The Harem Pt.2 by theman256

When I came home, Jennifer was already waiting for me with lunch and good news. She had meanwhile contacted several realtors and made appointments with the most promising ones for this afternoon. In return I gave her the good news about our new wealth and happily we left to get a nice lunch before meeting with the first realtor. Since Jen had already described our needs and wishes in the new estate to all agencies (bedrooms for at least 20 persons, a big kitchen, enough ‘public space’ for so many people, the possibility to install a gym, gardens and a nice and calm location outside the city), the first agent already expected us with an offer and took us to the north outside of town to an old estate that must have been a big farm once. It was beautiful but consisted of several buildings and the main house would only have been enough for around 6 persons. Having our slaves sleep in different buildings was not what we wanted and so we declined and left for the second appointment. This agency took us to a little village south of the city to show us an impressive manor. It was a huge complex with enough rooms for all the girls we planned to bring here. However, there was no dedicated space for a gym and it was in the middle of a village, while we wanted more privacy. So we headed back to meet with the third and last realtor for today. This time the journey went east and the agent told us on the way that they did not have a mansion or country estate available at the moment like we requested, but she had an old country side hotel that fulfilled all demands we had made. A hotel? We were skeptical, a hotel was not what we had in mind. But our worries faded once we arrived. It was a just what we had imagined. Though a hotel, it didn’t look like one. Built in the late 18th century it must once have been a little country castle before someone remodeled it to be a hotel. It possessed a garden that almost was a park, an outside pool and a beautiful facade. The agent led us into the object and now our last doubts vanished. The ground floor contained an entry hall, a dining room, a chimney lounge that could be remodeled as living room, a romantic bar and a huge kitchen. In the basement we found an already installed inside pool plus two different saunas and a well equipped gym. Spread over floors one and two there were 10 single rooms and 6 double rooms, the third floor contained a huge honeymoon suite, perfect as master bedroom, another single room and a big rooftop terrace. It was perfect. Exactly what we had imagined and 5km from the next village and even surrounded by a little wall, it offered perfect privacy.

There was not much to think about, this was the house we wanted. I asked the realtor about the vendor and she told me the current owner was some billionaire who wanted to get rid of the estate since the hotel wasn’t profitable any longer. Upon my command she called the owner and put me on the phone which gave me the opportunity to force the owner to sell the house to me for 100€, including all interiors and furniture. Thanks to my power everything was clarified quickly and we received the keys already the next day. I hired a cleaning company to get everything fresh and shining before we would move in. The same evening, while we were still celebrating our new home, my phone rang and an insecure and churned up voice stuttered: “I… I can’t stop thinking about your incredible cock. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, my panties are wet all the time. I need you to fuck me again or I’ll go crazy. I’m willing to become your slave and servant, please let me come and live with you. I’ll be your sex toy to do with me as you please and I’ll be your servant and work in your house, but please fuck me again, Master.” – “Hello Kiran, my cute little slave, how nice to hear from you. Very well, I’m pleased you surrender to me and your sexual desires. You can come over to our current apartment this evening to celebrate. We’ll be moving into our new home within the next days. Wear only lingerie and a coat.” – “Yes, Master. I’ll do as you command. But can I ask one more thing? I’m happy to be your sex slave and do as you wish, but do I have to have sex with women as well? I don’t know what came over me last time to lick your wife’s pussy but I really don’t like girls that way. Please don’t make me do that” – “Your are a sex slave and you’ll fuck whom and how I tell you, no matter if they have cock, cunt, both or none, do you understand me, SLAVE?!? Maybe you’ll even grow fond of pussy juices one day. And furthermore, the lady who’s delicious twat you were allowed to enjoy is not ‘my wife’ to you but your Lady. You will obey to all her commands as well, except if they are contradictory to mine or meant to hurt me. You are my slave in first place and hers in second. Do you understand and agree?” – “Yes, Master. As you please.” – “Well then, come over now.”

15 minutes later the door bell rang and my beautiful new slave dressed in a long thin trench coat came in. Looking at her cute face I once more thanked all Gods for my gift. She closed the door, dropped her coat, revealing an incredibly sexy set of white lingerie with crotch-less panties and fishnet stockings and got on her knees in front of me. “Master, I’m your obedient slave and I’m here to serve you.” Lust and fear showed in her eyes, she was still fighting with her decision to surrender herself to my will. But her addiction for my cock seemed to be stronger. I caressed her face, bent down and kissed her passionately to take away her fear. When I got up she tried to open my fly right away and I stopped her and said: “I know you want my cock and you will do anything to please me. But to prove that you really are a loyal and obedient slave, I want you to lick your Lady’s cunt first. When she is pleased with your services, you’ll get your reward.” I saw a glimpse of resistance on her face and felt that she was on the verge of contradicting but then she swallowed her pride, nodded slightly and turned to my wife who was only wearing a kimono. She slid over to her on her knees, dove under the fabric and a second later my wife shrugged and let out a little moan. That was the proof, Kiran had completely surrendered her will to me and would be a perfect slave. Jennifer now undid her robe and revealed the sexy show Kiran had been offering below it. Two fingers buried deep up her Lad’s pussy, she was licking at her clit frantically while wiggling her own ass in the air to show me how horny she was getting.

This view didn’t leave me untouched and I quickly undressed to give my raging boner some space. I positioned myself behind the little clit-sucker and slowly knocked on her door. Immediately, she pushed her ass up into the air even wider trying to make me slip inside, but I had expected that and pulled back in time. She hadn’t deserved my cock yet. She understood and upped the pace of her licking and fingerfucking even more which resulted in an uproar from my wife. She started to tremble with her upcoming climax and 10 seconds later she screamed out her pent-up lust in an overwhelming orgasm. I chose the same moment to ram my throbbing cock into Kiran’s open pussy as far as I could. She shrieked from surprise and ecstasy and had an instant orgasm that shook her whole body while she screamed into her Lady’s pussy. All the anticipation had gotten her so horny the mere penetration was enough to push her over the edge.

While she was still shaking and trembling I started pushing into her mercilessly. I pounded her so hard, her face was pushed into my wife’s pussy over and over again. To give her even more excitement I started to play with her little brown asshole and slowly worked my thumb into it. At first she didn’t even seem to realize, being so overwhelmed with my thrusts, but when my thumb broke the barrier and slid into her backdoor, she jumped and yelped. I took that as a sing that her ass had still been a virgin, but hey, a good slave needed to be broken in just as much as a good horse. So I pumped my finger deeper into her ass and put some pressure onto the wall separating my cock from my finger. Her first shock seemed to have passed and pleasure had taken control of her again. Equally to me, she had now moved her fingers from my wife’s front to her backdoor and was fingering her anally while she still worked her clit like crazy. The stimulation of her vibrating pussy combined with my finger in her ass was getting too much for me now and I felt myself getting close. I pumped two more times and then pulled out to shoot my whole load onto her back and up until her shining black hair. At the same time my wife had her second orgasm as well and broke down as her legs couldn’t support her anymore, burying sweet little sperm loaded Kiran under her. “Cum” I said and heard a loud grunt from under my still shaking wife. I looked at this knot of nude limbs and tits, all covered with my sperm and thought that this was not the end of this fucking session.

Slowly both my girls started to recover from their climaxes and I helped them up. Having fallen onto Kiran’s cum smeared back, Jen was now also completely soaked with my semen and they both looked so damn sexy I just couldn’t help myself but getting hard again right away. So I sat down on a chair and told Kiran to lay down on the floor, feet towards me. I pulled her closer and put my hard prick between her beautiful white nylon feet. She quickly understood and started to massage my cock with her little feet. They were so little, she could barely embrace my member with them but it felt incredible. I’d always had a little foot and nylon fetish but had never really been able to act it out. Looking at her cute feet in the sexy white cloth I felt like in heaven. She got me so aroused just by this little movement around my cock with her feet, it was driving me crazy. I took one of her feet up to my face and started licking her toes and her sole and it felt so erotic, I could have shot another load right then. But I contained myself, put her foot back and let her continue fucking my cock with her feet. The view was amazing since I could look at her wet and open cunt freely in this position. Meanwhile, my wife had recovered as well and came over to us. She got over Kiran’s face, sat down on her mouth and our little slave started to tongue fuck her right away, without hesitation or complaints this time. Now Jen bent over towards Kiran’s feet, positioned herself right in front of them and started to lick the tip of my cock whenever it came out between her feet. Then she came a little closer and took the tip into her mouth, so that Kiran’s feet were now massaging my shaft while Jen was sucking my glance. I couldn’t believe it, I was getting a foot job and a blow job at the same time by two different beautiful women. It was incredible. I took my slave’s feet in one hand, my wife’s back of her head in the other and started to fuck feet and mouth at the same time. Where was the camera man?!? This should be recorded, it would make one hell of a porn movie! I continued to push myself into heaven and felt my balls tingle, this wouldn’t take too long anymore. It was just too amazing. When I felt my orgasm surge, I pulled back one last time and shot my load all over feet and face of my two sexy girls. At the same time Jen had her obligatory orgasm with me and since she opened her mouth wide to scream out her pleasure, most of my jizz landed in her gaping mouth, which she acknowledged with a smirk and a “mmmhhh finally, I was so thirsty after all this cumming!”. Since we were all pretty exhausted after this mind blowing fuck session, we ordered in some food and then went to bed, Kiran sleeping between us.

After two more days of incredible fucking with my two girls, it was time to move to our new home. Meanwhile, the cleaning company had finished their job and the hotel was ready for us. I sent Kiran home to pack all her personal things she wanted to bring to her new home like clothes, books, photos, etc. and told her I’d send a car to pick her up once we were settled in. Then I called a moving company to pick up all of our stuff which Kiran my good slave had already packed up the last two days during the breaks between fucks. Two hours later we and our things arrived at the hotel and the packers took our boxes to the rooms we told them. After that I sent them to pick up Kiran and her belongings. Meanwhile, we turned up the heat and prepared pool, sauna and our bedroom. When our slave arrived, we gave her one of the single rooms and then made her unpack both her and our boxes, while we sat down in the bar and started to plan our next steps. Now that we had the house, it was time to acquire the next sex slaves. The most important one would probably be a cook. The cleaning could be done by all slaves for the moment and the other functions were not that urgent we decided. However, as much as we thought about it, we didn’t know any hot girl, that was a cook so we could easily have transformed her into our slave. We would probably have to issue a job advertisement and hope that the right woman would apply. Therefore, we finally decided on our next slave to be the personal trainer, since there was one clear choice for this role – one of the trainers at my studio, where I had been working out for the last year. My eyes had undressed her not just once during our sessions. She was about 1,65m, well trained but still with the right curves where they belonged, a nice round ass and at least C-cup tits. Brown hair and eyes and light brown skin that suggested southern European influence somewhere in her family. All in all she was gorgeous and I had dreamed of doing her so often during our workouts, always fearing to get a boner. One time it had actually happened and I was sure she noticed it, according to the whimsical smile on her face. Since it was a small studio, where only two customers could work out with one trainer at a time, I called up and made an appointment at the last slot for the next day, making sure it would be Sienna who led the training. I figured, I could wait and see if there was a second person for the appointment and then react spontaneously. If it was a guy or an ugly woman I could still send them home with my power. If it was a cute girl – jackpot.

The next day we got up, had a nice breakfast prepared by our slave, I had my cock sucked by her and then my wife and I had a relaxing day in pool and sauna, while Kiran continued to get everything settled in according to our wishes. In the evening when it got time, I packed my sports bag and left for my ‘date’ with Sienna. I arrived a little early and just saw the last customer, an old man leave. Upon entering I saw myself confirmed again in my decision to make Sienna my next slave. Once again, she was looking stunning in her tight sports gear, her yoga pants clinging to her body like a second skin, outlining every curve of her perfect ass cheeks and even showing the slightest glimpse of a camel toe. The top she was wearing wasn’t any less intriguing than her pants, showing off an impressive cleavage. I thought to myself that if she wasn’t wearing a push-up bra beneath, then she must have had the most perfect tits on earth. Despite their remarkable size they didn’t seem to sag one bit. I was so looking forward to unpack this delicious present. I said ‘Hi’, made some nonchalant small talk and then asked if we would be working out alone. “No, we’ll have a young first timer here. A 20 year old student, don’t scare her off”, she said with a wink. “How could I scare a young lady?” I replied and went off to get changed into my sportswear with the extra tight pants I had chosen for today, to show off my cock to her. When I came back from the locker room I saw Sienna talking to a beautiful young blonde at the reception. My lucky streak was apparently continuing. If that was my workout partner, this evening had just improved from ‘incredible’ to ‘too good to be true’. Then the young girl turned around and walked towards the ladies’ locker room and I performed a mental victory dance. I got in position in front of Sienna and noticed her somewhat surprised look when she saw my tight pants that already showed off my cock, even though it wasn’t even hard yet. When the young girl came back Sienna introduced her as Monica and I took the chance to examine her in more detail. She had a beautiful face with long blond hair and piercing green eyes and a very petite and slender body, with very small and perky tits and a really small but firm tushy. Basically the total opposite to Sienna. Perfect! I introduced myself and noticed her view linger for just the tiniest moment on my cock as well.

After this introduction we finally started our workout and I sent both girls my orders right away: “You can’t take your thoughts off of my cock and you keep getting more aroused every time you look at it. You want to see it, touch it, feel it, suck it, fuck it!” I watched both girls attentively and soon saw the first signs of their distraction. Sienna was barely able to look me in the eyes while giving us orders for the exercises but basically talked to my crotch, she didn’t look at Monica at all anymore. Meanwhile, Monica was only pretending to do the exercises while trying to peek at me as much as possible without getting caught. Maybe she could even have been successful if I hadn’t been waiting for it. This went on for about 5 minutes and in the meantime I could clearly see a wet stain on Sienna’s gray pants between her legs. This must have been a torture to her. Watching the girls get hornier and hornier didn’t loose it’s impact on me and I was starting to grow a massive boner in my tight pants which apparently was too much for Sienna to resist now. She pretended I was doing an exercise wrong to have an excuse and come closer. Usually, in a situation like this she would only tell me what I was doing wrong but not today. She stepped behind me, wrapped her arms around me and but my hips in the ‘correct’ position. Once she was done her hands lingered on my hips for a few moments and when she pulled them away she ‘accidentally’ touched my boner. Just in this moment I made it twitch and she was so startled she just grabbed it. To my right I saw that Monica pretended her pants were pinching and she had to settle them but obviously tried to touch her clit unnoticed to get rid of the pressure while trying not to see what was happening. “Like what you feel?” I said to Sienna and now her sexual drive finally seemed to have taken control of her. She didn’t let go of my cock but instead started to stroke it through the fabric. “Very much so but I want to see more of it” she purred into my ear, turned me around, crouched down and pulled down my pants. Relieved from its restraints my boner slapped into her face and she made huge eyes at its size. Still stroking it she took it right into her mouth and started to lick and suck like a pro. I turned my head and saw that Monica had stopped her attempts of concealment and was now openly masturbating while watching Sienna suck my cock. I let Sienna continue and watched the show the young blonde was offering me. She looked at me seductively and I just had to bury my cock in this beautiful tiny cunt. “Lay down on the bench over there” I told her and positioned my tip at her overflowing entrance. Slowly I pressed my dick into her incredibly tight pussy which made her gasp from pain and lust at the same time. This young pussy wasn’t used to cocks like mine yet. Sienna took her hand and started kissing her to distract her from the pain. Centimeter for centimeter I slid into her and finally, around 2-3 cm before I was fully inside, I hit the end of her cave which made her utter a little cry of pain into Sienna’s mouth again. I pulled back out until only my tip was inside her and then pushed back in a littler faster this time. She seemed to get used to it now and I picked up the pace, thrusting back and forth while Sienna had now turned to her nipples and was nibbling and sucking on them. I reached out and Sienna offered me her meanwhile bare ass so I could easily push 3 fingers into her wet pussy. That pussy was broken in much better. Both girls where now moaning in ecstasy and I fucked Monica at full speed now until she suddenly, without any warning, screamed out at the top of her lungs and started shaking and contracting around my cock. With the first contraction she shot out a load of liquid up to my chest, the second one almost reached my face. And throughout her whole orgasm she screamed almost like possessed “YES YES YES I’M CUUUUMMMIIING!! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME HARDER!! CUM IN MY FUCKING CUNT SHOOT YOUR CUM INSIDE MEEE!!! I WANT TO FEEL YOUR JIZZ FLOAT ME FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT!!!” It was incredible. I had never seen a woman squirt in real before. This and her dirty talk were so hot it pushed me over the edge was well. I rammed my cock inside of her as hard as I could one last time and shot my load deep inside her. Four, five, six shots, it felt as if my cock would never stop filling her with my seed.

Finally, we both calmed down a little and I let my cock slip out of her hot paradise. Right away Sienna swallowed my now soft cock and started licking it clean of our combined juices. Enjoying this treatment I looked down at Monica who now lifted a deep red face, obviously being extremely embarrassed at how much she had lost control. “You are one hell of a fuck young lady, I’ve never seen a real woman squirt like that before” I tried to compliment her to take away the embarrassment. “I can only return that compliment, I’ve never been fucked like that. I’m sure I won’t be able to sit for two days after this pounding”. “Well, we wouldn’t want that. Sienna, drink my cum out of her cunt and make her sore pussy feel better with your tongue”, I commanded. Sienna let go of my hard again cock and bent over Monica’s pussy and started to tongue fuck her as hard as she could, trying to get every last drop of my cum she could suck out of Monica. In this position she was now offering me her juicy ass, her juices still running out of her like waterfalls since so far she hadn’t received any relieve. I took the invitation and buried my dick in her folds with one hard thrust. She screamed out but got into my rhythm right away and pushed against my thrusts with her ass to get my cock even deeper. We bumped into each other so hard that with every thrust my balls hit her clit which in return made her groan into Monica’s pussy with every slap to her clit. I held onto her hips and increased my pace more and more until her groans and screams of lust started to blur into one long howl of pure arousal and stimulation and her orgasm washed over her, making her collapse in front of the bench, Monica was still lying on. When Sienna fell to the floor in agony and my cock slipped out her spasming pussy, I quickly grabbed Monica’s feet, put them together and started to fuck her soles. The hard pounding I had given Sienna had left me close to my second orgasm and I didn’t need much more stimulation. I kept fucking her cute little feet until I felt my balls tingle and then shot my second load all over Sienna who as still trying to recover at my feet.

“What a great workout, thank you ladies”, I said with a huge smile. “Monica, I think we’re done for today. You can go get dressed and go home. I’ve got some things to talk about with our sexy trainer here.” Once she was gone I helped Sienna up from the floor. She was all sweaty and covered in cum and still seemed to be a little bit dazzled. I looked at her and said “Sienna, I want you to be my sex slave and servant. You will come and live with me in my harem, be my willing slut and the personal trainer for all the other girls in my house. You will train them and make sure their bodies stay in perfect shape for me to fuck them. From now on, I’m your Master, your Lord. You keep your character and personality as it is but your single biggest goal is life is to make me happy. Go home now and pack up your personal things you want to bring, like clothes, books photos etc. You’ll get a furnished room and I’ll send you a car tomorrow to bring you and your things to my palace.” She looked at me a little dumbfounded as if the order was too big to get her mind around it right away but after a couple of seconds she started to smile and said “Yes, Master. Thank you for choosing me, I won’t disappoint you. My body is yours to play with whenever you want. I’ll be ready tomorrow, waiting come life with you and serve you.”

“Very well”, I thought, and so the harem grows. I got dressed and went home where my first slave was just about to lick my wife’s pussy. “Sorry honey, I couldn’t wait any longer for you.” – “Don’t worry. I’m pretty exhausted from acquiring our next slave anyway”, I said with a grin. “Finish up and then join me in the whirlpool, both of you to celebrate our next servant. Then I grabbed a bottle of champagne and three glasses and headed to the wellness area of our hotel to soak in a nice bath and think about our next steps after our personal trainer and slut #2 would have joined us tomorrow.

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