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The House In The Woods by Texcyber

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The House in the Woods

According to my maternal aunt Sally, my parents had to get married. My mother was just seventeen, and my father was almost twenty-one when she discovered she was pregnant with me. That meant my mother was a minor, and my grandfather was going to file criminal charges if my father didn’t marry his daughter.

He complied, and the whole deal was swept under the carpet or hidden in the closet as they tried to live a normal life. Actually, that wasn’t too difficult because my father had taken a job with an oil company when he graduated from college, and he was gone for long periods, either overseas or offshore.

This was the pattern as I grew up, only as the years passed he was home less and less. By the time I left for college, he always managed to go directly from one project to another. This seemed to work well for my mother, and she used the time to pursue online college classes. She always said the only thing she regretted about getting pregnant was not going to college.

Then my senior in college, my father filed for divorce. Nobody was surprised, and I think my mother was relieved and happy. What surprised everyone was how pissy he was. Over the years, he had accumulated a fair amount of money in an offshore account, and the divorce was written up to protect that account.

“What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is yours” was his attitude, and he was really smug and vindictive about it. He wound up being very sorry about it.

I had just started my first year in grad school when an aunt of my mother’ s died and left my mother and her sister a sizable inheritance.

I was home for the holidays, and the family was all celebrating. During a lull in the general chatter, which was mostly my uncles giving me grief about getting a Masters degree in Anthropology, my aunt Sally turned to my mother and said, “Julie, you’re still a young woman, Tommy’s on his own in Grad school, you’re still smokin’ hot, and you ARE rich. Girl, you are at the top of your game, and you can do whatever the fuck you want. What do you want to do?”

My mother didn’t hesitate, “I want to go to college. I want to enroll somewhere, go to classes, and graduate with a degree. I don’t care what it is; I just want a degree.”

That was the first time I think I really saw she was, as Sally said, Smokin’ Hot.

Over the next few months, she found a small university in northern California that would accept her online credits, sold her house and had a moving company relocate what she wanted to take with her to a house she had rented.

I wound up my last class mid-May, and because my aunt insisted I that help my mother drive, we set out together in her new compact 4X4 SUV. She had wiped the slate clean, and this was pretty much a total do-over.

Because there was no hard time-table and because this was her new beginning we made a good many side trips, particularly when we got to northern California. We meandered around on little forest service roads mostly because she liked the idea she had a 4 wheel drive vehicle.

That’s also how we managed to get lost. There is that moment that kind of grinds your stomach when you come to that realization. There was no cell coverage because of the mountains, and the maps stored in the tablet were very out of date when it came to forest service roads. The sun was starting to set, so we decided to drive until dark and then pull over and sleep in the car. In the back of the SUV were water and protein bars. We had plenty of gas, so once the sun came up, we could try and find road signs to find our way back to the main road.

About ten minutes after we came up with the plan, we rounded a sharp corner, and to our surprise, there was a house. Just coming across a house would have been surprising, but this house was quaint, very bright, with a garden, and just cheerful looking.

“I’ll bet whoever lives here can tell us how to get back to the highway.”

My mother laughed and said, “I was about to say the same thing. Park by the gate, and I’ll go ask.”

Our mood had been kind of somber, but the house and the prospect of not being lost anymore had changed everything.

Her knock brought a woman about her age to the door, and after a few moments, my mother waved for me to join them. There was a symbol on the gate that caught my eye. It looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember why.

“Tommy, this is Layla.” She continued as Layla and I shook hands. “Layla and her husband have been kind enough to invite us for dinner, and she says just a mile or so down this road is a water crossing that we don’t want to make in the dark, even with the 4X4. She suggests we stay in their guest room, or we can always sleep in the car. I vote for the guest room and cots.”

“Couldn’t agree more,” I nodded. Layla’s hand was warm, and she was wearing a musky perfume that was the most sensual perfume I think I have ever encountered. It was a perfect match with her physical appearance, which was the classic Marlyn Monroe body of large breasts and fullish hips. I didn’t want to let go of her hand, but I did, of course.

Layla and her husband De were just sitting down to dinner when my mother knocked on the door, so two more plates were quickly added. As we sat down, I noticed the same symbol on the gate mixed in with the bright and cheerful art that covered the walls.

De was pleasant and friendly like Layla, but I wasn’t expecting him to be about 20 years older than Layla.

The meal part of dinner went by quickly, but the social part of dinner continued after the table was cleared. As that part of dinner progressed, I noticed the energy at the table slowly changed. It was becoming more sensual, more sexual.

My mother had come back from the bathroom with the top button on her blouse open and had shifted her chair closer to De. Clearly, she was attracted to him, and he was responding.

At my end of the table, Layla was dialing up the sexual energy as well. She was wearing a thin cotton skirt that appeared to be a wrap-around, and the slit on the side seemed to be getting higher, and I swear her cotton pullover blouse was slowly becoming transparent, which was just fine with me.

Layla and I were talking, but I wasn’t focused on the conversation I was focused on her incredible body and my rock hard erection. My focus did shift to the other end of the table as I heard two chairs slide back. My mother blew me a kiss, something I had never seen her do, and said, “We’re going out to the gazebo.”

As she stood, I could see two more buttons were open, and the way her blouse opened, I could clearly see she was not wearing a bra. The fact I noticed the shape of her breast and found the situation highly erotic did cause a small amount of guilt.

I remember thinking, “this could be a really unusual night.”

That thought was followed by me finally remembering where I had seen the symbol; it was in an undergrad class called “Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion”. It had something to do with paganism, but I didn’t finish the thought.

About that time, Layla stood and said, “Bring your glass of wine, Tommy, and let’s go sit on the porch.”

I did exactly as I was told, and right before we sat down on the pillow cover lounge, she pulled her blouse over her head and then kissed me. Her hands went from my face to my shirt, and she undid each button, kissing my chest as she worked her way down. Her skirt hit the floor at the same time as my shirt. I was kind of mesmerized as she unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants. She freed my cock and slowly sank to her knees, taking my cock in her mouth. She sucked my dick as she worked my pants down to my ankles. I’m not sure how I managed to get my pants and shoes off, but I did, and without taking my dick out of her mouth, she sat me down on the lounge. I don’t know how I managed to maintain enough control to not unload in her mouth and on her face, but I did maintain.

Then she moves from sucking to passionate French kissing and starts slowly jerking me off. She’s doing something with her hand that brings me right to cumming and then brings me back away from cumming. Her mouth moves away from my mouth as she whispers, “Oh my, look at Julie and De.”

Her free hand gently turned my head until I could see my mother and De standing in a circle of light just outside of the gazebo. She was naked, her arms over her head, clutching the pole she’s leaning against, and De is on his knees with his face buried between her legs. I don’t know what I was expecting to see, but I was not expecting that.

All the time, Layla is stroking my cock as we both watched. She continued to whisper to me.

“God, Julie is beautiful. See how she responds to De’s tongue. She’s moving her legs apart so his tongue can reach deeper in her. Watch how she responds when De strokes those magnificent breasts and lightly twists her nipples. It is so arousing to watch her body delight in pleasure. This is making me so wet. I find it hot to watch Julie, to see her naked body? Let’s move closer. I want to see more. Don’t you?”

I found myself being lead along as Layla’s hand kept taking me to the brink and then back away. All the time whispering to me. Her whisper was hot and filled with lust. We moved slowly, always in the shadows but always with them clearly visible. We stopped about ten feet from a couch that was inside the gazebo, but we were still in the shadows. The couch was in an area that was just slightly brighter from the light of several candles.

Somewhere in the Gazebo, there was incense burning, and it mixed with an earthy, musky animal-like smell. It wasn’t unpleasant just strong; in fact I found it very erotic.

Now Layla moved to my side, pressing and rubbing her breasts against me while she worked my cock with her hand. We’d no more stopped and stood still when De stood.

Layla whispered, “Watch now he’s going to bring Julie to the couch. We’ll be able to see Julie up close. I’m so hot my juices are running down my legs. Put your hand between my legs and slide your fingers inside me. See how wet I am. You’re rock hard too.”

All I could do was nod yes.

Layla’s mouth was right against my ear so she could whisper to me and not be overheard.

“Look how graceful Julie is. Her body is more beautiful up close, don’t you think? Look how her breasts sway as she moves, and she just flows down on the pillows. Look, Julie waxes her kitty. It’s so smooth, and you can see how wet she is. This is so incredibly hot to see Julie’s body ready for more pleasure. You seem to think this is hot too. Your cock is like a piece of hot iron.”

All I could do was nod yes because it was. It was unbelievably arousing.

Layla put her mouth next to my ear again. “Listen. I think Julie is about to say something.” Layla was right.

“Fuck me, De. Fuck me. Ram your cock in me. Fuck me hard.” Her voice had a commanding tone I wasn’t used to hearing

Layla whispered, “I’ll bet De’s going to pull out his cock now. De’s big, really big, but Julie can handle it. I can tell she can. She could handle De and more. Do you think Julie could handle more? Do you want to see Julie handle more? I can feel your cock say yes. I can feel your cock shout, yes.”

De did pull out his cock. He lowered his pants and pulled out an enormous cock. I was stunned. It had to be 18 inches long and looked half human and half horse maybe, I wasn’t sure.

Layla put her fingers over my lips to silence my ‘holy shit’.

“See, Julie knows she can take that. She knows she take that and more. She’ll want more soon. You’ll see, and I can feel your cock shout, yes. Listen, she’s going to tell De she wants it.”

She did. She said, “I want you to fuck me. I want that in me.”

De took a step forward and pushed that enormous erect cock in her shaved pussy. She opened her legs wide, and half of that massive cock disappeared into her. I heard her gasp as it pushed in her

“Do you like that, Julie? Do you want more?”

“Yes… Yes. Push in deeper.”

De pushed another 6 inches in her. I heard her grunt as he pushed then moan. I wasn’t sure if the moan was from pleasure or pain, but that didn’t matter. All I could focus on was Layla’s hand on my dick and the scene in front of me.

De pushed more a little more into her, and she cried out in pain. Her hands were gripping De’s shirt, and as she cried out she tore De’s shirt off his back. His back was covered with dark hair. Not like a very hairy guy, but like fur that was dense enough she could wrap her fingers in to grip.

Layla saw I was shocked, and she used her free hand to turn my face away from De’s back and toward Julie’s face. Layla’s tongue played with my ear as she whispered, “Look at Julie’s mouth, Tommy. Her red lips are parted just like her kitty that’s filled with De’s cock. Julie wants more, and I feel your cock say ‘let me’. You want to fill Julie’s mouth, don’t you? I can feel your cock jump. I can feel it say yes. Do you want Julie’s mouth, Tommy?”

I nodded yes because I wanted my cock in her. In her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass. I just wanted my dick in her. It no longer mattered who she was. Lust and Layla’s voice had erased who she was, and she became just a beautiful woman that was the object of my lust.

De backed his cock out about 6 inches and then pushed it back in as she moaned her approval.

As De ended his thrust, he said, “Do you want something in your mouth, Julie. Do you something in your mouth while I pump you full of cum?”

Layla and I quietly stepped out of the shadows, and Julie made eye contact with my eyes. I watched her eyes move down my body and linger on Layla’s hand and my rock hard dick and then come back to my eyes. She was moaning with pleasure as De pushed ten or so inches in and out of her.

“Julie, would you like Tommy’s cock in your mouth? Do you want his hard dick to fill your mouth while I cum in you?”

Our eyes were locked together, and as we looked at each other, she nodded yes. Her mouth opened more, and Layla let go as I stepped up and pushed my dick in Julie’s waiting mouth. I felt her lips tighten around my shaft. Her head moved up and down on my cock, but we still looked each other in the eyes.

At that point, I couldn’t maintain any longer and came hard in her mouth. It was so much that some leaked out of the corner of her mouth, and then, while still looking me dead in the eyes, she swallowed it all.

Layla had dropped to her knees and was sucking De’s cum off Julie’s legs, pussy, and De’s cock. For an instant, it seemed that horns appeared on De’s head, but surely that was just the wine.

Layla brought more of their homemade wine, and we started all over again.

I wasn’t sure that I would ever want to leave.

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