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the camping trip (an unexpected naked week with friends) Part 9

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Chrissy stepped out of the tent, I took in the view of the mess we just made on her bottom. She left the tent open and walked toward the path to the showerhouse and out of sight. I pulled myself off the air mattress and grabbed my towel and my toiletries and took off after her. As I left my tent I noticed there were no longer moans or screams coming from Katie and John’s tent. I thought to myself “must be done, hope they had as much fun as we did.”

I quickly caught up with Chrissy on the path. As I caught up behind her she turned and walked backwards for a few paces. I enjoyed the visual of her breast swaying and bouncing with each step. My eyes rose to meet hers and she had devilish smile on her face. “It’s impolite to stare you know!” She quipped reaching up pinching her nipples. “I can’t help it, they are beautiful to look at.” I replied. “All supple and jiggling. They make me want to lick, suck and nuzzle them forever.” I continued, making her blush. She continued walked but turned around reaching back with her hand and finding my manhood. She grabbed ahold and pulled me along like a dog on a leash. My God I loved this woman.

We arrived at the showerhouse she let go of me and I opened the door for her. Walking in there was another couple freshening up at the sinks. They were a good looking couple probably in their early thirties. He was about six feet tall muscular. He was tan with a surprisingly small pecker. She was about 5’6″ with curves in all the right places. Her breasts were a perky c cup. Her hips were proportional to her body. Her abs were tight but not defined. She had dark hair and matching landing strip trimmed into a nice little triangle. Her nipples were dark and about the size of a half dollar. She turned around and greeted us with a smile. She had beautiful dark eyes. “Good morning,” she said. “Morning,” we both replied in unison smiling back. We introduced ourselves and went back and forth with them about what our plans were for the day. The guys name was Greg and hers was Anne. He could not stop staring at Chrissy and he started to get hard maybe 4″ or so when he finally got fully hard. Anne complimented my own growing member and invited our campsite over to theirs later that evening for drinks. We said we would love to but we would have to talk to the rest of the group. After getting their site number we said our goodbyes and headed for the showers.

As we opened the door to the showers in the first stall Katie had her back to us but I could tell she was masturbating. I looked in the next stall and saw my wife doing the same thing. I motioned for Chrissy to go to my wife and I would go to Katie. She got a mischievous grin on her face and went to my wife. As I went into the stall with Katie I heard an “I’ve been waiting for you,” come from my wife. As I got behind Katie I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her into me. My hard penis pressed between her tight ass cheeks. I caught her by surprise causing her to let out a little squeal. She momentarily paused the motions her hand was making between her thighs but never moved it. “Bend over,” I demanded in a gruff voice. She immediately complied bending almost in half and spreading her legs. I knelt behind her with my face looking directly at her most private area. Her asshole and vagina were covered in her delicious sweet smelling fluids from her pleasuring herself. Three of her fingers were buried in her sweet cunt and began pleasuring herself again once she had settled into her new position. I knew this was going to be an exciting shower.

I moved my face closer to her I could smell her musk and feel the heat coming off her sex. I extended my tongue I brought it to her tight hole while she fingered herself. In the next stall I could hear my wife moaning and could imagine the sight of Chrissy pleasuring her, my cock twitched at thought. My thoughts quickly returned to Katie as she grabbed my twitching member with her free hand, I plunged in deeper and started licking from her finger filled hole all the way up to her tight asshole. I swirled around her sweet hole then back down to her fingers. Everytime I did this Katie would moan and thrust herself back into my face. From the increasing frequency and volume of her I knew this would put her over the orgasmic edge if I just went a little farther. Continued to assault her pleasure zone with small kisses nibbles and licks. Katie began moaning, “oohhh fuuck right there baby,” as I licked her asshole and pinched her nipple. I pushed my tongue against her tight hole and inched both her nipples hard. She let out a shriek of pleasure and stared to shake as her orgasm tore through her. Her knees buckled and I held her up as she continued to finger herself through her orgasm.

As Katie’s orgasm subsided and she was able to hold herself up again I stood. My hard cock pointed at her asshole. My saliva and her juices were glistening on her crotch. I grabbed my throbbing length and rubbed the tip from her clit to her asshole and back again for lubrication. I brought the tip to rest on her puckered hole and slowly pressed forward grabbing her hips. As she realized whati was doing she relaxed her muscles and my tip pushed inside her. I used my hands to hold her steady and drove my hips forward burying myself balls deep in her forbidden hole. She let out a groan of pleasure. I let her adjust to me inside her then began slowly thrusting in and out. She was so tight and smooth she felt amazing. “Oooh yeah, keep going fuck my slutty ass and fill me up.” Katie moaned as I started to increase my speed in and out of her. I pulled out of her leaving just the tip in her tight grip. I slammed back into her making her moan and grunt with pleasure.

I kept pounding Kate’s ass while I listened to the moans coming from the stall next to us. From what I was hearing it sounded like Chrissy was on the receiving end of the pleasure now. My wife lived making a woman orgasm and the moans sounded like she was close to making Chrissy squirt all over her face.

Katie was still bent over with her hands now grabbing he ankles giving me unrestricted access to her holes. I knew that my chances for fucking her like this would not come along often after this week and I was going to take full advantage of her in this position. On my next out stroke I pulled all the way out of her and then shoved my dick into her sopping vagina. After a few deep thrusts in her pussy I pulled out of her and thrust back into her gaping ass. “Keep going, make my slutty holes yours. I want you cum in all my dirty whore holes today,” Katie moaned. “Uuugghh fuck I’m going to cum. Don’t stop. Grab my tits. Oooohh fuck yeah.” I knew she was close. I continued my rhythm as the sensation pulled her closer to her orgasm. I was getting close, her dirty talk, holes and the moaning coming from the other stall were becoming n g too much for me to handle. I pulled out of her pussy for the last time and buried my entire length in Katie’s ass. I grabbed her hair and pulled her up and pounded into her like she was the last woman I would ever fuck. This pushed her over the edge and she started screaming “I’m cuuuummming” as I felt her squirt all over the tile floor. I pushed into her as deep as I could and held there releasing my spurt after spurt of cum into her well fucked ass.

Before I was done cumming Katie pulled herself off of me spun around and dropped to her knees. She took my cock into her mouth deepthroating it as the last dribbles of jizz made their way out of the tip. She sucked me dry while cleaning herself off my cock. She pulled her mouth off my softening dick with a pop and looked up at me with a satisfied smile. She stood and gave me a passionate kiss then turned and stepped under the hot stream of water.

Following her in I grabbed my body wash and squirted a copies amount across her shoulders. I threw the bottle to the floor and began rubbing the soap into a lather across her back. Covering every inch of her back with my hands I made my way to her ass. Grabbing one of her tight cheeks in each hand I massaged her bottom with the soap. I then moved my hand to the front of her finding her well defined hips and then her glorious landing strip and mound. I worked my hand between her legs and she plead them giving me access to her sensitive bud and swollen lips. My other hand traveled up to her abs rubbing in small circles. Rubbing her tender pussy with my fingers my hand followed her front up to her fake tits and erect nipples. She must have paid a pretty penny for her silicone because they felt better than any other fake tits I had ever felt. My hand found her right nipple as I massaged it through my middle and ring fingers giving it a slight pinch as it came to the tip of my fingers. Katie had thrown her head back and was leaning it on my shoulder while she nuzzle my neck and moaned in my ear. She reached behind her and grabbed my soft cock and started to stroke it. “I want you to breed me,” she whispered in my ear. “John can’t give me a baby and I want you to make me a mother. I am ovulating and now is my chance.”

I was taken by surprise but the thought of impregnating this beautiful little body was enough to make me hard again. Katie could feel me growing in her hand and turned around bringing her eyes up to meet mine. She wrapped her hand around the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. “I talked with Sarah and she is OK with it if you are,” she whispered as she broke her kiss, her breath caressing my lips as she spoke. I pulled Katie in pressing my chest against her feeling her nipples rub against me. “I would love to give it try. Should we start now?” I responded grabbing her by her butt and lifting her into my arms. She wrapped her legs around my waist and used her hand to guide my cock into her still dripping pussy. Lowering her onto my cock, I used my hips to thrust up into her. Our rhythm began slow and intimate. We were kissing as she bounced on me driving herself down and filling herself up. As our pace quickened, the sounds of skin slapping and our moaning filled the shower room.

My hands held Katie’s ass cheeks and my fingers were teasing her asshole. She moaned as I pressed my finger into her tightness and pulsed it in and out. Katie loved the feeling of being penetrated in both her holes and threw her head back and began moaning an screaming as her orgasm washed over her lithe body. Th sight of her coming on my cock and the feeling of her pussy squeezing me as I was buried deep inside her caused me to lose control. I shot my seed deep into her womb giving Katie another stronger orgasm. As I did this I leaned into the wall for support and Katie released her legs from my waist.

We regained our composure and I turned around as Katie looked around me and smiled. As I turned I saw Chrissy and Sarah standing there with towels wrapped around their heads and they began clapping. “Best porn I have ever seen,” exclaimed Sarah.

“I agree. I was really turned on. See?” Said Chrissy as she held up her fingers that had strings of pussy juice dripping off of them.

“Well did you do it?” My wife asked giving me a wink.

“I think so, but I will have to make sure later.” I replied.

“Maybe we can help.” Chrissy interjected nudging my wife with her arm.

“That would be amazing.” I said smiling at the two of them as I grabbed Katie’s ass.

I finished cleaning up and we all left the shower house together laughing and joking on our way back to the campsite.


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