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The Landlside by Wilderness Cry

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The Landslide

Chapter One

My name is Scott. I’m 28. I completed my PhD in Phys Ed last summer and its now early new year. I started in a teaching and research post at a new university last September, which meant splitting from my girlfriend. I could have stayed where I was, but this was a better opportunity for me. She could have applied for a transfer, to come with me, but felt settled where she was. The fact that neither of us tried very hard to keep us together said it all. But four months without sex is rough. I’m horny all the time.

My half-sister, Bethan, is 23. Mom and my Dad weren’t married. She told me he couldn’t handle the sleepless nights when I was a baby, so he bailed. Thanks, Dad. Love you too! He’s never been in touch, so I don’t know him. I only have Mom’s side of the story, so I try not to judge him. Jerk.

Mom married Bethan’s dad, a cool Jamaican guy, called Reg. I liked him, but sadly he died when Bethan was still young. Bethan’s half-caste, with beautiful coffee-coloured skin, long black hair and dark eyes. No-one would ever guess that we’re related. We’ve even got different surnames.

She went to university in Scotland, met a guy called Gregor on her course, and moved in with him. When they graduated, they moved right up into the far northern highlands near his parents, but it hasn’t lasted. He became verbally abusive and controlling, and this Christmas was the last straw. He wouldn’t let her visit Mom and me. She asked me to drive up to get her things and take her back home to Mom, to start again.

Fortunately, they don’t have any kids. I think it’s him. He’s a seedless prick, and I’ve never really liked him. Bethan insists he has never been violent, but I have a suspicion she’s lying for my sake. I’ve always been very protective of her, and she’s knows I’d skin him alive and drown him in Loch Ness if he ever hurt her. Which wouldn’t do much for my career.

She’s leaving him without telling him, while he’s at work, increasing my suspicion that he’s been knocking her about. I hope he comes home while I’m there. I’ll drown him in the Loch anyway.

It’s a long drive, so I set off the day before and booked myself into a B&B about an hour’s drive from Bethan’s. The following morning, I had breakfast and completed the journey, arriving at Bethan’s just before ten. The seedless prick had already gone to work, and that left us most of the day to pack Bethan’s belongings, load up the car, and disappear.

Bethan ran out to greet me, throwing her arms around my neck and squeezing me tight, as she always has. Her mood swung between joy and sadness as she sorted through her things and came across stuff that reminded her of either good times or bad. She had to leave the furniture they had bought together. My car wasn’t big enough, and neither was Mom’s place. She resigned herself to that and stuffed my car to bursting point with everything else she could take.

We hit the road at five in the afternoon, giving us about an hour to put some distance between us and the seedless prick before he got home and discovered his life had fallen apart. She didn’t even leave him a note. It was pointless, she said. It would be obvious she had left him.

It was already dark and just starting to rain when we left, but the plan was to drive through the night and get to Mom’s sometime in the morning, depending on how often we stopped for a break.

The weather had other ideas. Within minutes of our leaving the heavens opened, and the downpour was horrendous. The worst I’d seen in years. Driving through the highlands along winding unlit lanes, it was pitch black. Even with the wipers going full-tilt and my headlights on main beam I could only see a few yards in front of me, and it slowed us right down to a crawl. I didn’t want to leave the road on a bend and roll down the side of a mountain.

We decided to keep going as long as we could, hoping the storm would pass, but I knew I would soon be exhausted from the intense concentration needed to keep us on the road if it didn’t. I realised we might have to find somewhere to stop for the night.

The weather took the decision out of our hands. It just got worse, and we got slower. Eventually, as we rounded a bend at about nine pm, I saw blue flashing lights ahead of us. A police vehicle was blocking the road. I stopped, and a half-drowned policeman approached our car, leaning into the driving wind and rain. I opened the window an inch, immediately feeling the icy wind fill the car as I got a face full of rain. The officer told us the road was blocked by a landslide caused by the rain. We’d have to turn back and find a different route to our destination, or better still, find a hotel for the night. He said it wasn’t safe to travel in those conditions and reminded us of a roadside pub we had passed a little earlier. They had a few rooms.

He guided our turnaround on the narrow road, and we headed back the way we came. About half an hour later we found the pub and pulled into the car park. It was almost full. We hurried inside to find people queuing at a desk. We weren’t the only ones unexpectedly looking for a room. There must have been an announcement on the radio about the landslide.

By the time everyone else had checked in, there was only one room left. A double. I looked at Bethan, quizzically. She shrugged and nodded. What choice did we have?

The room was clean, and looked comfortable enough, though it was small and chilly. The windows were only single-glazed. I guessed they weren’t accustomed to getting a lot of overnight visitors in the winter. I had hoped there would be a sofa I could sleep on. There wasn’t even enough space on the floor, and no spare blankets.

“We’ll just sleep with some clothes on,” said Bethan. “We’ll probably need each other’s body heat to stop us getting hypothermia, anyway.”

Having found our room, we went down to the bar and ordered a hot meal and a drink. It took a while to get served, and by the time we had eaten we were surprised to find it was nearly eleven. I was exhausted and ready for bed.

We had left everything in the car because it was still raining so hard, so when we returned to our room, we just took off our jeans and got into bed in our t-shirts, socks and underwear. The bed was cold, and as Bethan curled up on her side under the duvet, she asked me to spoon her to try to warm us up. It seemed a good idea, so I wrapped my arms around her and snuggled up to her.

Eventually we did get warm, and I could tell from her breathing that Bethan had fallen asleep. It had been a long time since I had cuddled up to her like this, since we were kids really, and it felt good.

It had also been a long time since I’d had sex. I was as horny as hell, and my body was pressed up against the body of a beautiful, shapely woman. Yes, she was my half-sister, but my instincts didn’t seem to care. I knew it was wrong, but I wasn’t thinking straight. I very slowly and cautiously moved my hand up to feel one of her breasts. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, and I listened for the slightest change in her breathing, alert for the slightest movement that would suggest she had woken up, but she stayed sound asleep.

I gently massaged her breast through her t-shirt and bra. It was a generous handful and felt wonderful. I began to get an erection and tried to will it away. My hips were pressed up against Bethan’s bum, and she had somehow wrapped one of her legs around mine, so I was trapped. I was sure my hard-on would wake her, but it didn’t. Eventually I relaxed a little, enjoying the feel of her ample breast in my hand, as I ever-so-gently rubbed myself up against her bum. Thankfully, she didn’t stir once. Unfortunately, it just made me feel hornier and hornier, until I couldn’t help myself.

I managed to carefully untangle myself from her leg without disturbing her and rolled on to my back. I had one arm wrapped around underneath Bethan, so I couldn’t move it. With my one free hand I somehow managed to pull my boxers down and my t-shirt up. I began to masturbate very slowly, still on full alert for any indication that she was stirring. I gradually felt bolder and began masturbating a little more vigorously. It felt so good. My imagination ran wild.

Bethan was naked when I felt her breast. She woke and turned towards me so that I could suck her nipple as I massaged her other breast. As she moaned softly, my hand drifted down over her soft warm stomach. She was clean-shaven. She parted her legs, and I eased a finger inside her. She was already wet, wanting me. Her hand found my erection and began masturbating me. I caressed her clitoris as I continued sucking on her nipple, and she soon began moaning and breathing harder as she became more aroused, crying out softly as she came. Pulling me on top of her, she guided me to her, and I gently pushed into her. Moving slowly at first, she matched my rhythm with her hips, building our pace and intensity together until I came in her.

I held my breath as I came on my stomach.

Feeling around in the darkness, I found the box of tissues on the bedside cabinet and cleaned myself up. I straightened my clothing and finally managed to fall asleep.

I woke naturally in the morning, surfacing slowly, and realising that I had cuddled into Bethan again, probably for the warmth. I also realised that I was cupping her breast again. As I slowly pulled my hand away, she stirred. “Morning sleepyhead,” she mumbled, still half-asleep herself.

We took turns showering and dressed in the same clothes we’d worn the day before. We went down for breakfast just in time. I’d slept later than normal after the arduous drive through the storm. It was still raining, but not as heavily.

We spoke to the landlord, who told us the road was still blocked and there was no other reasonable alternative route. He suggested we stay another night, but he didn’t have an extra room for us. I phoned Mom and told her not to expect us until at least the next day. I’d keep her posted.

Bethan kept her phone switched off.

The rain continued non-stop. We spent the day in the bar just chatting and catching up with each other’s news and plans. The news was playing constantly on the widescreen tv in the bar and we listened for local news reports about the landslide, but there was no change.

We joined in with games of darts and pool, but with plenty of equally bored guests, we only got an occasional game. We talked to some of them, but the weather was inevitably the main topic of conversation, so it quickly got boring. It was a very long day.

Eventually, we had an evening meal in the bar again and went back to our room. We both showered and half-dressed in the same clothes again, ready for bed. Bethan had managed to charm the landlady into finding some extra blankets for us, so we knew we wouldn’t be so cold this time.

I confess to feeling both disappointed and relieved. I had been looking forward to snuggling up to Bethan again, but I was painfully aware of the risk of being caught with a hard-on or playing with myself again. I knew that if I didn’t do something to relieve myself, I wouldn’t get much sleep. As the room itself was still very cold, Bethan suggested that we snuggle up again until we were warm. I was happy to oblige, but a little nervous.

As we got comfortable and relaxed with my arms wrapped around her, Bethan quietly dropped the bombshell.

“I know you touched me last night. I was awake.”

It took me a moment to compose myself. “I… I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t have. I don’t know what came over me. I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“No. It’s okay. I… I liked it. It felt good to be wanted that way… and I know what you did afterwards, too.”

I was too embarrassed to speak. She’d been awake the whole time I was laid there masturbating. That was bad enough, but had she realised I was fantasising about having sex with her? It was pretty obvious, I guessed; groping her breast and then masturbating. I was mortified.

“It never occurred to me that you would feel that way about me, and I admit I was shocked at first, but I was also flattered that I’d had that effect on you. It made me feel good. I haven’t felt good about myself for a while. Thank you.”

I tried to speak, but I couldn’t. I was glad it was too dark to see anything.

After a couple of minutes silence, she sat up. “I feel grubby sleeping in the same clothes I’ve had on for days.” I heard her getting undressed and rolled onto my back. “You should get undressed too. You must feel the same way.”

“Err, yeah… I guess so.”

I got undressed and lay back down as far onto my side of the bed as I could, so there was no contact between us. I felt cold again.

“Snuggle into me again, I’m cold.”

“Are you sure?” I wasn’t expecting that. We were naked this time. What if I got a hard-on again? That would be a disaster. Maybe my nerves would get the better of me and I’d be okay.

“Yes, I’m sure. I’m cold. Come on, at least until I’m warm again.”

I did as she asked. She did feel cold as I wrapped my arms around her again, carefully keeping my hands well away from her private areas. Her skin was so soft and smooth, and she soon began to warm up. She felt amazing. I willed my body not to react, on punishment of death. Mine.

I was too tense to relax and go to sleep, but I was slowly growing more confident that I might not get an erection after all. Then she gently took my hand and placed it on her breast. I held my breath, not daring to move.

She squeezed my hand with hers, and I gently squeezed her breast. If felt so warm, and heavy, and perfect.

“That’s nice,” she whispered. “Don’t stop.”

I began to massage her like I had done the previous evening but more firmly, and this time her breasts were uncovered, just as I had imagined when I was masturbating the night before. Inevitably, I began to get an erection.

“Mm, you like it too. Keep going.”

I grew more confident and began caressing both of her breasts, her nipples hardening like pebbles to my touch as my rapidly growing erection pressed harder against her bottom.

She turned to face me and kissed me. I responded and we were suddenly snogging passionately, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. When we parted, she touched my erection, and slowly caressed it. “You should have asked me to do this for you last night, instead of doing it yourself” she whispered.

“Would you have done it?” I asked, finally able to speak again.

“I don’t know. But I like doing it now.”

She took a firm grip and masturbated me vigorously, making me gasp. She giggled as she slowed down again. I was still caressing her breasts. I gently pushed her onto her back and lowered my mouth to one nipple. I kissed, licked, and gently sucked it, teasing it between my teeth and my tongue. She sighed, happily.

I discovered that my half-sister is one of those lucky women who can orgasm easily just from breast and nipple play. She shuddered and sighed and moaned softly as she came. All the while, she was gently stroking my erection, and it felt harder than a steel girder.

When she relaxed, she tugged my erection towards her, and spread her thighs as I moved between them. She guided me to her opening. I was breathing hard with anticipation. I gently pushed just a little, and paused. She adjusted herself and then wrapped her arms around me as I slowly eased all the way into her.

We paused again and began kissing. Then I began rolling my hips, still kissing her, keeping myself deep inside her as she rolled with me. She felt incredible. So tight, and hot, and wet.

I withdrew to the tip, and gently pushed all the way back inside her. She moaned softly into my mouth as she pushed against me. We continued like that for a while, until I couldn’t contain myself any longer. Continuing the full-length thrusts, I sped up, pushing deeper and stronger.

Bethan was moaning continuously and digging her fingers into my back. I drove harder and faster, as I felt the familiar throbbing of my approaching orgasm. I whispered her name softly, as I felt my explosive release pulsing into her in rapid waves that gradually subsided.

We laid in each other’s arms together, kissing and cuddling with me still inside her as my erection gradually receded, and I got my breath back. Neither of us spoke.

When I eventually rolled off her, Bethan went for a hot shower, and then I took my turn. Returning to bed I cuddled into her, spooning her in a way that suddenly felt so natural. Both of us were still naked.

I finally voiced the first concern that was buzzing around in my head. “Bethan, we didn’t use a condom.”

Gregor had insisted they try for a baby. They’d been trying for some time, so she wasn’t on the pill and I had just cum inside her. A lot.

“It’s okay. I knew for a while that I was probably going to leave him, so I didn’t want to get pregnant. I told him I’d stopped taking the pill, but I didn’t.”

I sighed with relief. Getting my half-sister pregnant was a seriously bad idea. Which brought me to my second concern. I’d just had sex with my half-sister. Even worse, I’d loved every second of it and wanted to do it again. What was wrong with me?

We both knew we shouldn’t have done it, but it had felt right and natural in the moment, for both of us. I had touched her and fantasised about her first, thinking she hadn’t known anything about it, but in response to that she had instigated our lovemaking tonight.

I was worried that she was reacting badly to the breakdown of her relationship and I had taken advantage of her while she was vulnerable, so even though she had instigated it, she would later regret it. It would tear our family apart. For a brief moment the prospect of prison flashed across my mind. I’d just committed incest. Was I a sexual predator and a criminal?

When I voiced my fears, she immediately reassured me, cuddling and kissing me. Maybe she was reacting to the breakdown of her relationship to some extent. She had been lonely and isolated for too long, but she couldn’t deny that she had wanted me as much as I had wanted her. She had made it happen and there was no question of her ever telling anyone. She was as guilty as me, if that was the right word.

The more we talked about it, the more we felt that what we had done was only wrong in other people’s eyes. Yes, it was against the law, but we were sensible well-balanced adults, not confused and vulnerable children or teenagers. The law was there to protect them, not us. We didn’t need it. We could make our own decisions, and we had chosen to do this.

We had wanted it and it felt right for us. We couldn’t tell anyone of course, but our conversation turned to how we could maintain our new relationship when I lived a three-hour drive from Mom’s, where Bethan was going to stay.

We drifted off to sleep with the question unresolved. I awoke the next morning in the pleasantest way I could imagine. Bethan was sucking me to an erection. When I was fully hard, she straddled me and lowered herself down onto me. I played with her breasts as she rode me, grinding herself down onto me until she came. As she laid on my chest recovering, I raised my knees to get some purchase through my feet on the bed, and began thrusting into her rapidly.

She lifted her head and looked into my eyes, watching me. That turned me on so much I came more quickly than I wanted. I came hard and deep as we gazed at each other, and Bethan smiled in satisfaction.

The storm had finally passed, and the landslide had been cleared and declared safe. The road was open for us to resume our journey. On the way we talked more, and Bethan decided to look for work and an apartment near me. Then we could let things happen naturally, without the pressure of expectation that would come with one of us making a trip to see the other.

I let Mom know our ETA, but we made better time than we anticipated. The roads were quieter than expected after the storm. She was still at work when we arrived, but we had keys and let ourselves in. Mom messaged us to take a shower and freshen up.

I’m sure she didn’t intend us to shower together, but we did. It had occurred to me on the drive home that Bethan had taken the dominant role in our new relationship so far, which was okay, but I felt it should be balanced. I told her to shower first.

Once I heard the water running, I quickly undressed and crept into the bathroom. She had her back to me, and the shower door had misted up. She jumped and giggled as I slid the door open. I was already erect in anticipation of enjoying her body again and she made a grab for it, but I gently deflected her and told her to spread her arms with her hands on the sides of the cubicle. She did as she was told.

Taking the soap, I worked up a lather and washed her all over, taking my time to tease her nipples and her clitoris, getting her thoroughly aroused. Then I told her to turn away from me and lean forward against the wall. With my hand between her legs I guided myself inside her. She was already wet, and eager for me.

Thrusting into her vigorously from behind, I caressed her breasts and stroked her clitoris, and the stimulation overload brought her to a powerful orgasm. She cried out, and her knees buckled. I held her up as I continued thrusting into her, harder and faster, lightly stroking her clitoris to prolong her orgasm as long as I could.

When she had recovered, she braced herself against the wall, pushing back at me as I rammed her as hard as I could with my hands on her hips, pulling her onto me. Slamming myself into her repeatedly, I finally came, erupting inside her in several powerful spurts.

By the time Mom got home from work, we had transferred Bethan’s belongings from my car into the spare bedroom and made a start on cooking dinner. There were the customary hugs and kisses, and then Mom expressed her concern for Bethan’s situation. She was surprised by how happy and bubbly her daughter was, considering her relationship had broken down, but quickly accepted it was clearly the right decision for her. Bethan and I smirked and exchanged furtive glances, knowing that was only half the reason for her high spirits.

I rarely use bad language, but I must admit, fucking my half-sister is a fucking awesome experience! I don’t know where it will lead, but I definitely don’t want it to stop. I’m having fantastic sex with someone who is already my best friend, and we already know each other inside out. It would be perfect if only it was legal. At least no-one will know we’re related when Bethan moves nearer to me, so we can live like a proper couple. She can keep her place on just for show when Mom comes to visit, which won’t be often.

Chapter Two

Two years later.

It’s been six months since Mom passed away. It was cancer. Mercifully, it was very quick. Bethan and I were still together and deeply in love.

We decided we wanted to get married and have children. One thing in our favour was that Mom was an only child and our grandparents were long gone, so there are no close relatives that could know about us. We have no contact with more distant relatives. The big problem was that our birth certificates showed we had the same mother. Even though Mom was married before Bethan was born, her certificate stated Mom’s maiden name, which is on my certificate too.

We hatched a plan. I studied some online programmes in graphic design and artwork and bought some expensive software to go with it. After a lot of practice, I began to painstakingly construct a forged birth certificate for Bethan, showing a different maiden name for Mom. It took several weeks, and several aborted attempts, but eventually I was pleased with the result. I just wasn’t convinced that it would fool a Registry Office in the UK. What if they did background record checks?

That was part two of the plan. We would fly to the US and get married in Las Vegas, at one of those drive-thru places. My forgery would probably fool officials in a different country, and we hoped they were less likely to do in-depth background checks. It wasn’t the big dreamy wedding Bethan had always hoped for, but we couldn’t see any other way of doing it.

We booked the wedding online and booked ourselves into the honeymoon suite of the best hotel we could afford, hoping we wouldn’t be spending our wedding night in the cells of a police station instead.

I bought a new suit, and Bethan bought a stunning wedding dress, which I didn’t see until the morning of our wedding. I could not believe how beautiful she looked. A limousine took us to the chapel for the service. This seemed the most likely time for our plan to go horribly wrong. Would law enforcement be waiting for us? We were both incredibly nervous, but the minister just assumed it was wedding jitters. It was a beautiful service that went perfectly, and before we knew it, we were back in the honeymoon suite.

I took Bethan in my arms, and we kissed passionately. I slowly undressed as she stood watching. She looked so amazing that I had a full erection by the time I was naked, and Bethan was still fully dressed. She giggled at the sight of my manhood already pointing at the ceiling.

I stepped behind her and unzipped her dress. As it fell to the floor, I saw that she was dressed in a basque, and stockings that were held up by a suspender belt, and a garter around one thigh. I swear I almost came up her back just looking at her.

She asked me to take her basque off. It had lots of little fasteners up the back, and it took some time, but when it finally fell away, she was topless. I reached around and cupped her large heavy breasts, rolling her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. She cooed with pleasure, and giggled when she felt my erection poke her in the back. When she turned to face me, we kissed and cuddled again. She stepped out of her wedding dress and asked me to kneel in front of her. I wasn’t sure why, but I did as she asked. I soon found out. Her panties were crotchless. She was shaved smooth, and fully on display.

I buried my face between her thighs, licking her, and teasing and sucking her clitoris. She held the back of my head, pulling me into her as she ground her hips against my mouth, moaning in pleasure. “Let me lie down,” she gasped, and sat on the edge of the bed before lying back.

My mouth immediately returned to her clitoris and my fingers penetrated her, massaged her G-spot. She writhed and moaned beneath me, her cries growing more intense as her orgasm gradually built up and suddenly cascaded through her entire body. She quivered and bucked in ecstasy until she could stand it no longer and begged me to stop.

I kissed her thighs while she caught her breath. Then she propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at me, with a dazed but happy smile. I grinned back at her. I had made my half-sister cum on countless occasions in the past, but this was her first orgasm as my wife.

“Your turn,” she said, winking at me. I got to my feet, lifting her knees up either side of her chest, folding her in half. I spread my feet to lower myself to the right height, as she reached out and grasped my erection. She pumped it a few times, then pulled me towards her.

She guided me to her entrance, and she was so wet that my full length slid deep inside her, smoothly and easily. Supporting my weight on straight arms, I looked down at her. She gazed back and smiled. I withdrew until only my tip remained inside her. Then I slammed myself into her as hard as I could, forcing the air from her lungs with a grunt.

She smiled up at me again. I slowly withdrew and slammed myself into her again. And again. Gradually getting faster and faster. She closed her eyes. Her breasts bounced crazily beneath me as I hammered myself into her. She reached down and begin stroking herself rapidly, moaning more and more loudly as her second orgasm grew closer and closer.

I was panting hard as I rammed her as hard as I could until we reached our orgasms at exactly the same time. She cried out as I grunted and growled, emptying my balls deep inside her in a series of massive spurts.

I collapsed onto the bed beside her, my chest heaving. After a few minutes, Bethan rolled on top of me, and kissed me on the lips. “Well, there’s no doubt that we have just consummated our marriage, which means my big brother is definitely now my husband.” She laughed and headed for the shower.

She took her time, and I just laid on the bed relaxing. Eventually, she emerged with a towel rapid around her. “Your turn.”

“In a bit. I want to watch you get dried and do your hair, first.”

“Weirdo,” she laughed, dropping her towel and showing me her body.

She made a show of slowly drying every part of herself in front of me, then sat at the dresser, and brushed and dried her hair. I got up and went for my shower.

I got dried in the bathroom and hung up my towel. I walked back into the bedroom naked. Bethany was still naked, too, sitting on the edge of the bed. Her hair and make-up were done to perfection, as always, but she was wearing thick red lipstick sealed with lip-gloss. It turned me on, and she knew it. She used it whenever she wanted to give me a ‘special treat’.

Her voice was low and sexy. “I came twice today. I owe you one. I thought you might like to collect right now.”

“Well, it’s good to pay your debts as quickly as possible.”

“Come over here, and I’ll pay you some interest.”

I laughed and walked over to her.

As I stood in front of her, she put her hands on my thighs. Leaning forward, she sucked me into her mouth, and I gasped at the intense ripple of pleasure. Bobbing her head rhythmically, she made me iron-hard in no time, as I looked down, watching her ruby-red lips sliding up and down my shaft.

Kissing all the way down my shaft to my balls, she took each one into her mouth, sucking them gently as she stroked my erection. Then, putting her hands back on my thighs, she returned to bobbing and sucking, repeating the process again and again, driving me wild with the mix of exquisite feelings and the frustration of needing to cum. I desperately wanted to grab the back of her head and fuck her face savagely until I came down her throat, but I restrained myself, and let her pleasure me her way.

Almost as if she could read my mind, she began deep-throating me, gagging each time she took my full length down her throat, before masturbating me rapidly, and then deep-throating me again.

I lost count of how many times she took me to the brink and then backed off. In the end, my balls were so full they were aching. I was almost begging her to make me cum. She grinned and began working my shaft with her hands and mouth at the same time. Almost immediately I could feel an orgasm boiling up inside me again.

As my body stiffened, she stopped sucking and masturbated my throbbing shaft at a crazy speed, just above her face. She tipped her head back, watching me through half-closed eyes, her mouth wide open, those ruby-red lips inviting me to spill my load.

When she whispered “Cum on your sister’s face, baby” I exploded, shooting stream after stream of hot sperm over her face and into her waiting mouth. She leaned back and splashed my last few squirts across her breasts, laughing in delight at what she could do to me. Then she sucked me dry, and licked me clean, her face still covered in my sperm. That was the most intense orgasm of my life.

We spent most of the next few days in bed, the way a honeymoon should be enjoyed, and then we packed and headed back to the airport. We had arrived in the United States as half-bother and half-sister. We returned to the UK as husband and wife, and no-one knew our secret.

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