I guess this is the beginning if people want to read [https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/wkixsf/my\_m28\_first\_threesome\_with\_f23\_and\_f27\_on\_friday/](https://www.reddit.com/r/SluttyConfessions/comments/wkixsf/my_m28_first_threesome_with_f23_and_f27_on_friday/) ​ Anyway on from that. Gemma came round to my house tonight after we’d been sexting and sending nudes and talking the past couple of days since the weekend, she got here at about 5.30pm. When she arrived, I let her in the door and then gave her a little slap on the ass as she walked past me, we went in the…

This is how I started with Maureen. I have known Maureen for years now as I met her through her eldest daughter Gemma. I have always found Maureen attractive. Maureen is in her late 50’s, blonde hair, with a curvy figure she is the true definition of a milf. She married her husband Alan a few years