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Slept over at my friends house and fucked his sister

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So this was before me and my best friend/sex buddy got together, so a friend of mine had me over, were both guys, I’ve always thought his sister was hot, petite, really good shape, medium tits, small ass, wavy brown hair, and a beautiful face, completely perfect, with light blue eyes. So I go over to my friends house and his sisters are there, we eat dinner, we play mortal kombat etc, and my friend tried to keep his sister away because he thought they were annoying. My friend falls asleep super early and I couldn’t sleep his sister, we’ll call her Katy, snapchats me asking me if im awake, I respond “yeah but you brother isnt” she then sent me a mirror pic with her right tit out, and her tits were absolutely perfect, she captioned the photo with “my room is on the right of my brother’s, come in” I immediately got hard, I had fantasized about it, you just never expect it to happen until you realize they fantasize about it to. I carefully get up and sneak to the door, I slowly open it and walk in, there she is in her bed, she was wearing a bra and panties, her face went red right as I walked in, it was a little akward as she was a virgin, but all I can say is holy shit, she was so gorgeous, I get close to her and next thing I know we’re just looking into each other’s eyes, she locks the door and asks if I could take her virginity, she said ” I want you… I’ve wanted you for a while… and I want you to be the person to take my virginity, I trust you” she sits on the bed and motions me to sit next to her. I sit down and she unbuttoned my jeans and asked “are you ok with this?” I said “yeah” and kissed her, she kissed back harder, her lips pressing against mine. She pushed me onto my back and climbed on me, she took off my jeans and my shirt, and rubbed her ass against my buldge, I took off her bra while she did this and gripped her boobs, she let out a quite moan and whispered “fuck..” then she got on her back and allowed me to take off her panties, then we were both completely naked, we both felt the freedom of no barriers between our bodies, she laid her head in between my legs and started playing with my penis, her hands moved it around before she decided to put it in her mouth. She looked up and smiled at me, I was breathing heavily and she motioned me to be quite, or my friend or her parents might hear, she started giving me a blowjob so I caressed her hair and held it back for her. I could feel her tongue going up the front of my cock everytime she moved her mouth up, she then started massaging my balls and sucking my dick, after a while she climbed onto my dick, she guided it into her vagina, I grabbed her waist while she bounced up and down on my cock, I could feel her pussy soaking wet, she then leaned down, put it back in her vagina and kissed me while I thrusted my cock into her, she was still on top and I could feel her perfect tits pressing against my chest as she kept kissing me, I rolled her onto her back so I was on top and kissed her neck while I continued thrusting, she moved her hair so that it laid flat above her head, I could feel her breath against my head as I gave her multiple hickies, I kissed her neck more and she held her head up allowing me to do it more. Then she repositioned onto her back, I stayed at the head of her feet admiring how beautiful she was just laying naked on the bed, I could see every curve, every inch of her body was simply perfect, and for tonight it was completely mine. I sat on top of her stomach laying my penis out on her stomach, she then started giving me a hand job, my dick was already wet from her mouth and vagina, she jerked me off and rubbed the tip of my penis on her nipples, she was smiling the whole time, she was so good at this and I started realizing this likely wasn’t her first time, I didn’t care though, this was the best sex of my life. While she gave me a hand job I caressed her tits, and she would suck on my finger. Then I got back down and put my dick back in her and kissed her, we both liked this position the most, but this time I pinned her hands down and interlocked my fingers with hers as I thrusted in her and kissed her lips, she moaned, and I had to keep kissing her to keep her quiet. I warned her I was going to cum, to which she whispered in the most erotic voice “good” and wrapped her legs around me to keep me inside her, in the moment I didn’t care so I kept thrusting, I finished in her vagina and stopped, I layed next to her catching my breath, after I asked “did you orgasm?” She replied “no I don’t think so” I said “well then its your turn” I got down in between her legs and put my tongue in her vagina, she squirmed like crazy out of pure pleasure, I kept going, I moved my tongue in and out of her and she pressed my face against her pussy with her hands, then when she couldn’t resist the urge to touch her boobs, she wrapped her legs around my head forcing my tongue deeper into her cunt, eventually she said she was going to cum so I fingered her, she squirted onto my chest, she rested her head on my chest and fell asleep, I just thank God she didn’t get pregnant. I tucked her back in and went back to my friends couch to sleep, to this day it was the best sex I’ve ever had, im spending the night at the same friends tommorow so if anything happens I’ll post.


  1. Yes-more-of-that Reply

    Wow this a chore to read without paragraphs so I stopped… It seems like it would of been an ok read otherwise.

  2. MarksmanM1ke Reply

    Someone reply to this if and when this story is continued/updated

  3. (too) but also is better – Stannis Baratheon

    Perhaps you can try to fuck he mum as well.

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