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The Air BnB

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You know this is something that has been going for some
time. At first I didn’t think anything of it as it was well innocent at first
and it had taking us for an amazing turn for the better.
My company will open offices in some neat fun little towns.
That being said logging is hit and miss. This place I’m in is a big miss. The
little hotel is so bad. I swear I feel like I have bug bits and can’t stand it.
So, it was so bad that I was willing to drive 45minute away
to the next town for a new hotel. Then a friend reminded me of air BnB. I have
never used it and he said he has found some really nice places to stay I should
try it. 
So, I did. I looked around and found this Air BnB that was
listed and said if you like Air BnB but want a more bed in breakfast kind of
place. We are your stop. The pics were very nice and had its own door to come
and go and privet bathroom etc. And it said we cook a home cook breakfast every
I was like, what the hell. Anything is better than this
place I will try it. So, I booked it and went there.
The couple was an older couple I would say early 60’s. Very
nice prim and proper type. He was in slacks button up shirt and vest. She is in
almost a Laura Ingalls little house on the prairie dress. Hair slicked back in
a bun. They looked stuffy but very nice people and kind of funny.
They walked me around the house showing me around. This will
be your room. Pointing at a door. That will be your privet door to come and go
as you feel. Here is your bathroom.
 This door here leads
to the main house where the kitchen is. When this door is locked, we know not
to come in. But every morning around 11am the Miss will come in and freshen
things up and every night around 9pm she will make sure you have clean towels
for the morning.   Feel free to use that
door to come in and grab a drink any time and that is where we will have your
home cook breakfast every morning.
Also it is 100% up to you. It is just something we do every
night. We like to end the night with a movie. If you are around and bored. You
are more than welcome to have movie night with us.
The week went just like any other week in my life right now.
Work, maybe a beer or 4 after work and some food. Go back to my room and get a
good nights sleep and back at it the next day.
Well, it is Thursday and I’m a little lonely and bummed I
have to stay till Saturday this time as the company has a golf outing, I have
to go to on Friday. I love golf but being on the road makes it a little harder
to have some fun. The only people I know are the people I work with and trying
to hook up with a work person is never a great idea. Not saying it has never
happened to me. But I try not to do that.
I get off of work and have a couple of drinks. I had been
texting this girl back home trying to set up a date. We were flirting and
talking sexual and all.
She tells me, sounds like someone is getting buzzed and
Well I’m 3 drinks in and have not ordered dinner yet and the
way you are talking to me so does not help.
Oooh, do I turn you on?
I tell her, you know damn well you do.
She sends me a few devil faces.
I then tell her; you know when I’m done here, I’m going back
to my room to rub one out thinking of you.
Oh fuck, that is hot, when?
Well, If I don’t get food in me, I’m going to be drunk in no
time so after food.
She sends me a sad face.
Why the sad face, sweetheart?
You are 3 hours behind me and by the time you get back I
will be asleep and not get to hear you cum for me.
You want to hear me cum?
It would be so hot hearing you knowing it is me you are
thinking about.
My cock just twitched reading that.
There was a small pause in our chat. Then she sends me.
Order yourself a shot. Go back to your room and call me. I
will be waiting for you just like this.
A pic shows up with her naked in bed.
I wave my hand at the bar tender and order a shot and my
check. I slam it down and rush back to my room before she falls asleep.
I get back to my room and strip down and look at the clock.
It is 8pm and I hope she is still up as it is 11 back home.
I call her and we have a fun call. Her moans to my moans
were fuel to my fire. We both helped each other and I passed out.
You know drinking on an empty stomach and having a nice
orgasm will do that to you.
Friday morning my alarm goes off for me to get ready for my
golf game. I move in to the bathroom and turn on the shower. I go to the sink
and laying on it is a couple of fresh hand towel and a note on them.
Now I have been staying here all week and this is the first
time there has ever been a note.
Here are a couple of fresh hand towel, feel free to use them
for clean up or anything else you may need them for. Signed with a heart.
I think my face turned red. They must have heard me last
I send a pic of the towels and note to my friend and we have
a good laugh about it.
I go and play golf all day. You know how these things go.
Drinking on the course all day and in the sun. So, at the end feeling very
good. I knew I would be drinking so I ubered today and I’m now on my way
I’m drunk and I peel off my shoes and socks, I toss my pants
to the side and I’m setting there in my boxer briefs and a polo shirt. I’m
bummed as my friend is at work, but I still have the pics she sent me last
night and I open them up.
I start to get hard and you know I’m going to touch it. I
lay back on the bed and start to stroke looking at her.
That is when I hear it. Every time I stroke the bed makes a
noise and a bump to the wall. I move angles thinking that would help. But it
was loader.
Now I know how they heard me yesterday. I smile but get up
as I don’t think they want to her some perv jerking off in the next room. So, I
move into the bathroom.
I pull my cock through the hole in my underwear and I’m
standing at the sink. Shirt on, boxer briefs on and stroking my cock at the
I moan to myself “oh fuck” as I’m close.
That is when the door opens and there she is. Holding new
towels for me and I’m stroking my cock.
We were both in shock and her eyes are glued to my cock and
my hand stops but my hips don’t.
I can’t stop and I start to cum. My hand stopped but I feel
my cock jerking as I’m shooting over and over with her eyes locked on it.
I’m just standing there now with my cock in my hand frozen.
She walks up to the sink still looking at my cock and cum. Lays the towel down.
I see she is breathing heavy and for the first time she breaks from looking at
my cock and cum and looks me in the eyes.
Here are some fresh towels. Breakfast will be ready for you
at 8am so you can make your flied.
She looks back down at my cock and smile and tells me to
sleep well as she walked out.
The next morning, I pack up and walk into the kitchen and
standing at the sink is her. She has on one of her normal dresses but for the
first time her hair is down and nicely curled.
We all have breakfast and it may be me but I felt like she
was very attentive to me. But that may just be in my head.
I thank them for the nice stay and head home.
As I drive to the airport thinking to myself. They will
never have me back. And I smile.

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