Erotic Stories

That time when my roommate’s gf walk-in in on us…

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…as we sat on the sofa, drunk, jerking to porn on the TV.

We didn’t realize the door was unlocked until she opened it. As her look of surprise made us blush—sitting at opposite ends of the sofa, but both naked and stroking our cocks—we heard footsteps in the hall and she quickly stepped inside and closed the door. My roommate was attempting an explanAtion, but his gf was just looking at the porn. “You think those fake-tittied sluts are hot?” she asked? “I’m much hotter.” She looked at me. “Don’t you agree?” I was frozen with my cock in my hand, but I managed “so much fucking hotter.” She was. Natural tits, too. She smiled and I caught a little gleam in her eye. “Baby, did you miss me? Need to cum?” She was taunting him. “I’ll make you a deal. I’ll strip and join the masturbation frenzy. It’s okay. We’re all friends here. But if you boys will fulfill one of my fantasies, I might fulfill one of yours. Jerk each other off while I get myself off. Whoever cums first loses. And since I’m setting the terms, loser gets the other two off orally. Deal?” Through our drunken what-the-fuck-is-going-on haze one idea came through: all we had to go was play along and she’d be sucking us both off. “Fuck yeah!” We said. Within a minute we knew we were screwed. Neither one of us wanted to lose, so we started trying to force each other to cum first. I had to shut my eyes because his gf was fingerfucking her pussy and moaning and pinching her nipples, urging us on, while he was squeezing and pumping my cock as fast as he could. Of course I was doing the same to him as I fought for control. Just as she moaned “please,” I felt my roommate cum in and on my hand. Her laughter and excitement was immediate. “Yes! That’ll teach you to watch porn, baby.” I was still wiping my hand on my t-shirt when my roommate took my dick in his mouth in front of his gf. I was reeling, but she began to cum hard instantly, and the next thing I knew I was cumming in his mouth. Feeling a bit freaked out but also so into this unexpected experience, I watched as my roommate went down on his gf next, making her cum repeatedly in front of me. I was hard again by the time she pushed his head away, her belly still spasming in orgasm. I thought she might come over to me, but she just told me I better take care of that. So I did: looking at her, I jerked off and came again. She never let us forget that day. She teased my roommate, offering her pussy to him “unless you’d prefer cock,” and always winking at me and asking if I was going to “leave the room door unlocked for her again.” Crazy days…

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