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The Payment – Chapter 1

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**Chapter 1**

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 18:34\] Hey I just read you post, I’m 44, also from living in Brisbane. I’m interested in meeting up, but not sure if this is a fake ad :/

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 19:01\] Hi yea im real, not into time wasters tho. A lot of people on here just msg then disappear.

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 19:02\] I’m definitely not here to waste your time, I’m really serious about meeting up and can host at my house. Could you let me know what services you’re currently offering?

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 19:35\] reg sex, condom on at all times, 1 hour meet ups, $500. at a house or hotel only, no car hookups. Plz don’t be drunk or on drugs.

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 19:36\] oh and I need a face pic before meeting as well

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 19:38\] I really need a discreet service which makes me very hesitant to show my face. Would you guarantee my privacy as I would protect yours?

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 20:20\] no face, no meet up. And yes im very new to this and want to keep only a few clients of my choosing. I provide a very private service.

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 20:25\] Well, maybe it is best I just tell you straight up then. I’m married with two kids. It’s the reason I need this to be incredibly private.

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 20:43\] I dont want to be a homewrecker or have any drama

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 20:47\] You won’t be, and I promise there will be no drama. I have my reasons for wanting this and will keep you out of it. I can host this coming week as my wife and kids are interstate with her family on the South Coast. It will be totally safe, she won’t find out.

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 21:03\] hmmm send me a face pic

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 21:05\] Do you want a dick or body pic?

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 21:07\] face only plz

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 21:20\] \[PICTURE MESSAGE\]

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 22:40\] Ok. When are u free?

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 22:45\] Tuesday night at 6pm? So you’re 20 years old? I liked your photos…

Olivia \[Sun 12/5/2019 22:57\] Tuesday night is fine for me, will msg u on tues for your address. yes I’m 20 🙂

Adam \[Sun 12/5/2019 22:59\] Looking forward to meeting you, can I do anything to prepare?

* ​

Adam stared up at the white light illuminating from his smart phone as he lay in his empty queen sized ensemble. He waited for a reply which never came, refreshing his inbox while becoming mildly irritated. He scrolled back to Olivia’s original advertisement and looked at her photo. What nationality was she? Cuban? Surely somewhere in South America. He dark skin tone, black hair and dark eyes suggested family history from somewhere exotic. His eyes glanced at the white light reflecting so easily of his very pale arm, it would be nice to be more tanned. The photo Olivia shared on her ad showed her wearing a small purple bikini swimsuit which revealed her good sized rear. Her breasts were small and her stomach was flat and tight. The luxuries of your twenties, he thought to himself. Her hair was curly but tied back as she smiled shyly into the selfie.

Adam was considerably fit himself, visiting the gym three times per week and running up to 15 kms a few times per week. Despite this, looking at Olivia made him feel old. He hoped to be able to show her his fitness in more photos, though she didn’t seem interested. He had kept his slim figure, manscapped regularly and always spent time caring for his appearance. His eight-and-a-half inch manhood had always been a surprise the first time his former partners had pulled his jocks down. There were two reactions, both included “oh my god”, but one in a giggly awe and the other in a wary hesitation. He had been seeing a girl from his supermarket job during his early twenties, she had been very small and they spent thirty minutes trying to fit it in. Eventually he had been able to push in and out of her a few times, but he could see from her facial expressions that she was uncomfortable. He then settled for her mouth.

His wife Rachel only took a few gentle pushes until it seemed to be a perfect fit, she very much liked his size. They had their first time in his university dorm, where only minutes had passed before he felt her stomach tense and let out staggered moans. Uoh…Uoh….Uoh… Getting softer until she was only left the movement of her breasts moving to the rhythm of her heavy breathing. She was staring up at him, her eyes wide with what seemed like a little like shock. Adam didn’t find it hard to arrange the second date, where the movie was skipped in favour of another session on his squeeky dorm bed.

His mind was reeling with lust, though something niggled in his mind about Olivia being 25 years his junior, and how there was such little information about her. Her price was high, but seeing her photos made him understand how she afforded to charge this rate. She looked like the young women he slyly glanced at during trips to the beach. So pretty, young, looking full of energy, most of all, not interested in a 44 year old married man. He hoped that this wasn’t a trap and some 120kg bikie would show up at his door step, rob and blackmail him. God, I hope she isn’t in an impoverished situation and this is her only way out. Maybe I should check that. But how?

No more messages notified his smart phone and his hand found himself already rock hard. He pulled himself with his right hand, holding the picture of Olivia with his left. He thought of those little purple bikini bottoms around her ankles, trying to image what would be revealed between those tight thighs. Before long he felt the familiar warm mess pumping onto his stomach and with no wife asleep next to him it was easy to roll over and fall asleep.

* ​

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 08:23\] Hey you, how are you today? are you still available tonight?

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 08:24\] My address is 136 Derby Cres. Do you need a lift?

Olivia \[Tues14/5/2019 10:08\] Good thnx. And you? Yup I’m still free and no I can drive there. Ur wife def wont arrive in a surprise? lmao

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 10:14\] Nope, she is most definitely many hours drive away and will not be back for another 5 days. We won’t be disturbed. Do you want a cash payment?

Olivia \[Tues14/5/2019 10:19\] yes cash is fine thnx. what do you want from me? nothing freaky i

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 10:22\] Nothing too freaky lol touching your naked body, kissing, sex and maybe oral on you?

Olivia \[Tues14/5/2019 10:30\] no kissing or oral on me, and no anal. The rest is fine.

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 10:31\] That’s fine. So we’re on for tonight?

Olivia \[Tues14/5/2019 10:35\] yes, 6pm. I’m leaving your address on a piece of paper in my house for safety.

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 10:35\] Ok, looking forward to seeing you tonight 🙂

* ​

Adam paced the house, cleaning away the toys belonging to his children and placing used dishes into the washer. His mind raced with things that could go wrong. What if the neighbours see her walking in the front door? He hurried through the lounge room to the window overlooking the front yard of his neighbours home. The car was in their front car port. Damn he thought as he leaned back from the window. We are really not that close with Micah and Sally, I’ll just have to hope they don’t notice or we don’t have to interact for a while and they forget. He shut the blinds, and did for others where there was an outside view into the lounge and dining area. He had chosen this area of the house feeling Olivia might feel uncomfortable on his marital bed. Or am I uncomfortable with that, he pondered, swallowing a pang of guilt which came alongside an image of his wife and children playing on a south coast beach.

He checked his smartphone, swiped away notifications of work emails and a message from Rachel. The time was 5:36pm and there was a message from Olivia.

Olivia \[Tues14/5/2019 17:28\] Hey, im on my way, be there a little after 6. I’ll msg when im out the front

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 17:37\] No problem, see you soon! 🙂

Adam walked back into the kitchen, dropped his phone on the counter next to the small pile of cash notes and headed for the en suite shower. The nervousness washed over him in the shower, he’d never gone through with something like this before. He had been only texting Catherine, a solicitor in the office building next door to his firm. She was also married and close to his age, however they no longer exchange messages. He felt himself grow slightly hard thinking of the video she had sent him, the little moans and her fingers dancing around between her legs. Maybe I should text her again. He quickly shook that dangerous thought off, he had narrowly avoided a disastrous situation with her. Being a lawyer, he had seen what the risks were of maneuvers such as his communications with Catherine, the main reason why he thought paying someone might be a more discreet avenue.

He took a deep breath, his thoughts were moving rapidly and he needed to relax. He toweled his recently man-scaped body, a task he had carefully paid attention to the night before. His next step was his stepping into his newest pair of jocks pulling them over his already half erect weapon, following by walking into his walk-in robe to dress. He found a pair of tight jeans and reasonable t-shirt, looking good without appearing the try too hard, realising how self-conscious he was feeling. He walked back to the kitchen, stuffed the money into his jean pocket and picked up his phone. 17:51. No new notifications.

He walked the house, trying to distract himself, feeling jittery and knowing there was no real way to back out now. You may as well relax and enjoy this, it is as good as done.

Olivia \[Tues14/5/2019 18:04\] hey im out the front

* ​

Adam’s heart leaped and he briskly walked to the front window in the lounge overlooking the driveway. A small grey car was parked there, he could make out a silhouette of frizzy hair tied back. He barely felt the relief knowing it most likely her in the car over the intense adrenaline pumping through every part of his body. Having sex with someone new for the first time in 15 years. Adam looked back at his phone.

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 18:05\] Come in, it’s safe 🙂

Adam heard the car door open and Olivia stepped out closing the door behind her. She wore a very simple, tight black dress that was a third of the way up her thighs. Her skin tone was dark and Adam still could not put his finger on what her background might be. Latin America, he speculated as he pulled back from the window, not wanting her to notice him.

He walked to the door and opened it as she was passing over half way to the door. She walked with ease though her dress did look tight on her hips, though otherwise relatively modest. It was the type of dress someone might wear at a cocktail bar on Friday night. As she approached, Adam was surprised how tall she was, probably only a few inches shorter than him.

“Hey, how are you?”, Adam finally croaked as he stepped back for her to walk through the door. “Good thank you”. Olivia spoke clearly, “you have a really nice house”. “Thanks”, he shut the door, “please make yourself at home”.

Olivia hands were rested in front of her and she held a simple black handbag with a silver clasp. She stood awkwardly, her large, dark eyes darting up to him and quickly down. “Come this way to the lounge room”, Adam said and led her from the front foyer into lounge area where they both sat on his deep, over-sized couch.

“I got way here way quicker than I expected, there’s usually so much traffic at this time.” “Yeah, you said you were going to be later but here you are right on time”, Adam smiled but was died a little inside for sounding so incredibly lame. “You don’t look 44”, Olivia smiled at Adam, “which is good for you I guess”. They both chuckled, and Olivia breathed out, “sorry I’m very new at this.” “So am I”, Adam laughed, “I’m not your first am I? I mean, in this situation.” “No, no”, she said, “I have other clients, but I still get nervous the first time meeting someone you know”. “I understand, I’m a little nervous myself”, Adam changed his tone, “Can I get you something? A drink, water…” “No”, Olivia interrupted, “I’m fine, but thank you.” “There will be no surprise visitors, I promise” “You’re sure? I was so worried your wife would come home early or something.” “No, there is absolutely no chance of that.”

Olivia visibly relaxed, opened her handbag and produced her smartphone in a yellow case. She tapped away with her manicured nails as she spoke, “My friend’s older sister does this sort of work as well and she helps, I’m just texting her to say I’m safe.” “That’s a good idea, I suppose you never know when you’re meeting people on the internet.” Adam looked at her legs while she was distracted with her texting, Jesus Christ he has a tight body. “Yeah, exactly! There are so many weirdos out there. Some guy messaged to ask me if I would suck him off while he was on the toilet.” “What, really?”, Adam blurted out, genuinely surprised by this. “Yep, I mean, whatever guys are into is fine, but I’m not into that”, she put her phone away, “What do you do for work?” “I’m a corporate lawyer, specializing in tax law”, Adam replied. “Cool”, Olivia said looking around the room, “It’s why you have such a nice place I guess.” “I guess”, Adam reached into his pocket and brought out the folded notes and handed them to her, “That’s um, what I owe you, just to get it out of the way”. “Oh, thanks”, she took the notes and put them loose into her handbag, “That’s fine thank you.”

Olivia chatted, “I don’t know what to do, I’m doing a bachelor of arts at uni, I know it’s a waste of time probably”. Adam wore a thoughtful face, “I don’t think it’s a total waste, if you change courses you might get a lot of credit for those subjects”. “I suppose”, she paused and stood up and took a deep breath, “um, I just normally do this to start.” Olivia reached behind herself and Adam heard soft unzipping before she pushed the small straps down her arms and shrugged out of her dress and shoes. She stepped out of her dress which was left in a pile with her shoes on the ground and performed a quick spin. Adam was completely in awe of Olivia and he could feel himself feeling more restricted in his jeans.

She was wearing mixed matched underwear, a yellow lace bra, covering what appeared to be very small A-cup breasts. Her underwear was skin colour, a lighter tone than her brown skin, and in “cheeky bottom” style he had seen in bikinis on beach. She was extremely skinny and her belly piercing complemented her perfectly flat stomach. She sat back down on the lounge, leaned into Adam and suddenly his left arm was around her shoulder. Her skin felt so soft to Adam and she her perfume overwhelmed his senses, driving his unstoppable lust for this young woman.

He touch her with his free hand, stroking her firm stomach gently. “This is OK?”, he checked in. “Yeah”, she replied simply as he let his hand slide down her hips and over her thighs. He let his hands explore as they sat in silence, until he gently pushed her forward so he could unlatch her bra. She wriggled out of it and it fell uselessly to floor near her dress and handbag. He slowly moved both his hands from her back, around to feel her chest. “They’re too small, I know”, Olivia broke the slience. “No, they are absolutely perfect, I don’t mind a smaller size.” “You’re just saying that”, she giggled. “No!”, he laughed back a little, “I really do, you have such an amazing body.” “Thanks”, she smiled up at him and Adam noticed his gentle play had made her nipples pop slightly more. He looked down at what he was touching to find two very small mounds with perfect little nipples. They only moved slightly when he cupped her and a colour change gave the impression the bikini she favoured.

“I’m feeling a bit naked here”, she said quietly and tugged at his jean leg and Adam reluctantly removed his hands. He unbuttoned himself and awkwardly slid his jeans off while Olivia watched from his shoulder. As he kicked off, Olivia gently touched him over his jocks and found him completely rigid. “That was easy”, she said biting her lower lip. Adam let out a little moan, leaned in and kissed her neck and his hand was now working it’s way up her inner thigh. His hand moved over her size eight underwear and he felt her shape, gently stroking her up and down. She pulled her hands to her hips and slid out of the underwear leaving Olivia completely naked in Adam’s arms.

Adam touched only smoothness between her legs, she clearly waxes, he thought. She moved some wetness around and she continued to gently tickle his bulge. A few minutes had past and she reached into her handbag and produced a square object he had not seen since he was dating. Even then I tended to avoid them, he remembered. “Ok”, she said and stood, grabbing his jocks with two hands and easily dragging them off. His generously sized length flicked back and for a split second she seemed to react but quickly steadied herself. Adam expected the reaction of surprise and hoped it wouldn’t be a problem in the next moments.

She kneeling on the lounge next to him when she touched him and Adam opened his mouth and leaned back moaning. She wrapped her hand around him and slowly pulled him up and down. His hips moved in pleasure, desperately trying to relax and not end the experience early. She took the square pack and opened it, they had to work together to get the condom on. They were able to roll it about three quarters of the way down. “That should work”, Adam said out load, but not completely certain.

Olivia straddled him, hanging onto Adam’s shoulders, her hair all over him, her scent drove him crazy. She teased him, moving her hips, gently showing him wear he will soon squeezing into. Adam kissed her neck, grabbed her hips to bring her chest to his face and took one her nipples into his mouth while touching her the smooth warmth between her legs. She pushed herself gently on him, he felt his tip begin to go inside her and out again, she adjusted her position and continued but stopped again. “I’m sorry, I can’t get comfortable”, she said. “No don’t be sorry, should we move somewhere else?” “Maybe that will help”, she replied awkwardly.

After Olivia had crawled off Adam, he stood up and gently took her hand into his, leading her to the dining area. He gently pushed her against the solid wood dining setting, held her hips and kissed her neck. Adam had his hands all over her and he thought for a moment he must seem like he hadn’t had sex in decades. He obsessed over her body, squeezing her cute brown bottom, marveling at how tight everything was. Olivia was cupping and stroking him with elegance, young but has some experience.

Adam took off his shirt and Olivia pulled herself to a sitting position on the end of the dining table before laying down. Adam placed his hands under thighs, pull her closer and she raised her legs onto his chest. “Please go in slowly”, she said. “Of course, just let me know if I need to stop”, Adam said seriously. “Yeah yeah, it’s ok”, dismissing, possibly trying not to ruin the moment. Adam ran his hands over her, enjoying the birds eye view of her body. He remembered a movie he saw recently, the quote was, “hairless from the eyebrows down”, an accurate description of Olivia.

Adam held Olivia’s hand as he slowly edged his way into her, she was tense, and squeezed his hand to signal him to stop one or two times. Eventually, he managed to have half his length inside her and was moving in and out slightly faster. It felt tight, and he monitored her facial expression to ensure he wasn’t causing her pain. God, now I have to find a way to last more than three pumps, he thought. He looked at the ceiling to distract himself, he wanted to last slightly longer than this. He let Olivia’s long brown legs fall either side of him and he leaned in, kissing her chest and shoulder, moving faster. She had become more slippery and was able to slide in and out of her with more ease, though still not his whole length.

Olivia was quiet, only a little breath every time he pushed into her, occasionally a split-second moan. For one tiny second, her head moved back, her body arcing upwards, stomach tensing. Did she just climax? A thought that was quickly dissipated as Adam groaned loudly, his shaft pulsating, giving him overpowering release. Olivia let out a surprised moan, the most noise she had made.

Adam was still inside her, breathing heavily, still leaned over her, a delicate hand on his chest. He stood up and slowly pulled himself out her and she sat up, aptly taking the condom off him and tying it in a knot. “I can take this if you like, so nobody finds it”, she said breaking the silence. “No, it’s fine I can get rid of it”, he took it from her and quickly paced to the kitchen bin. He returned to watch her naked body walk back to towards the lounge and quickly slide her underwear back on.

“Thank you for coming, you are amazing”, Adam said, putting his jocks and jeans on, unsure if this was the right thing to say. “You’re welcome”, she replied latching her bra, “you’re nice which makes it easy.” Olivia wriggled into her dress, putting the straps over her shoulders. “Can you zip me up?” “Of course”, Adam walked to her and zipped her dress up her back. The sight of her skin made him feel regretful that she was clothed again. “Any plans for tonight?”, Adam asked as she put on her shoes. “I’m going to a concert with friends, I don’t know what it is, some artist, they just bought me a ticket. I’ve actually got to get there soon.” “That sounds fun, I hope you have a great time”, Adam replied, desperately hoping she wouldn’t ask him. “What about you?” she asked. Damn. “Uh, just going to dinner a friend’s house soon”, he lied. “That sounds nice as well”, Olivia was dressed and ready. “Thank you”. She put an arm around his shoulder and kissed his cheek. “Would you available again soon?” he asked. “Of course, just let me know when you’re free.” She was at the door. “See you soon!” And she was gone.

* ​

Adam \[Tues14/5/2019 21:43\] Hey, thanks for earlier, you’re lovely. Are you free this week? My wife is not home again for a few days.

Olivia \[Wed15/5/2019 10:05\] Hey, im sorry I have uni assignments all week, next week? Sorry for being a bit weird yesterday, it was just uncomfortable in some positions. Ur very big and im very small lol

Adam \[Wed15/5/2019 10:15\] Yeah, I get that sometimes, but you weren’t weird at all. I didn’t hurt you did I?

Olivia \[Wed15/5/2019 10:34\] No it was fine, so I won’t see you ever again cuz your wife will be back?

Adam \[Wed15/5/2019 10:36\] We will make it work somehow, maybe I could get a hotel room next time? Also, no one is home at my house during the day.

Olivia \[Wed15/5/2019 10:41\] Sounds risky lol hotel would work. Hope you have a great day x

Adam \[Wed15/5/2019 10:42\] You too, I’ll message you next week.

Adam put his phone down and leaned back on his chair and looked out at the city from his office window on the 20th floor. He couldn’t think his work emails, or anything except fucking Olivia. Young enough to be your daughter you fucking creep. His mind went back to the bathroom stall he was in a few hours ago. I can’t do that again, he thought.

“Adam, are you coming to the managers meeting?”, Jon was at his office door. “Yup”, Adam stood, “just getting my notes together.” “Great, see you there”, Jon spoke walking away. Adam picked up his phone and then replaced it on the desk. I have to concentrate somehow. He picked up his coffee cup, cold now, and left his office

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