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The Ren Faire Voice Actress (part 2)

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This is part two of how i fucked a voice actress, you can find part one in my profile (how I dominated a voice actress),

After a few days of sexting each other, she told me that she’s looked forward to see who wins the next round (she was telling me that she is normally dominant and always on top but us fighting for it during that Ren faire fuck turned her on severely). I responded that perhaps we should find out soon.

She then text me the address of the apartment she was staying in and that to dress smartly this time. I wore some smart pants, a shirt and tie and set off immediately.

I got to her apartment room and the door wasn’t locked so I went straight in. She was waiting there in the living room, dressed in this glittery silver satin low cut dress which was very loose above the waist. The dress practically opened up her tits with the straps barely covering her nipples (she had no bra) and being fastened behind her neck. The bottom half was snug and tight around her waist but only went down past her glittery green thong (slightly stained which means she was wet already). The sides of the bottom half were open, and when she turned around, her entire back was bare all the way to the top of her ass. Her hair was again this mess of black curly hair and something told me she knew it was going to get messier. She wore black knee high boots.

“Hey sexy” she said, grinning and sticking her tongue out. “Whatcha doing here?”.

“Here to put you in your place” I said, with a raging hard on.

She laughed and said “not gonna happen. I still gotta get you back for what you did to my costume last time. Did you like it? roughing my little princess pussy up?” She pulled her thong and flashed me. At that point, I ran after her and she sprinted straight to her bedroom. She got a couple of steps in before I reached and just managed to grab her arm before pulling her back and gripping her right tit hard with my other hand. She let out a surprised Yelp, turned around and pushed her lips and tongue into mine as we made out furiously. I grabbed her ass, lifted her up and slammed her into the wall. We both grinded intensely as we made out, moaning in-between as she started loosening my tie and undoing my buttons while I was memorized by her body.

She pushed me away, and as I was caught off guard, she got me to the wall while she pulled my dick out, dropped to the floor and started sucking. I grunted hard by how amazing her mouth was, this was the first time I got head from her so I was completely under her dominance just as she planned.

Eventually she stopped to take a quick breather, and I used that opportunity to pull her up by her hair and pick her up by her mid section. My other hand grabbed her pussy and she was soaking, meaning that it was time. I threw her onto the bed and she bounced twice before she turned around to crawl away. I grabbed both her legs and pulled her back as she squealed and started laughing. She was lying on her chest and I went to pull her throng, but she started resisting, trying to pull it up and stop my satisfaction. I put my entire body weight on her while my left hand went for her hair, which gave me enough time to rip the thong off and stick my dick in.

She gasped as I went all in before gritting her teeth and grunting when I started thrusting her prone bone style. Her dress was coming apart in some places so I pulled her back into doggy position, grabbed her shoulder straps, pulled them violently to the sides where I heard a rip as her entire bare body and tits were now free. I pushed her back into prone bone and fucked her more. “FUCK!” She screamed “stop fucking up my dresses!” She managed to let out with a laugh, in between our moaning and grunting. “Put up more of a fight then!” I grunted back at her, which made us both start laughing.

Eventually after some behind action, she gasped harder. “Stop!” She shouted. I stopped immediately a little confused. I pulled out and said “you ok?”. She immediately turned around, grabbed my shoulders and pinned my back to the bed. She climbed on top of me with a devilish smile and positioned her pussy above my dick. “you cheat!” I yelled out, surprised and amused at her tactic. “Not cheating if there’s no rules” she said with a dominant satisfaction as she pushed herself into me and started riding me.

I’ll admit, that was a good move. So I let her have her way (for now). Her tits and hair were flying as she moved her hips forward and back, tightening her pussy and sending me into loud moans and groans. “Yeah, you like that! She screamed back. “Ah! Ah! Told you it ain’t gonna happen”. She was getting me close and she herself starting rolling her eyes as my hands were steadying her by her pelvis. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum!” She kept spewing.

I used this opportunity to flip her back onto the bed and get her into missionary. She looked at me with shock and I pushed harder into her with a cheeky smile. She screamed and laughed, but we were both close. “Cheater!” She laughed out. “Do it then! Fucking cum inside me again. I’m all yours. Cum into me now!!!” She started cumming and that was my cue. A few thrusts and then one big final one. Shooting strings of cum again as her eyes like last time lit up. She wrapped her boots around me, kicking me but I braced through the pain and focused on filling her up.

I collapsed on her as we both panted heavily. She smiled and said “fuck! So close! I almost had you”. I looked at her back and said “you were fucking great. I was tempted to let you win”. “Fuck off!” She said whilst we both laughed. I rolled off her as we both laid in the stained bed, except this time we were in no hurry to leave. I was exhausted and just closed my eyes…


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    If you guys enjoyed that, I can’t wait to talk about the many other battles we had.

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