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Spending the night with my wife and my childhood friend (Part 2 of 3)

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Matt arrived around 6 pm Friday night. We were expecting him around 6:30, so it took my wife and I both by surprise when we heard the doorbell ring. My wife was still changing when we heard the chime, but that didn’t stop her from speed walking to the door as she was still putting on her tight, black tank top. I followed behind her, and as I rounded the corner to the front door, I was met with my wife and Matt already in a deep embrace. Rachel’s arms were wrapped around Matt’s upper body, with Matt’s arms wrapped around Rachel’s lower back. I looked up and my eyes met Matt’s eyes for a split second, which resulted in him quickly releasing his grip from Rachel.

“Hey, what’s up bro,” I said and gave Matt a casual hug.

“Well come on, I’m ready for a drink! Are you two?” Rachel asked enthusiastically. Before the two of us could answer, she took my hand and put her other hand on Matt’s lower back, nudging him towards the living room where music was playing and drinks were ready to be made.

The night was going great. Conversation and drinks were flowing. Both my wife and I aren’t fans of parties or big crowds of people, so having just Matt over was our kind of night. We all started feeling tipsy around 9 pm, which is when Rachel invited Matt to spend the night.

“Come on, don’t be silly, you can’t drive. I won’t let you,” Rachel said to Matt.

“Fine, fine. You win. And you’re right, better be safe than sorry.”

“That’s right,” Rachel said, brushing her hand across Matt’s upper arm.

“Would you mind if I borrow some shorts of yours?” Matt asked me.

“Yea, no problem man, take whatever you need.”

“We have an extra toothbrush that you can use, too,” Rachel said.

“Great!” Matt exclaimed.

“Here, before we all get too drunk, let me show you where you can stay and I’ll find some shorts that you can wear,” Rachel said.

Rachel got up and started walking to the back bedrooms. Matt and I exchanged a quick glance. “You better get going,” I joked.

Matt got up and followed Rachel out the living room and down the hallway. I went to pour myself another drink.

Rachel and Matt came back into the living room 5 minutes later, and to my surprise, both of them had changed out of their clothes they had been wearing and into comfier clothes. Matt was wearing a pair of my shorts and one of my t-shirts. Rachel had put on a pair of short pajama shorts and a cut off t-shirt.

“Are we getting ready for bed already??” I asked surprised.

“No, honey, just putting on some comfy clothes. Here, you go change as well. Make yourself comfortable,” Rachel said to me.

I got up and headed towards the master bedroom. Once there, I was surprised to see my wife’s panties and bra laying on the floor. Right next to them were a pair of boxer briefs that weren’t mine. I changed quickly and headed back into the living room. As I rounded the corner, my wife was giggling her face off. Matt and her were now sharing a couch, with my wife leaned up against the right side of the couch, her feet resting innocently on Matt’s thighs. I tried not to let it bother me, and took a seat next to Matt on his left. With Matt now between Rachel and I, I grabbed my drink and took a larger than usual gulp.

“What’s so funny?” I asked, looking across Matt towards Rachel, who instead of looking at me, had her eyes fixed on Matt.

“Nothing honey, we were just talking about this workout we did together last week,” Rachel explained. This caused Matt to let out a laugh that he tried desperately to hold in. Both of them simultaneously took another sip of their drink. I followed suit.

The night went on for another couple hours. More drinks were poured and more laughs were shared. Before I knew it, all three of us were slurring our words. My mind kept racing back to Rachel and Matt’s underwear on the floor of our bedroom. Did something happen in there? The though of it turned me on. Rachel’s butt pressed up against Matt’s body made my dick hard, which I was luckily able to hide with the help of a blanket. Similarly, Matt’s butt in Rachel’s hands made my dick pulse. Fuck, the thought of my hands on Matt’s butt turned me on.

“I have to excuse myself,” I said to the two of them, who were too drunk to comprehend the urgency in my voice. I quickly made my way to the master bedroom, and once again was greeted by Matt’s boxer brief’s and Rachel’s underwear on the floor. I closed the bedroom door, quietly locking it behind me. I picked up their undergarments and laid them on the bed next to each other. I hesitantly took off my shorts and underwear, sat on the bed, and felt the inside of Matt’s boxer briefs with one hand as I massaged my dick with my other hand. Fuck, this felt so good. I imagined Matt with Rachel, myself with Matt, and finally, Matt, Rachel, and I all together. I didn’t need any lotion or lubricant. I came in about 30 seconds, my hand grasping Matt’s boxer briefs up to nose, sniffing them with great pleasure as I exploded cum onto the floor in front of me. I quickly cleaned up my cum with Matt’s underwear, put back on my shorts, and headed back towards the living room.

Part 3, the finale, coming soon…

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