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The New Guest

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My wife and I live in a complex and there is a cottage beside us that we rent out on a monthly basis. My wife handles all of the management of the property. A new guest moved in. She was a beautiful blonde who was going through a trial separation from her husband. She is probably in her mid-30’s and was smoking hot!

At first she wasn’t there very much and when she was she would come very late and leave very early in the morning. After staying for a couple of weeks she told my wife that she would like to extend the lease for 4 months if it was available. Lucky for me it was open!

After she renewed her lease, she began to stay all of the time. I ran into her the first time as I was leaving the driveway and she was pulling in. I backed up, rolled down my window and introduced myself. She smiled and told me her name and then we made eye contact that seemed to send signals to both of us. She told me she was sure we’d run into each other a lot more now that she was staying here full time. I said I hope so and off we went.

A few days went by and then one morning I noticed that her lights were on when I got up to head to work. My wife doesn’t have to be up as early as I do so she was still sound asleep. From my kitchen window I can see directly into her bedroom. Usually it is competently dark and the blinds are drawn but today the light was on and the blinds were open enough that I could see inside. I immediately turned off the light so she couldn’t see me. No sooner had the room gone dark that this sexy woman moved into view. She was wearing white panties and a sexy white top. She appeared to be making her bed but she kept bending over directly toward my window! I thought this girl knows I am watching and she is giving me a helluva a show!

After a few minutes, she turned toward the window and moved the blind a little as if to look to see if I was there. Then off she went. I thought well the show is over and proceeded to head for the shower. After showering I went back to the kitchen window and there she was. She was wrapped in a towel and appeared to have just gotten out of the shower as well. I turned on the lights so she would know I was back in the kitchen if she was really putting on a show for me. Sure enough as soon as the light went on she turned toward to window and dropped her towel. Oh my God, this woman is gorgeous I thought.

I too had a towel and I was sort of peeking around from the side of the window. But the more I watched the more hard my dick grew. I said what the hell and I dropped the towel and positioned myself right in front of the window. Let’s see how she reacts to this I thought. I definitely did not want to scare her off because I was enjoying her show so much. I also didn’t want her to think I was some kind of weirdo so I pretended to be washing my hands. After I washed I reached up and stretched as if I wasn’t aware she was watching. But my semi-hard cock probably gave that away.

Then the best thing in the world happened. She pulled open her blinds and there she stood, her terrific naked body glistening in the light. She looked up at my window and raised her window. She motioned for me to do the same. I didn’t want to wake my wife so I raised it as quietly as I could. At this point we both knew what we were doing. We were giving each other a pleasure moment that you always talk about. A moment that will be forever ingrained in our memories.

She looked a me, smiled and said she would meet me at my car when I left. I whispered ok, then got dressed, kissed my wife goodbye and headed to my car. There she was waiting for me. She asked me how happily married am I. I told we were very happily married but we are hedonists and we believe if life presents pleasure–filled opportunities then we should be grateful and pursue them…(can you tell I am an avid reader since this sounds just like The Flourishing Hedonist doesn’t it?). I told her my wife and I don’t believe in the crazy idea of monogamy but we also don’t believe in lying to each other either. She said, “Wow! If my husband thought like you do we might still be together but he is such a prude. I like new experiences. It doesn’t mean I dislike my old experience I just want to try new things and try them with new people.”

“Exactly,” I said. “My wife and I have been that way for a long time now. At first of course, you want to be with that one person all the time but life is about expansion and to us that includes sex. Why would we be blessed with a strong sex drive and be forced to suppress it. Doesn’t make sense does it?”

She reached up and hugged me and said, “My God, that is just what I needed to hear at this moment in my life!”

Then she smiled and said, “Okay, let’s plan to meet at the windows at 6 every morning and let’s give each other new experiences.” “I said it’s a date!”

For the conclusion, she moved out last week and before she did we made it a point to take our morning showtimes a step further. On her last day, instead of meeting at our windows I went to her place and we started the day fucking each other like animals. It was the hottest sex either of us had ever had and it is because of the build up from our pleasure-filled mornings. We both thanked each other and wished each other well. We also decided we wouldn’t continue to see each other for now. She said she was going to try and convince her husband to think like me. But somehow, I have a feeling we may “accidentally” run into each other again!

[The Flourishing Hedonist](

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