Erotic Stories

Story of a naughty exhibition girl

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It was at sea world of all places. My gf and I, along with my friend and his wife were enjoying the exhibits. Walking around to see the various aquariums and ocean creatures. After a while the girls had to pee. We walked to the restrooms where my friend and I sat outside waiting on a bench for their return. We noticed this lady sitting on the bench across from about15ft away. We were both checking her out, young 20a, brunette, beautiful. She notices our gawking, grins and opens her legs. Low and behold she had no panties under that skirt !! I almost couldn’t believe it was real. Looking at my friend in disbelief then back at the beautiful site of a pussy on display. The moment must have lasted 5 secs but felt like eternity. Ended abruptly as her man walked out from using the bathroom. Her legs crossed and he put his hand on her shoulder . She got up, and kissed him. She then turned to my friend and I , smiling at us as she walked away. Crazy thing is her dude completely unaware , naive and clueless his gf a naughty freak !

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