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The Best Sex Of My Life [22F]

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My absolute favorite sexy memory comes from the first time I ever slept with Jess. Jess was the second guy I’d ever been with, and he showed me just how amazing sex could feel…sorry James.
I was near 22 when I met Jess. I had broken up with James a couple months prior and was mending my broken heart by spending time hanging out with a guy friend, Corey. One day, Corey and I ran into some of his friends at a bookstore, and one of them immediately caught my attention. After a brief introduction and chat with his buddies, Corey and I headed out, and I commented to him “Your friend Jess is super hot!” As my luck would have it, Jess apparently told Corey something similar about me, so Corey played matchmaker, and within a few days I was hanging out with Jess one on one.
Jess and I had the kind of spark between us that could melt steel. He was smart, creative, funny, athletic, competitive, and downright fucking gorgeous. After a couple weeks of hanging out, I couldn’t bear the tension anymore, and as we were about to say goodbye one night, I straddled him on the couch and kissed his beautiful lips for the first time while butterflies stormed up a flurry of excitement in my stomach. Best first kiss I’ve ever had! After he left, I chased him down in the parking lot, and we made out again, leaning against his car in the cold winter night until our bodies were chilled to the bone. I could just never seem to get enough of him.
Over the next few weeks, we enjoyed tasting each other’s tongues as often as we could. I was lusting for him hard, but sex wasn’t something I just jumped into with a guy. With James, we dated about a year before our first time. I thought I’d wait at least a few months before opening that door with Jess, but that was an impossible ask of myself. Jess and I talked about sex. He had only slept with one girl before me, so I took comfort in knowing we had a similar level of experience. He also described his cock for me, and I was absolutely dying to see it in person. One day as we made out on my bed, I suggested we take off our clothes so we could enjoy the feeling of being skin to skin. We had never been naked together before, and I thought this would be a fun little teaser to spark my imagination until we eventually had sex somewhere down the line. I really didn’t mean for anything else to happen besides us making out while our bodies touched.
I greatly overestimated my ability to resist Jess. The moment our clothes hit the floor and he was on top of me pressing his lips on mine, I reached down and guided his magnificent cock into my lusting pussy. WHAT. THE. FUCK. It was overwhelming. James never felt like that. “Hang on,” I begged. He had only just entered me, and I was already going to explode in orgasm. I wanted to cry, it felt so fucking good. It was like I had never been touched before. All the sex with James was just a lie. This was sex. This was the real deal. I didn’t want to climax right away, but every time Jess tried to begin thrusting, I had to stop him or I was going to burst. He rested his cock in me until I acclimated enough to tolerate the overwhelming pleasure, then began pushing himself in and out like a steel piston. His body was so muscular, his golden curls dangling by his forest green eyes, I was in utter bliss watching him move above me.
I was a raving animal, wild with lust and desire. I pushed Jess onto his back and mounted him, grinding and riding to satisfy my deepest craving, one that had never been satisfied by anyone before him. My skin was tingling, every hair on end as our bodies melded. A pressure built up until suddenly — What was happening? This is so weird. It’s like I have to — “I’m sorry, I have to pee!” I dismounted him and rushed to the bathroom. What the actual fuck is going on?!? My body shuddered with ecstasy as a spray gushed out. My eyes rolled back, my brain shut down, and I just sat there moaning and mumbling to myself in a trance until a knocking brought me back to Earth. Knock knock knock. Wait, that’s coming from the front door. Oh no! I had completely forgotten that we’d invited over one of my guy friends to hang with us that afternoon. Jess and I quickly threw our clothes back on and greeted Dan at the door. Dan took one look at me and asked, “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?” “No, no, come on in,” I lied. Had I looked in a mirror, I’m sure I would have seen my skin completely flushed, my hair disheveled, perhaps even my shirt inside out. I don’t think Dan had any doubt what Jess and I had just been up to.
Dan had brought over a classic Nintendo, and the three of us played his collection of ancient video games for a couple hours until he left. The moment the door shut behind him, I was tearing the clothes back off Jess’s hard body. There was no need for foreplay. I was still burning up from earlier, soaked and craving the feeling of fullness only he could give me. We may have had sex for another hour, but my sense of time along with my memory were completely drugged and useless after several more shattering orgasms. I’d love to detail for all of you every position he used to electrify me, but it’s like trying to recall the previous night after you wake up massively hungover. There are bits and pieces left, but not one consecutive memory. I can see him grasping my waist from behind as I clutch the sheets, white-knuckled on my hands and knees. I vaguely recall our bodies twisting in positions that there are no names to describe. I remember my hair being matted to my face with sweat as we wrestled to satisfy our insatiable lusts. One thing I remember with absolute certainty is that when he asked where to finish, I absolutely demanded he shot every last drop deep inside me.

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