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Sleepover (MFF) Pt.1 – Backstory

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So I slept over my friend’s house this past weekend. Her name is Olga, and we’ve been hanging out more and more recently. We met at our internship this summer and kicked it off immediately.

Anyways, I had a bag packed and went to her house after work on Friday. She still lives with her parents, and they have a large, beautiful home. We got back to her place around 7:00, we ate dinner with her mother Evelyn and then stepped away to put on our bikinis to jump into the hot tub for a little bit. Even her mom said she would join us!

Evelyn (Eve) is gorgeous. She’s tall, slender, long jet-black hair, and sexy legs. Shes not very voluptuous, but she looks just like a runway model.

I put on a nice little red set I recently bought, and ended up waiting in the kitchen (right near the back door to head to the hot tub). Olga ran to get us all towels. While she was away, the front door swung opened and a handsome man entered. Olga’s dad came home. He stopped briefly in the doorway, smiled and started taking off his blazer. He must have just got out of work.

He introduced himself, Paul, walked over to me and shook my hand. He said Olga told him she was going to have company this weekend, and that he was pleasantly surprised to see a new face in the house. Although, it didn’t look like he was looking at my face, but rather past it directly at my tits as he towered over me.

I didn’t say very much, and Olga returned with the towels so I told him it was nice to meet him, and we carried on outside.

Olga and I were in the tub, and Olga’s mom came outside with a large pitcher and three glasses. She was in a sexy, small, black bikini that matched her hair perfectly. She pour all of us a glass, and hopped into the water with us.

Us girls were chatting away as Paul came outside. He was in a bathing suit as well, a hairy man, but very fit. Eve gave him a long kiss as he got closer, and he jumped in the pool.

Olga was talking the entire time, but I couldn’t hear a thing. I mayyy have been a little busy checking out her father. I think Eve may have noticed, but she didn’t seem to mind.

Us girls finished the pitcher pretty quick. It was about 2 glasses for each of us. Eve was excited and went to make more, Olga went to help. At this exact moment, Paul joined me in the hot tub. He said there was finally enough room for him, but he didn’t use any of it as he sat directly next to me.

We exchanged very simple conversation and pleasantries. He complimented my bathing suit, said it was “extremely flattering”. I think he meant revealing as he took the opportunity to grope me with his eyes. I let him know he was in great shape for a man of his age. He smirked, and got up just as his wife and daughter came back outside with a fresh full pitcher.

As he stood, he had to adjust himself slightly as he must have gotten a bit excited while talking with me. I didn’t get a great look, but I could tell it wasn’t bad.

Paul moved to the other side of the hot tub, Olga got back in next to me and handed me a drink. Eve got nice and close to Paul and we continued chatting and drinking until we finished the rest of the drinks.

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