myself. She started to stroke back and forth, slowly at first, then faster. With her right hand she had my cock on lockdown, but with her left she was gently massaging my balls. I reached my hand out to touch her, and found her ass to be bare. I peeked open my eyes and discovered that she was totally naked. Her tits were even more beautiful free from the cloth prison that was her shirt. Her small pink areolas were the base to a pair of perfect nipples, which held pointed out at firm attention. The bottom half of her breasts were round and voluptuous, but the top half curved like a ski slope, causing her nipples to point slightly upwards in a cute perky fashion. I couldn’t see below her belly button, but her ass had been firm and fantastic. I wanted to lift my head up to see it, but I had promised her I would keep my eyes closed, and too much motion would spoil it.

I slid my hand up her small milky frame and grabbed her left breast. She leaned forward to give me a better grip. It was warm. Firm, but supple. I squeezed it and rolled her nipple in my finger as she stroked my cock faster and faster.

My breath went faster to match her stroking, my pelvis surged up and down with excited fervor, and just like that, she stopped stroking.

“Not yet,” she said. “You haven’t had surprise.”

The surprise! In my ecstasy I had totally forgotten that there was supposed to be some mysterious bonus to the experience.

“Give me your hand,” she said, reaching up and grabbing my dry right hand in her oily left.

She grabbed the pump bottle, and deposited a squirt into my hand.

“Now you do me,” She whispered. She held my hand by the wrist and placed it back against her abdomen, slowly moving it down her now glistening stomach.

“Oh, she wants me to to finger her?” I thought. “Well, I guess that’s cool.” Fingering was never really something I was into. Vaginas for the most part were just a hole for me to stick my dick into, but other than that didn’t really do much for me. That’s when I found the surprise.

I moved my hand down below her belly button and felt something tap against the back of my hand. She slid my hand down further still and I felt something hard sticking out of her. My eyes flew open, and my head jerked up to discover that Coco had a cock that was just as hard as mine.

The last time I had touched a cock other than my own, I was about 12 years old. The neighbor kid Peter used to play “Porno” with me, and we would each take turns pretending to be a woman who was jerking the guy off. We didn’t know what blowjobs were, so sometimes we would just rub our faces against each other’s dicks, trying to emulate what we had seen implied in late night Showtime movies.

“Is ok?” She asked.

“Yes,” I said, unable to vocalize my mix of shock, nostalgia, and excitement.

I grabbed hold of her cock, and started to stroke it back and forth. Hers was smaller than mine by about an inch, and not nearly as thick, but I felt a burst of adrenaline rocket through me as I jerked her off. I started out just getting a feel for it, going up and down mostly across the shaft, then I remembered all the tricks I use to turn myself on. I gave her head some attention, doing a little twist with my wrist as I reached the top, then burying my hand quickly back down the shaft to the balls.

Coco climbed up onto the table with me, positioning her knees by my head. Her round ass was in my face, and beneath her small shaved asshole I finally got a clear view of her penis as it hung in front of me. Her torso was significantly smaller than mine, so when she ran her tongue along my cock, hers was almost a full foot in front of me. I fixed my grip so that I could continue to stroke her; now it was my pinky that would be playing with the head of her cock, and my thumb and index that would primarily handle the shaft.

“Is ok?” She asked, gesturing with her hand back and forth to her mouth signifying that she wanted to give me a blowjob.

“Yes,” I said, even more eagerly than before.

Her mouth was warm and wet, her tongue swirled and danced wildly around my rock hard member as her soft lips pouted up and down. She reached her hand around and started reaching for my asshole again. I opened my legs and propped them up so that I could provide the best opening for her. Her lubed up finger slid right into me. I literally gasped as Coco’s finger started to pulse back and forth into my body. I felt a total overload. Her lips slid firmly back and forth across my shaft, creating a single sealed point of spherical pressure that felt more intense than any pussy I’d ever fucked. Her tongue flicked back and forth across my head, creating a totally separate point of contact that sent tsunamis of pleasure crashing through my system. Her finger in my ass gave me a sense of helplessness and release that I had never experienced before. And to top it off, it felt like I actually had a second cock as I jerked her off. I could feel her pleasure as I stroked and swirled my hand across her shaft and head.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum,” I moaned as my entire body seized with pleasure. As soon as I said it, I felt her dick flex powerfully against my hand, pressing hard into her body like it was trying to do a bicep curl. Between my fingers I felt a surging of her glands, and suddenly she was shooting white hot cum all over my chest. In that moment my pelvis stopped thrusting, my anus totally relaxed, and all my motor functions totally shut down as a nuclear explosion of pleasure detonated across my body. Then all that pleasure redirected itself entirely back to my cock, funneling through my balls and needing to escape in some way. I shot wave after wave of hot cum inside her mouth, each new blast the result of a shockwave starting from the top of my head and the tips of my toes, converging on the hole in the center of my body.

After 5 full shotgun blasts of cum, my orgasm finally receded. An unbelievable amount of energy that had been built up over the last half hour was finally spent, and I was drained.

Coco removed her lips from my cock, and swallowed my semen in a single swallow. She climbed off the table then looked at me and said. “Is ok?”

I smiled, my lips still humming from the power surge. All I could say was “yes.”

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