Erotic Stories

Suspended and fucked together (NB theesome fantasy)

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I love you, for many reasons of course, but one of them is the bedframe you built for us, who else gets to have their own suspension setup at home? Strong enough to support more that one person fully on the air and with enough hardpoints to do so in many configurations So yeah needless to say I love getting tied midair, completely exposed and vulnerable, my body secured by my beautiful partner’s hands and ropes, ready to be played with, as you use feathers, floggers, paddles plugs, dildos and vibrators to get many reactions out of me moans, whimpers and am endless stream of “I love you”s.
Often we change our roles, I get to tease and play with you, touch your body all over for as long as I want , and fuck you untill you are left hanging with a stream of cum dripping out of you by the end, a smile on your tired face. But it’s been only us two so far.

That’s why today is so special, because today we are both the rope bunnies. There is this cute girl in your class, you’ve had something with her since almost the start, your dates taking you all around the city. I started hooking up with her for the last month, ever since that ice breaker your classmates did, and after some talking we decided to play all together, she has enough workshops under ger belt that we were both comfortable with the idea of her being the rigger, and so here we are.

It starts calm enough, a afternoon of movies and chatting, flirting with and touching each other, at first slowly but quickly enough we we forget whatever we where watching and start undressing one another, your girlfriend quickly takes charge and tells us go to the bed and put aon a show for her while she sets up, we obey and get into a 69 position, nothing vigorous or urgent, just some loving oral between us, I can hear your low moans through the thighs that hug my head, and I doubt mine are too quiet, we almost loose ourselves by the time she is ready.

She makes us lay on our sides looking at each other, and then begins, I’m the fist to be tied, you look as she slowly and surely gets me in the air, starting with the legs, you see me almost quiver while her hands wrap around me again and again, after some minutes I’m up, and once she makes sure I’m comfortable (and some kisses to make me happy) she starts with you.
The feeling of rope compression on all your body is amazing relaxing despite the tension it does put on you, it lets you concentrate on how horny you are, finally we are eye level again, which she seems to love, since she spends a few minutes watching us make out before tully starting to play.

Claiming to be checking for loss of sensitivity she gets a feather type toy, using it all along our bodies, making us shiver from the slow tickle, after she is satisfied she gets the flogger, alternating who to hit by whimsy as much as by her rules, seems like she’ll hit however looks cutest. It starts with the legs, shifting to our backs once they are shaking the right amount, and going down to our asses when she can’t hold herself much more. After we are nice and pink she gets the toys, to start a double strapped gag so we wouldn’t stop kissing, a big sized vibrator and then a strapon with a very sizable dildo, she apologizes for not being able to really fuck us both at once but says this should do. She starts fucking us, alternating who gets the dildo and who gets the vibrator, you get the strap first, it’s almost too big to be practical, but soon you are warmed up and taking it like it was made for you, meanwhile I’m getting that vibrator as deep as it goes, not yet at max, but you can feel me moaning against your mouth, same as you, several minutes later you gasp into the gag as she pulls out, only to get that vibe, soaked by me put into you right away with little time to think as she cranks it up, strong enough that you almost miss my face as she starts fucking me with a passion, almost.

You don’t know how long it’s been, only that once she puts us back down on the bed we are all a mess of spit, sweat and cum, hard to tell whose, after untying us both and getting us some much needed water we just cuddle the three together.

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