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Slept with my roommates wife behind his back

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Back in my early 20’s I moved in with 2 classmates of mine from college so we could live cheaply while saving up money, they married a year prior to that but were tight on their economy so they decided to ask me to move in with them.

I worked evening shifts, my friend worked normal hours at his work and the wife was working part time at a kindergarten, so there was a lot of time where it was just us two together. At first things were a bit awkward around each other, but as time flew by it stopped being awkward and even became more and more comfortable in less clothing around each other, before our affair we were quite used to seeing each other in just underwear when grabbing breakfast early morning or when going between bathroom and bedrooms. Wasn’t turned on around her, but ofc i likes seeing her like that.

The day we started our affair she came out from the bedroom on her way to the bathroom quite early in the morning and was waring some sexy revealing/seethrough underwear, she probably thought it was too early for me to be up, but i was already at the bathroom at the time and saw her when i walked out down the hallway. As she saw me and quickly cowered with her arms I said wow and quickly got a boner which was quite visible as she walked past me into the bathroom, she seemed quite red but was also smiling. Later that morning after my friend had gone to work I go out to the kitchen to get some breakfast, as usual I went out in just my boxers. When I got to the kitchen she was already there, but this time in normal underwear. We greeted each other and as i started making myself some sliced bread I started getting a boner again from seeing her even in normal underwear, which she noticed quite quickly. I quickly said it “yea the image of you from this morning is hard to not imagine” to which she responded “haha i’m glad you enjoyed” quickly turning away towards the counter as her face turns more red. I said she should wear it more often since she looked great in it and she laughed a bit and replied that she’ll think about it.

Now she was standing in front of the drawer that had the butterknifes in it, I thought i’d try push my luck and told her i need a knife from the drawer right in front of her, and as i told her that i reach for the drawer and open it by grabbing the edge which forced her to either step to the right or step backwards, she stepped backwards so she backed right into my dick towards her lower back. She said “oh sorry” and turned around, I said it was no problem and that it actually felt a bit good, which was a lie lol. But since she now was just leaning towards the kitchen counter and didn’t move out of the way and was just changing where she was looking from up at my face to down at my dick, I decided to take chance and take a step in towards her and placed my hand on her hip, she tilted her head backwards up towards me so i went in and kissed her and we made out for a bit. As we kissed we took off our underwear, moved out from the kitchen and out to the living room and started fucking on the couch. Since then we were fucking everyday my friend was out at work when we both was home alone. About 2 years later they got a kid (not mine luckily, as i did creampie her often) and since we had better economy they moved out to a more fitting apartment to raise a kid in, that was also when we stopped our affair.

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