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The Best Of Friends by GhoulAmidious

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Chance and I had almost always been friends. We had known each other for many years, meeting in school. In the beginning, we didn’t care much for each other and were quite antagonistic. From little things, like stealing each other’s things, to full on fist fights. Luckily, our short but intense rivalry did not last. I’m not sure what prompted it but eventually things just seemed to click and gradually we worked out our issues. We had been the best of friends ever since.

Now both eighteen, we were going stronger than ever. We weren’t lovers, like many thought, only friends. We did love each other but I wasn’t sure if we were in love. Gay or straight, I don’t know, it never came up and we never worried about it. By that point, we had put our tongues down each other’s throats and touched our balls together plenty of times. If that was the metric, then we were gayer than a three dollar bill. We had gotten our fair share of ridicule. We had been called all kinds of names and branded all sorts of things but it never deterred us. We both could crack some skulls if push came to shove. Luckily, we only had to defend ourselves once. We were lovers not fighters and we loved far harder than we fought.

“Can you butter me?” Chance asked lowly, I could hear his skin separating from the plastic float we laid on. Looking over, I saw him roll from his back to his stomach; his entire body bare as was mine.

Neither of us were bothered about getting naked in front of each other and could easily be naked without getting aroused by it. It was as casual as could be to us. Pulling myself free of the plastic as well, I grabbed the bottle of sunblock from between us. I squeezed some on to his back then started to rub it into his skin. Beginning at his upper back and shoulders, I massaged it into his skin, silently admiring his defined musculature. His skin was naturally tanned already, but if he wasn’t careful he would easily bake far beyond his normal golden brown. From his shoulders to his arms and neck, then down the length of his back, a good kneading of his toned ass cheeks then down to his legs and feet.

Despite the frequent exposure to his naked body, I never tired of seeing it. His mother worked as a nurse and often worked long, odd hours. Living with only his mother, we often were left to our own devices and I tended to hang around. This allowed plenty of time for shenanigans and ogling.

I laid back on my back, adjusting my sunglasses, and closing my eyes to enjoy the warmth of the sun on my body. There was a decently sized pond on the property where he lived, where we often floated out to sunbathe. Chance lived in the woods, far off the road and we didn’t need to worry about being spotted naked. It was a very relaxing, very liberating feeling to simply be as nature had intended.

I felt myself beginning to fall off to sleep, perhaps even doing so for a few minutes, but I was stirred by Chance. He leaned over me, his hand on my chest. “Koty, come on, let’s go inside,” though the dark lenses I could see him grinning and his dark eyes locked on mine.

I nodded lazily and then helped him row to put us back at the pier. We stepped onto the pier with the sunblock and I slipped into my flip-flops as he pulled the float from the water. Chance didn’t bother with shoes at home, he simply walked with bare feet across the wild ground. He had always been a bit earthier than I was. He had always been that way; he loved swimming, climbing trees, catching insects, eating things that grew wild and even his general appearance seemed to match that aspect of his personality.

As we walked back to his house in silence, I took my time to lag just behind him. I made sure to get my fill of his strong back, his tight ass and those cute Venus dimples just above it. He was in shape, strong but not cut, having a stocky build rather than a lean, toned body. I loved being trapped within his arms and embraced tightly. He was rather quite cuddly despite his rugged appearance.

We made our way to the house. He put the things away before taking me to the bathroom so we could shower. We even did that together when given the chance. He pulled the tie out of hair, the long strands falling to either side of his head. He had cut the sides and back short, while leaving the top long, which he often had tied up into a small knot or ponytail.

“Should I shave or leave it?” he stood in the mirror looking at himself, feeling his jaw with his hand. He had been recently trying a new look by growing out his beard. He was very masculine and while fitting, it was foreign; I suspected that he wished to appear older.

“Leave it,” I said without even looking. I turned on the water in the glass shower to let it warm before stepping in. He joined me shortly thereafter.

“You like it?” he placed his hands on my hips and I placed my hands on his pecs in response.

I nodded affirmatively. My hands rubbed his large chest muscles firmly. He had dark chest hair which convened at his sternum, making a thick, dark line down the middle of his stone stomach to his belly button then down to his pubic hair. His pubic hair was hardly groomed, a thick patch of black hair, but not enough to hide the length between his legs. He was a show-er, possessing a nice, long, flaccid, uncut cock. He was somewhat over average when fully aroused, retaining a straight, skinny cock. He had two large balls beneath, which had a tendency to hang rather low. I could personally attest that they worked overtime. Neither his dick nor his balls had been groomed recently but the hair wasn’t as long as his pubic hair, but that was of my own will. I sometimes enjoyed him to be a bit more wild looking.

On the other hand, my skin was a tone or three lighter than his and mostly bare except for my lighter, thinner treasure trail that ran from just above my bellybutton to my pubes. Mine had been recently trimmed as low as they could be without shaving them and my dick and balls had been freshly shaved. I was very average, both flaccid and erect, but I was thicker than Chance when aroused. I too was uncut and my balls were slightly smaller than his and mine tended to hang closer to my body. We were roughly the same height, though I was just shorter than him and I had smaller muscles with a slender body rather than an athletic one.

We didn’t stay too long in the shower, just long enough to kiss a few times and wash each other then we were out. As we dried off, we both silently had agreed we needed to take care of business. Half aroused, we walked into his bedroom where most of our sexual exploits occurred. His mattress had all but given up at this point.

“Want to do anal?” he asked me, looking through a drawer, grabbing a bottle. It was as casual as him asking if I wanted a drink of water.

“Yeah, but I’m in charge,” I said firmly. I knelt down and reached under the bed for the box of goodies we had collected. A crop was my newest toy of choice. Also from the box, I retrieved two small clips linked by a sleek metal chain. While we did have and enjoy vanilla sex, we did also enjoy the kinkier, rougher side of things.

“Yes, sir,” he looked at the tools in my hands and waited for me to assume my position on the bed.

We did not always have a set dynamic. I was usually the receiver but we both had our dominant and submissive sides. Chance, in and out of bed, was often laid back, but he could definitely be more than a teddy bear. I tended to take the lead and he followed.

Chance climbed on the bed, sitting on his knees, and worked himself up before lubing himself and my hole, stuffing a finger inside me. We had so much sex that both of us had lost some of our sensitivity which allowed us to enjoy longer sex. Still, Chance could be quick to the finish and that’s why sometimes I needed to take charge of the situation. He knew if he came too early tor came without warning, there would be a punishment waiting for him.

By the time he had my hips in his hands and was lining himself up, I was already rock solid. He slowly pushed into me, not having much resistance and easily able to bottom out in me. My hole had been practically molded to his shape after years of taking him up the ass. Once inside me, the pressure gave me a much stronger erection and led to a greater orgasm.

I reached up, giving each one of his dark colored nipples a rub. They quickly erected into two plump, fleshy buttons. He had very sensitive nipples and I often used that to suit whatever mood I was in. I could use them to make his day bright or use them against him. Opening the clamps, I trapped a nipple between each. I could feel his dick tense inside me with each clamp being applied. One firm tug of the chain and I could bring the sexy beast down. While I wasn’t cruel, I did enjoy the power I occasionally held over him.

Steadying himself, he started to thrust into me. We didn’t bother with condoms. We only had ever had sex with each other and were too busy fucking each other to ever find anyone else. I made sure I was always prepared. The only time we used condoms was for specific play, but he was more than happy to bareback me every chance he got.

It had been a while since we had penetrative sex, so he started already at a vigorous pace. It was one of the greatest feelings in the world for me to have him seven inches deep inside me, pounding away like it might be the last opportunity to do so. When Chase penetrated me I barely needed to be touched. If he did his job properly, he could coax a powerful orgasm from me without ever touching my cock.

“You like that? You like fucking my asshole?” I watched him as my body rocked back and forth with his motions. We enjoyed the corny porn talk. I pulled back my own foreskin, letting the flared edge of my gland hold it back, so my precum could flow freely from my piss-slit.

“Yeah, baby, the best fucking asshole in the world,” he paused, adjusting his position. He pulled suddenly free of me, leaving my ass clenching. He got off the bed, standing at the edge of it and pulled me to him. He grabbed me again, and thrust himself balls deep into my asshole, eliciting a grunt out of me. He picked right back up with where he left off.

The room was filled with our breathy moans, our skin clapping together, his nuts thudding against the side of the bed and the wet, slick thrusts into my asshole.

After a few minutes, he changed positions again, pushing my legs back towards my chest and letting them rest against his chest and over his shoulders. He placed his knees onto the edge of the bed, pressing down over top of me, planting his hands just over my shoulders. By this point, my cock was painfully hard, drooling precum onto my abdomen and stomach.

“I’m getting close,” he grunted suddenly, “really close,” he strained and breathed heavily.

I gave the chain a measured tug, pulling on both of his nipples in the clamps. He winced and I could feel his cock swell in my ass. “Who cums first!?” I yelled up at him, threatening him with another pull of the chain.

“You do! You do!” he said quickly in his next breath, eager to avoid me harming his precious nipples further. His hips slowed to halt and I could feel the throbbing pulse of his cock inside.

“I didn’t tell you to stop!” I replied in turn.


I hit him across his left ass cheek with the crop, which made him lurch against me, hissing in pain. He immediately started to gyrate his hips, returning to his quick pace from before. I could tell on him that he was trying to hold back his own orgasm without warranting another hit from my crop and it turned me on more than words could explain. I felt a thick surge of precum push out of my cock, smearing on my lower abdomen.

“What happens to Chance if he cums first?” I taunted him, grabbing now one of the clamps, gently turning it ever-so slightly.

He squirmed over me, gnashing his teeth and trying to keep the pace while also not wanting to slip off the edge of the bed. I was being absolutely devilish towards him but I knew that he loved every second of my torture. “You’ll ruin my asshole,” he whimpered, even his face contorting as I turned the clamp further.

“That’s right, with my biggest, fattest dildo. I’ll turn your tight little virgin ass inside out,” I threatened, turning the clamp further still, him thrusting harder into me. “And you don’t want that, do you?”

“No,” he shook his head rapidly.

I released his nipple clamp, letting spin back and returned to the chain, giving it a light tug. “What was that?”

“N-n-n-o! No! No! Anything but that!” Chase sputtered. He fucked me like it might be his last day on planet Earth and the absolute last opportunity to fuck. He went as hard as he possibly could, even making me groan in discomfort.

He had no interest in receiving anything anal. He had never been penetrated. I had rubbed the surface of his hole with a finger and ate it out a few times but he didn’t want anything further than that. I wasn’t sure the reason, but threatening to break his virgin hole was a major turn on for us both.

“Faster!” I yelled.


I hit him twice more on the same cheek as before and he did as I ordered. He was breathing heavily, moaning a mess and intensely fucking. He was even sweating over me. I could feel the sweat dripping onto my body from his head and the close proximity of our bodies didn’t help much either.

Luckily for us both, I didn’t last too much longer. The pressure had been building up for a while in a nice, steady incline, then shot up as he went into overdrive. My cock was over-swollen, feeling as though it might burst and then finally that magic feeling set in. I grasped at his muscular, meaty biceps and dug my nails into it as I practically screamed. A few white drops fell from my slit before seven ropes of shot from my cock, splattering on my chest and stomach. My cum erupted from me so potently that it shot from from the base to the tip of my cock. It didn’t stop me from reaching down to my cock and furiously jerking it to milk it as Chance finally got to finish.

I felt the thick fluid being pumped into me just seconds after I came; he had been just barely holding back. He fucked me just as hard as he came before slowing down, making long, hard thrusts before finally burying himself into me as his weight fell onto me. I panted for breath as he pinned my legs beneath him to my chest. Seeing that he was on the verge of crushing me, he moved himself, and me under him, further onto the bed and weakly pushed himself up to hover over me. The poor guy needed a smoke and a Gatorade. He looked at me and I him, both of us panting and smiling at the other.

I reached up cupping his face with my hands, pressing our lips together. We wrapped our lips around each other’s, tugging, pulling and sucking, before our tongues met in the middle. We slowly pulled away with a trail of spit between us, looking into each other’s eyes. His face was flushed and by the feel of the heat on my own skin, so was mine.

He smiled at me and laid his forehead against mine as we both tried to catch our breaths.

Round 1 complete. Round 2 would be shortly turning the corner.

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