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The first time I pushed myself to try Dp [36F]

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I have had anal a few times in the past and I didn’t feel completely into it but recently I’ve become very interested in butt plugs and purchased a couple a few months back, Ive always had a big collection of dildos though. For the first while I was shy to using these pretty little butt gems, but now I find myself thinking about them more and more! I’ve used one of my plugs, a couple times. It’s a cute red heart gem little number. But I’ve only used it for a short period of time for like 20 mins… until tonight..

I’ve had my plug in for almost two hours and my asshole has been pulsating for the last 30 mins and my pussy is so fucking wet. I’ve been wiggling it around and pushing and flexing my little asshole. It’s making me horny as fuck, my nipples are hard and ready to be sucked and I’m thinking about shoving a dildo in to see how far I can push myself

I think it’s time I go all the way with my 9-inch dildo and try double penetration, I’ve been sliding a dildo in and out of my pussy and I’m soaking wet.. I think its time i push myself

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