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Taxi Driver Fuck My Wife In Front Of Me

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Taxi Driver Fuck My Wife In Front Of Me

Taxi Driver Fuck My Wife In Front Of Me This is my real story of mine wife getting fucked by the taxi driver in front of me. I always wanted to see my sexy wife was fucked so I was planning how to do. Rina she is 5’5″. Breast was on that time 38DD.

Didn’t know how to do that so we just married for 1 year.

One day I told her I have a big problem I took some medication to grow my sex power which proves very bad now, I went to doctors and they says my sperm is now not strong to be a father. So the doctor says I need something excitement and that should be watching live sex then she as me how to do and ask your friend I did say I tried but don’t have anyone who will do then I ask her will you do and she was so angry and stop talking after that I stop eating and talking most of the time I just seat alone and she was also trying to have sex with me but I refused that’s how month gone then she says yes she will do and I did say yes wow. But I told her I don’t want to bring anyone I know so this will be trouble.

Then I was thinking and I suddenly found in cab stand about one taxi driver he is so aggressive about sex so I decided to take him. we went to my in laws house as there was no one so we were staying there. On that day I ask my wife to wear black sari very below so can view most. i took the driver at home and told her I don’t have any change so ask him to go in house so can take the money from my house. the driver park the cab and go inside. when he knocked the door my wife came half naked. Just in black sari the man was looking at her I was watching from the other side of the house,my wife just came forward with the money and we had like collaspsable gate she put her body in the gate so the driver can see all and can touch.

The driver then came forward and put his hand on the hat and slowly he put his hand on her belly button my wife didn’t say anything so he start touching her tummy and rubbing his hand.then he start touching her boobs and she didn’t say anything.the driver say it’s hot can I have a glass of water my wife open the gate and take him inside.

Once he in in the room my wife go inside for water and I ask her put be more naked to open one boobs fully then she did and went to give him water when he saw her he didn’t waste anytime.

He just pull her and take off her sari.

The driver pull off his trouser and it was massive.

He just pushed her in floor and starts sucking her boobs.

And rubbing her all body and then start to bite her tits.thrn he start put his fingers inside of my wife’s pussy.

Then he put his dick in her mouth and start fucking that and say today I will fuck all of your 4 whole, my wife ask how he says mouth boobs ass and pussy.

Then he start fucking her mouth it was big dick so my wish had problems in her mouth but she didn’t say anything. After 5 minutes he says now I will fuck your pussy my wife’s pussy was fully wet he just start pushing his dick in my wife’s pussy and start biting in her boobs.

Wow I was so amazed.

He did that like 15 minutes and cum inside her. Then he just seat in the sofa and was watching my wife as she was in the floor full naked. Hot Indian Desi Couple Kissing And Romantic Sex Photos

Then he just came again and ask her to squeeze both of her boobs it was 38DD she just did and the driver start to put his dick there and yes he was fucking. Nice to watch. He was in my house for 6 hours and he did that 4 times and before he lives he says he will come again with his friends.

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