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The Journey ( a prequel if you will) by Misty_Tiratzo

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After her performance with her dog Turbo, a massive Rottweiler, Honi had been rushed by one of the onlookers, Chloe, who was abuzz with questions. The diminutive redhead with her startling emerald green eyes was in her early 20s, but looked more like 15, her skin was so soft and unblemished.

Gushing with compliments about how sexy Honi looked when she was being fucked by Turbo, Chloe was beside herself with the excitement of possibly doing something like that. She finally blurted out, “I want to do that with a dog too. Can you teach me? Tell me how you started! You look so experienced! I’m ever so envious!”

Honi had mentally recalled how she first met the Hostess, and her husband, who Honi now called Master. She hadn’t shared any of that with Chloe, feeling it was irrelevant to what the girl was asking. Still floating in her post orgasmic bliss, Honi thought that perhaps her Master could explain more clearly how her early training had come about. Consequently, she smiled and said, “Chloe, can you wait until the other guests depart, so we can have a private word with my Master? I’m sure we can offer you a ride home afterwards.”

“I’d love to meet him,” the dewy eyed girl exclaimed, bouncing with the contained enthusiasm that only the young can generate.

Later, Honi led Chloe into the house, and soon they were comfortably seated informally in the living room, along with Honi’s Master, and his wife, the Hostess.

“Master, Chloe here is aroused by the thought of doing what she saw me do tonight. She has no experience with dogs, and asked me how I got started. I thought that you could explain it better than I could.”

The man she addressed had such a commanding presence that all three females were fully focused on him, awaiting his words. He reveled in their attention, and therefore waited a full minute before responding. “Honi, my pet, you underestimate your abilities. I’m sure that you’re capable of giving a full, accurate description of how that came about. I will say this to you, Chloe. Soon after Honi met me, she freely offered her submission to me, and became part of us. We think of ourselves as a ‘family’ in this house, living together, and caring for each other. Honi, go ahead and tell Chloe about your early training. If I think I need to add anything to your description, I will.”

“Yes, Master.” Honi felt more capable of doing so now, since the mind blowing sensations that she always experienced with Turbo had abated somewhat. Still, she was searching for a proper starting point to her story. Spinning in a state of futile ratiocination, she was rescued by her Master.

Rising to his feet, he gently said, “Honi, my girl. Stand up and face me. We’ll let your body memory help you get started. Many’s the training day that started with you facing me.”

“Thank you, Master,” Honi whispered with gratitude. Tall for a girl, at 5’6″, Honi now stood looking up at him. Chloe regarded this tableau closely. Honi was slim and willowy, with big 34D cupped breasts. Her eyes were a tranquil spring meadow green, and her dusty blonde hair hung down to her waist. Chloe didn’t know that normally Honi tied it back in a pony tail, or when at work had it drawn back in a coil or bun. When Honi had brought Chloe into his presence, she’d followed her normal habit of letting it hang loose, and had combed it out with her fingers when she entered the room.

Chloe now gazed at the man in front of Honi. The man she called Master towered above her, since he was at least 6’3″ and well built, without a hint of a belly or any softness. Like her, his hair was a dusty blonde and his eyes were green and compelling. This pose apparently worked in triggering Honi’s body memory, because the woman began speaking her tale in an almost trance-like voice.

“When I began my new life with Master, his first action was to move me from the cramped apartment above the veterinary clinic that I managed and to move me into a lovely ‘apartment’ in a separate wing of this sumptuous home overlooking the lake.”

Honi smiled. “His second action was to contact four candidates to be my assistant at the clinic. The interviews with all four candidates were brief, and my choice was a recently widowed woman who had shared a practice with her deceased husband but had no head for business. This caused their once thriving surgery to balance on the brink of bankruptcy. The woman in question, Cynthia, might not have business acumen, but she has compassion for animals and sound surgery skills. I added her to my staff and she now resides in the tiny apartment above the clinic. A plump, dark haired woman in her early forties, with a no nonsense attitude, Cynthia seems as dedicated as I am where animal husbandry is concerned and shows skill and commitment.”

Turning briefly to look at Chloe, she stated, “I’m giving you that level of detail to illustrate something. Master continually demonstrates his concerns for my welfare. Having an assistant like that put less strain on me and my body, and also allowed me to have more stamina and more availability for my training with him.” She looked back at her Master, grinning happily as the memories came into focus.

“I was chauffeured to and from work daily in a sleek limousine, or if I chose, I had the choice of one of the many cars in this luxurious home’s multiple car garage. Now, let me tell you about that special day. I’d returned from work after a busy day. Our chauffeur, Jean-Claude, a taciturn Frenchman, didn’t seem to mind driving me around and except for a few choice Gallic curses at other less skilled motorists, my trips to and from work were often in peaceful silence.”

Honi again glanced at Chloe, pleased to see she had the woman’s rapt attention. “After that long, but satisfying day at work, I took a warm, refreshing shower. Reinvigorated, I stepped out, toweled off, and put on a silky semi-sheer sundress.”

Chloe interrupted gently. “Just a sundress? Nothing else?”

Honi chuckled. “Nothing else. At Master’s request, I no longer wore bras or panties. None of his women do, not even his wife, the Hostess here – unless we’re going out in public, and even then, we rarely do. After a few weeks I’d begun to enjoy the feeling, in fact, when I now have to wear them, they feel foreign and restricting. Oh yes. I should also mention that perfumes or scented deodorants weren’t allowed either – except for very special occasions when we’d be attending some grand event or other. Our generous Master showers us with gifts and expensive scents, but we don’t wear them except when it’s specifically appropriate. You might be able to guess the reason why. Dogs hate the scent of soaps, colognes, and perfumes, preferring the scent of clean skin.” On impulse, Honi took hold of her Master’s hand and raised it to her lips, silently thanking him for his care and generosity.

Returning to her story, Honi said, “I’d dressed to make myself a gift to my Master, knowing that he’d soon unwrap his gift. I was just in time putting on my dress. He’d heard the cessation of the shower, and gauged my movements well. He stepped through the inter-connecting door, leaned down and kissed me thoroughly, sensually sliding his tongue into my mouth, where it was received with joy. This was accompanied by his hands traveling over the material of my sundress, instantly arousing me.” Honi shivered delicately with the tingles caused by the sheer memory of that moment. “He was compelling, as always. He murmured, ‘Today’s the day, Honi… Are you ready?’ into my ear.”

Feeling Chloe needed a further explanation, she turned to her. “You must understand that by this point I’d spent a few months with Master, and trusted him completely. Not only that, he’d given me so much pleasure and care that I wanted most of all to please him, in any manner he chose. So I felt I was ready for this next step. I followed him meekly through the main house to the training room in the adjacent wing.”

Honi put her hand to her breast. “I wish you could’ve felt how my heart was thumping here under where my hand is now, Chloe. Perhaps you’ll experience it. I knew what I was about to do.”

The Hostess and her Master both smiled, still hearing Honi’s excitement in her voice. Retelling the story was turning her on so much that her scent was perfuming the room, competing with the musky, inky scent of Turbo’s cum, still gently oozing from her pussy, placed there by her earlier performance for the guests.

“When we reached the room, I tried not to let my body shake as my Master lifted the sundress from my body, thereby unwrapping his present. I took it from his hands and placed it on a convenient wall hook. I now stood naked. His wife the Hostess, Helen and Steph were lazing on the wooden benches, chatting and giggling. All three women were naked, and boldly unashamed, confident in their own beauty, sexuality and sensuality. Turbo, a recent patient at my vet clinic for his teeth cleaning, lay at Hostess’s feet. His intelligent brown eyes followed me as I entered.”

Honi took a deep breath, since the memory of that moment seemed to be robbing her of air, as it had at that moment. “My Master spoke succinct words to remind them that I’d asked for privacy for this training session, and told them to respect my wishes. I watched the Hostess rise languidly to her feet, followed by Steph and Helen. The women smiled at Master and me and voiced their acquiescence. The Hostess gave me an especially brilliant smile, and with no malice in her voice, just a genuine warmth, told me to enjoy myself.”

Chloe stood up and walked closer to Honi, either subconsciously wanting to offer support, or just making certain not to miss a word about what happened next.

Honi continued, “After we were alone in the room with Turbo, I leaned forward, bending down to pet the furry sheath covering his penis. I’d touched a dog’s penis before, professionally, in my practice – but this was different. That huge black dog turned his head, looking at me curiously. He was used to me touching him, after all I was his vet, his doctor. But the way I was handling him now was unusual. Not only was I naked, but he instinctively sensed my trepidation, bordering on fear. I’d never shown him fear before. Even I could tell that I was exuding a peculiar scent – my body knew what it wanted – it was just my brain, my mind, that was in the way. The scent that I was giving off dogs don’t associate with humans, let alone a vet. It was a scent that caused his cock to swell. It was a physiological reaction – the scent receptors in his brain told him that some bitch needed to be fucked! This sweet loving human woman was giving off very contradictory scents and signals to him. Poor Turbo. Very confused.” Honi grinned at Chloe.

“Remember, Chloe. Before I’d met this family, I’d never known if it was true, or just an urban legend about women having sex with dogs. I’d always wondered what could make anyone so horny that she’d let a dog fuck her. But over the months, I’d had ample opportunity to observe women like Helen, Steph, the Hostess, and others doing just that. I was shocked and surprised at how exciting it was to watch their expressions as they did it, especially when the dog’s knot expanded inside them, which seemed to trigger a rapid-fire sequence of orgasms. My curiosity had been building and building.”

Honi paused and stroked the redhead’s hair softly. “Even then, I was not fully committed to the action. I looked up at Master and whispered something like, ‘You really want me to do this, Master?’ while watching his eyes. I saw him nod his head, and speak gently but firmly, ‘Find your own way. Explore and experiment for me, Honi’ – encouragement that I needed to hear.”

She locked eyes with Chloe. “Understand. I was being given permission to do something that I’d always considered abuse and perversion. Hesitating briefly, I slowly sank down, almost squatting beside the large black and tan Rottweiler. I pulled my knees back to my chest and scooted forward. Turbo’s cock was drooping down at that point, with about three inches exposed, but flaccid.”

Master and his wife exchanged a glance. It seemed Honi was determined to give every detail of that experience, as best she could recall, to the enraptured red-haired listener.

“I reached down and gently but firmly gripped him behind his knot. Behind that knot there are some super-sensitive bones, almost vein-like in their structure. I began to manipulate them with my fingers. Turbo didn’t snap at me or even growl. Instead he started to hump my hand mildly. But I knew giving Turbo a hand job wasn’t what my Master had in mind. I looked up at the handsome man who was my everything now. I’d given him my will, and I wanted, no needed, to do this to please him, and to please myself. He’d agreed to my one request, that no one but he watch – no audience but him – for my first time with a dog.”

Honi stopped and swallowed, as her cheeks colored with embarrassment. “I once overheard Helen and Stephanie laughing and making derisive comments about some other woman who’d failed in her attempt with a dog. They’d politely waited until that woman had left, not saying those things to her face. But it was obvious that they, who were well versed in the art of canine sex, found it hilarious that any woman would botch it up so horribly. I didn’t want that sort of humiliation if something went wrong with my attempt.”

The Hostess’ expression signaled that she doubted that the two women in question would’ve acted that way toward their good friend and family member, Honi. But she remained silent.

Honi told Chloe, “That’s why there were only the two of us in the room. Master had granted my request, but had added a twist of his own. I had to figure out how to do it on my own with no help from him, his wife, or my two new friends and family members.”

Swallowing nervously as she recalled the next part, Honi said, “I knew I was dithering. The ‘should I or shouldn’t I, must I or mustn’t I’ dilemma in my head was causing a delay that was tormenting both me and Turbo. Finally, I bowed my head in partial acceptance, and lowered myself onto the wooden floor of the training room. I spread my knees and lowered my shoulders, pressing my tits against the floor, as I’d seen the other girls do as they were being mated to the dogs. I retained my grip, still holding and teasing the tiny receptive bones behind Turbo’s growing knot as I slithered down further.”

The Hostess noticed that Chloe was now hyperventilating, transfixed by the scene being painted so clearly by Honi’s narration. It appeared to her that the young redhead would be a good candidate for training. Perhaps by Honi, herself.

The veterinarian was also breathing faster as she continued, “My one hand under my belly still gripping his growing cock, I lifted my ass into the air as Turbo reared, his hips began to thrust wildly, in the typical canine manner. I know that at that point I was still passive, letting my receptive body meet his hardening cock.”

Her Master briefly interrupted, to help develop the image, “Honi couldn’t see it, but Turbo’s cock was now a very bright red, flooded with hot blood.”

“Oh yes, Chloe. And that blood made it warm to my touch. It was poised at the entrance to my cunt, poking into the soft globes of my ass as he blindly thrust, bucked and reared. His front paws gripped my slender ribs, and he began to pant – his breath coming in terse gasps with each wild thrust. His rear paws were tramping painfully on my widespread calves, with that rigid cock of his spraying a mist of precum, as it slammed up along the cleft between my ass cheeks and along the base of my spine.”

Honi again paused, and looked deeply into Chloe’s eyes. “I want you fully aware of my state of mind. At this point, I actually hesitated and thought about what I was doing. I’d be crossing the point of no return. If I did this, there was no way I could undo it. ‘Belonging to my Master is one thing,’ I thought to myself. My internal warring dialogue said things like, ‘But this is taboo, illegal, in most of our states’ and ‘Yet lots of girls use vibrators or a dildo – so how does their sliding a battery operated toy inside of them differ so much from what I was intent on doing?’ and ‘Instead of a machine, I’ll be using a flesh and blood cock, which is more natural’ and ‘Turbo’s not being forced to do this’ – these all skittered through my mind. One all embracing consideration was that my Master would be proud of me. And that thought made me dripping wet in anticipation.”

Her Master smiled at her as he heard this, his eyes glowing with love and appreciation.

“I hesitated for perhaps a millisecond longer, and then made up my mind. Turbo’s hard cock was still sliding soggily along the cleft of my ass, and poking the soft globes of my ass like a stick. I guided the throbbing, wildly thrusting cock towards the humid gateway to my soul. The finality of our joining was incredibly euphoric. I managed to gasp out ‘Oh Master!’ as Turbo’s cock slotted into my waiting cunt.”

If Chloe’s eyes had looked huge before, they now seemed almost as large as salad plates. The young redhead’s breasts were bobbing up and down rapidly with her panting. At that moment it was almost as if she was joined to Turbo, rather than Honi.

Honi continued, “My body responded to this invasion. Involuntarily, I sucked in my belly, causing my inner muscles to coil almost snakelike around the slick shaft as it jack hammered into me! It was warm, very warm – far warmer than anything I’d ever ever felt inside me before! As the walls of my cunt gripped it, the dog’s cock seemed to grow even hotter. And oh how I enjoyed the softness of his bare belly bouncing against my skin and the warmth and softness of his fur on my back!”

Without thinking about it, Honi cupped her sex with her hand as she continued her narrative. “Turbo started humping me with more than just his hindquarters. I lost my grip on his knot and felt it slapping noisily against my swollen pussy lips. It was mashing my clit with every wild thrust, and each bump sent a jolt of pleasure through me! I closed my eyes, and without feeling a trace of embarrassment, started wantonly humping my ass up against him, matching his wild thrusts.”

The hand cupping Honi’s sex started rubbing as she said, “I pushed back against him as hard as I could and felt just an instant of pain as my cunt stretched to accommodate the full size and length of that swollen cock of his. As my cunt welcomed that fist sized, white-hot knot for the very first time, it forced any trapped air wetly from me, causing the eruption of an obscene series of pussy farts. When that amazing cock slotted home, it pressed the softening tip of his molten hard cock far deeper than man or buzzing ‘toy’ had ever penetrated.” Honi shuddered as she said this, and Chloe also shuddered, hearing it.

“As soon as Turbo was completely in, he stopped thrusting and stood motionless. His cock began to erupt. Chloe, I could feel every steamy gush!” Both women were unconsciously rubbing themselves, caught up in the story.

“By this point, I thought I’d felt the full size of Turbo’s knot. I was wrong. It continued to swell until it was the size of a man’s fist or larger. From inside me, it pressed up against my swollen clit, making it protrude and bulge. Instinctively, I reached down between my legs and began to stroke that jutting swollen rod of my flesh. Turbo stood rampant above me while he continued to ejaculate in time to his beating heart and contracting balls. There was so much semen that even the bulk of his knot couldn’t keep it all in me. I could feel it leaking out around the swollen lips of my labia. I was getting closer and closer to cumming and my mind reeled! All I could think about was how my cunt was contracting intuitively, and how wonderful I felt while my cunt was being filled with dog cock!”

Chloe was moaning softly, rubbing herself a little faster. Suddenly, Honi’s body gave a small jerk, and Chloe also jerked in reflex. The reason for this became clear when Honi said, “His massive 10″ cock jerked inside me and he shifted stance, lifting himself a little higher. His belly was almost curving over the swell of my ass and forcing his hard cock and throbbing knot even deeper inside me. His spasms were slower and less intense now, but the accumulating cum was forcing its way into my womb. I was making a keening noise deep in my throat when another huge shudder from Turbo pushed me over the edge!” Chloe started cumming.

Ignoring Chloe’s spasms, Honi choked out, “I shimmied my rear up and down as the orgasm made any logical thinking impossible! My ecstasy was total – I no longer cared that I was coupled with a dog, or that I was in what most people would imagine to be the most demeaning position a woman could find herself or be seen in. I let out a whimper, that became a howling, shuddering moan, like a bitch in heat! My life had changed forever! I truly doubt if anything will ever come close to the intensity of that orgasm!” Honi started cumming as she stated this, and Chloe wrapped one arm around her, holding her as she shook. Master and wife watched the two women, pleased.

When Honi finally caught her breath, she gave Chloe a sweet kiss, and continued, “Finally the spasms began to subside, and my breathing slowly returned to normal, as my wildly beating heart slowed to something resembling normalcy. After what had to be at least ten minutes, Turbo’s cock deflated enough for him to free himself from me. He began an almost reverse humping, until with a soft ‘plop’ sound, he managed to pull free. To be honest, my bliss immediately diminished, feeling that disconnection, but the afterglow remained.”

Chloe nodded her understanding.

“A rush of dog cum gushed out of me and ran in rivulets down my thighs onto the wooden floor. Turbo moved slowly, his back arching, almost looking apologetic for fucking me. His flaccid cock drooped down, still pink and shining with our combined juices. He started to lick my leaking swollen cunt. This was something no man had ever done to me before, licking at his cum as it oozed from my pussy. But Turbo was showing his bitch his gratitude, and to me, it felt wonderful. I reached down and patted him lovingly, as he continued to use his tongue on my cunt and inner thighs. Then he laid himself down on the floor and began to lick his cock and balls.”

Honi smiled at the three people in the room. “That was how I got started.”

Chloe looked at the Hostess and her husband. With the pleading expression on her face, she begged, “Please. When can I get started?”

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