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The New Neighbor chapter 1

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I’m sure we’ve all been there, a house in your neighborhood goes up for sale, and you wonder who will move in. For me, with the house in question being only two doors down from mine, and seeing it every day when I come home from work, I was really hoping it would be somebody hot. The house sat vacate for nearly a year while it was being renovated, before a for sale sign finally went up in front of it.

It wasn’t too long before the sign was taken down, the Elder’s Quorum president was texting to see who could help move a new family in, and I was driving home one day to see a young family moving in. I quickly parked my car and walked over to help, with the Elder’s Quorum president introducing me to the father of the family.

“Hi, I’m Bryan,” he said as we shook hands and told him my name. He seemed familiar but I wasn’t sure how. He introduced his two young daughters to me, then told me that his wife was back at their old house, finishing packing. I helped unload the moving truck, telling him I’ll keep an eye out for their return and be back to help then.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to help that night and by the time I got off work the next day, it appeared that they were done, as the mom, a tall blonde, was outside, playing with her two daughters. I waved as I drove pass, got another feeling of familiarity when the mom smiled and waved back, then walked into my house. My wife greeted me and said, “did you see the new neighbors? Recognize them?” I told her no, but they looked familiar and she said, “do you remember Amanda from when we worked at the grocery store?”

Did I remember Amanda? Who could forget Amanda? Tall, blonde, beautiful body, kindest person in the world, but a little naive, we worked in different departments but worked similar shifts, so we would often take our breaks and lunches together, and I would walk her out to her car when she left at night. We became good friends and remained until her husband returned from his mission and she quit the job after their marriage and we lost touch.

There was a knock on the door and I opened it to see Amanda and her daughters standing there. I invited them inside, introduced her kids to mine, who immediately took off to go play, and the three of us sat down and caught up on our lives. Bryan was gone a lot for his career, and they didn’t like where they were living, so they moved closer to Amanda’s parents so they would feel safer and have some family nearby. And now that they already knew some people in the neighborhood, they felt even better with their move. When her and her kids left an hour later, we exchanged numbers and told her to call any time she needed something and we would see them at church on Sunday. As they walked away, my wife said, “I’m jealous, she looks exactly like she did ten years ago, besides her hips being a little bigger after giving birth.”

It was a few days later when Amanda called and asked if I could help her put a TV up on a wall at her house. It happened to be my day off, so I grabbed some tools, walked over to her house, and she let me in, showing me where the TV was at. As I worked, we caught up some more, reliving old times we had at the grocery store. I kept looking at her, she really did have a natural beauty about her, her blonde hair hanging in ringlets around her face, brown eyes, red lips with a wide smile, perfect white teeth. She was dressed very modestly, a green and white stripped shirt, black capris, a big diamond ring on her left hand, a cute bracelet on her right wrist. She had an easy-going personality that just made her that more beautiful, and it was easy to make her laugh. She wasn’t rail thin, but was still skinny, just a little wide in the hips.

She surprised me when she said, “you know, I had the biggest crush on you back then. When Bryan went off on his mission, I kept hoping you would ask me on a date.”

Shocked, I said, “wow. I had thought about it, even had some of the guys there telling me to do it. But, I knew how much you loved Bryan and didn’t think you would say yes.”

“Yeah, that’s one of the things I liked about you. It was a confusing time.”

Things went quiet as I worked on getting her TV hung up. When I was done, Amanda thanked me, then gave me a hug. As we started to pull away, she surprised me again by kissing my lips. I was shocked, but put my arms back around her, and leaned into the kiss, returning it with my own lips. When she ended the kiss, she stumbled backwards onto her couch and said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. It’s just…I don’t know. I’m pretty sure Bryan cheats on me when he’s gone, and I’ve been so lonely because he’s gone so much, but he treats me and the girls so good when he’s here and I wouldn’t know what to do without him and I saw you when we moved in and how happy you and your family is and I had all these old feelings return and how seeing how nice you were to come help me, I couldn’t help but want to kiss you.”

As Amanda rambled on, I saw down on the couch next to her and pulled her back into my arms and said, “Amanda, it’s fine, no need to explain. Now, why do you think Bryan is cheating on you?”

Amanda took a deep breath, brushing her blonde hair away from her eyes, before she said, “he’s never come right out and said it, but he’s hinted enough to me that he sleeps around. I’ve heard females in his hotel room, even saw one once when we were facetiming, but he tried to hide her in his bed. But, even if I could prove it, I don’t think it would change anything. I love him so much and he treats me and the girls so good.”

She rested her head on my head for a second before continuing, “I’m sorry, that’s a lot to throw at you. I’ve just always felt so comfortable around you and having you back in my life just feels so right. I understand if you want to leave.”

She went to move but as she did, I stopped her and said, “actually, there’s something else I would rather do.” She asked me what it was and I responded but grabbing her face and kissing her lips again. Her body melted into mine as I pulled her on top of me. Our tongues swirling together, I reached down, taking her ass into my hands, grabbing and squeezing her cheeks, pulling her body closer into mine. Feeling my cock start to grow hard in my pants, I shifted until her covered pussy was above it, and still holding onto her ass, started to help her grind on me as we made out.

Amanda broke our kiss, telling me how good I felt. I started to kiss her neck, telling her in between kissed how often I had thought about grabbing her butt while she worked, hoping to just accidentally brush pass it some days. She moaned in my ear as I squeezed her ass and said, “what else did you dream about doing to me?” I replied back, “everything.” She said, “tell me. No. Show me.” I asked her, “how far are you willing to go?” She looked me in the eyes and said, “I haven’t stopped dreaming about you since I saw you last week. Make my dreams come true.”

I responded by removing my hands from her ass, pulling her shirt up and over her head. She had on a black bra over the top of her white Temple garments and I quickly undid the bra and pulled it off. As I pulled the bra off, Amanda reached down, pulling my shirt up and off my head, along with my garment top. I grabbed the bottom of her garment shirt and pulled it off, revealing her A cup breasts to me. I always knew she wasn’t the biggest, but she actually surprised me, with her having large areolas, and nipples that poked out, with the breasts around them being more then a handful.

I took both her breasts in my hands, squeezing them, rubbing her nipples with my fingers, then started to suck on her left nipple, switching to her right nipple as she begun to moan, her fingers running through my hair. Her hips started to move faster on my groin and I was starting to get uncomfortable. I gently pushed her off me, saying, “sorry, pants are getting tight.” Amanda got a shy smile on her face, glancing down my groin and said, “let me help with that.”

I watched as she kneeled in front of me, undid the button on my jeans, and pulled them off me. My hard cock was trying to burst through my garment shorts, and it sprung free as Amanda pulled those down and off me as well. She wrapped her hand around my nearly six inch long cock, her fingers barely touching because of its thickness and started to slowly rub me up and down. “Is that better?” She asked me to which I answered, “yes it is.” She then said, “how about we make it feel even better?”

She stood up, sliding her pants and garment bottoms off. I barely had a chance to glance at her pussy, a trimmed bush above it, before she was laying down on the couch, pulling me on top of her, and sliding the tip of my cock inside her. I took over, pushing in deep, resting a second as we kissed, then pulling myself back out before pushing back. I used my arms and hands to push myself above Amanda, bending over to kiss all over her face as I worked my cock deep inside her, giving her my full length with every thrust.

Amanda was moaning every time my cock buried itself in her, my thickness stretching out the sides of her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back, pulling me in close to her, her arms around my neck. I laid down on her, kissing her neck as I jackhammered into her, over and over, faster and harder. I told her I was getting close and asked if I needed to pull out. She told me no and I pushed myself back up again, pulling out to my tip, then pushing my full length back into her. Her moans getting loader, her hips rocking to meet mine as I slammed into her, until we both orgasmed at the same time, my body collapsing onto hers, our mouths meeting in a passionate kiss as I pumped my cum deep inside her.

As we came down from our orgasms, her legs loosened around my back, I finished a couple smaller pumps in her, and then pulled out, Amanda scooted up on the couch, her back against the arm rest, while I turned to sit on the couch. She grabbed a pillow and held it up against her naked body, still breathing deep. I looked over at her and asked, “are you ok?” She shook her head no and I asked, “something I did? What can I do to help?” She didn’t answer, just staring pass me, so I got up and started to get dressed. I looked at her as I pulled my clothes on and said, “if you need to talk, I’ll be here for you.” She finally spoke, saying, “just leave.” Not wanting to push anything, I left, slowly walking back to my house.

As the rest of the day went on, I couldn’t take my mind off Amanda, hoping she was OK, debating on texting her to make sure when I received a text from her. It said, “sorry for how I acted afterwards. You didn’t do anything wrong, nor did I. Honestly, that was amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever felt that good. I was just in shock at how great I was feeling. Hope you’re not mad at me.” I quickly assured her that I wasn’t mad, just concerned how she was feeling. She replied back she was feeling great, and was looking for more projects for me to help her with.

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